Blogging In Diwali – Excellent Earning Opportunity For Bloggers

If you are a serious blogger, doing your job with consistency for the entire year, blogging in Diwali could be an excellent opportunity for you.

If you run an India centric blog targeting an audience most from the Indian subcontinent, you probably know festivals are an integral part of Indian people and Indian culture. Every month an event or maybe, even more takes place none on the other places in states.

In blogging, events play a significant role in gaining flash traffic or increasing revenue in a very short time. In India, you cannot ignore the festival “Diwali” as a blogger. During this festive season, almost every business, every service provider gives bi discounts on their products, and people are more likely to buy products as per their needs. Many people wait a whole year for leveraging Diwali offers and fulfill their heavy requirements. But as a blogger, you have an excellent opportunity to earn more from your blog.

In this article, we will discuss blogging on Diwali. Some impactful ideas for bloggers in Diwali. A short scenario-related description of the Diwali festival will give you better Diwali blogging ideas before getting a start.

The opportunity of blogging in Diwali:

Diwali is considered one of India's biggest festivals, celebrated by people from nearly every part of the country. It is a festival of light, taking over of light above the darkness, taking over of truth above lie. During Diwali, probably you might get tired of receiving happy Diwali wishes over the phone, getting Diwali greetings messages on Facebook, WhatsApp from the people you know, and in touch with them. People celebrate it by firing crackers in the sky, burning lamps, candles in their houses. During that season, people give sweets to their loved ones. So many people buy Diwali gifts and send them to people. This is the scenario of every Diwali.

Bloggers Have Excellent Opportunity In Diwali Season

For bloggers, Diwali event blogging could be an excellent opportunity to make some extra cash by getting some additional engagements with their blogs. As you see, people tend to spend money on food Diwali gifts, going on travel for Diwali, which makes ample space for bloggers. Now let’s come to the blogging field in Diwali prospect.

Why Diwali is an excellent opportunity for bloggers?

Blogging is a profitable business nowadays. Many popular bloggers make a huge income from it. The success of a blog mostly determined by the number of visitors and the estimated earnings from it. Indian bloggers cannot resist ignoring the Diwali season. Below we are mentioning some extended earning opportunities for bloggers in Diwali. Most bloggers earn from their sets by assuming two methods, 1. Monetizing their blogs, 2. Earn from affiliate marketing through their blog.

AdSense monetized blogs in Diwali:

For most of the bloggers, their primary earning source is monetizing their blog with Google Adsense. People come on blogging to earn money by placing AdSense ads, little exaggeration. Google has the largest number of advertisers on its network. From the advertisers' bidding, Google takes 35 percent, and the rest 65 percent settle to the people whose websites or blogs the ad was clicked ( CPC). If any advertisers set higher bids, bloggers will get more revenue when they get the click on those ads.

During Diwali, most of the companies, whether they are big, small, or medium if they do advertising on Google, increase their bidding. Now, there is a strong reason behind that. Diwali is a limited time offer. Most companies run their ad campaign for 7 days before Diwali. That’s why they higher up their bidding to reach the maximum number of potential customers. So, when you get clicks on the ads, you receive a higher CPC than the regular times.

Earning Opportunities For Bloggers In Diwali Event

Besides the higher bidding, lots of advertisers set campaign during that festive season. So, the availability of the ads is higher. As ads are widely available, you might see higher ad impressions.  Besides the higher CPC, you get higher Ad CPM too.

Affiliateships in Diwali:

If you are a blogger rely on affiliate marketing as an earning source, you have an excellent chance to see more sales. During the Diwali season, companies give significant discounts on products or services, making people tend to buy. Affiliate marketing usually gives you the commission after-sales. With the discounted price, you get more chances to sell products to people. Not only for buyers, have some companies offered higher commission s too to their affiliates. If you can prepare your content strategy perfectly for that season, you can make more revenue.

Ideas for bloggers in Diwali:

Now let’s see some trendy topics in which you can write blogs to get more visitors and earn more. To take the most benefits of Diwali as a blogger, you need to create content exclusively for Diwali. To get ideas, you will require keyword research tools to get an idea of the high search terms. There are many tools some are free to use and some are premium. If you go for free, Google Keyword Tool has lots of benefits. As Google is the search engine, it has all the information about people's interests and searches. Another affordable keyword search tool is SEMscoop, which can be used for that purpose.

However, some of the high search terms during Diwali as follows,

  • Happy Diwali.
  • Diwali greetings.
  • Deepavali wishes.
  • Diwali celebrations.
  • Happy Diwali wishes.
  • Diwali Lights.
  • Diwali Gifts.

And many more.

Opportunities for Diwali wishes blogs :

Giving wishes to the people we know is a tradition and going on from very past times. But now, the medium of wishing people has changed. Previously people used to send letters that are away from them to wish them. But now, most people send wishes on WhatsApp or Facebook. There are many blogs which are wishing centric. You might find the wishes in various categories. People do Google on “xyz wishes” and visit the sites and copy the wish and send them to whom they want to. If you have one type of those blogs, you have a tremendous opportunity to gain rapid traffic on your site. If you can create some unique Diwali related quotes creative writings, you have prominent chances.

Besides that categorized blogs,  if you have a news-related blog or lifestyle, health-related blog, you can still do it. You can write articles about some Diwali wishes or Diwali greetings. If you have enough creativity on that topic, you can write a compilation blog or article on that topic. If you are unable to do so, you can hire people who are experts. That may give you some flash traffic. If your blog gets viral, you will get a massive amount of visitors, higher ad impressions.

Diwali gifts:

Like said above, so many people give their family, friend, and colleagues gifts during Diwali. That’s why hundreds of thousands of people search Google for Diwali gifts. A gift is a gift. It would be anything you want to give to your close ones. In this niche product based blogs have a great scope. If you have an affiliate account in Amazon, you can take this opportunity with more ease. Amazon has the most extensive collection of products. They have the highest number of sellers all over the world.

Opportunity For Diwali Gifts Related Blogs

Now what you can do is, search the products. You can especially search for products for different categories. Once you have collected your product list, you can write a beautiful, riveting blog on the best Diwali gifts. There you only need to write about those products and place affiliate links on them. That is quite easy but very effective in maximizing your logging revenue. If your blog can take first place on Google search, you will get a considerable number of organic traffics. If you curate some excellent and attractive products packed with engaging images, you can experience Diwali's outstanding sales by affiliate marketing through your blog.

Diwali lights:

Although it is a product, and we could have covered it in the previous paragraph, Diwali and lighting are the most significant connection and needed to be highlighted separately. This is also straightly relevant to the product base blogs. Almost every person who celebrate Diwali lighten up their houses with eye-catching lights. After all, it is the festival of lights then how people could not bring light to their residences office buildings and other places. That’s why “Diwali lights” is one of the high searched terms till Diwali.

Introduce The Latest Diwali Lights To Your Blog

You can write plenty of articles or blogs on a different type of fascinating flights. By which you can also drive massive traffic to your blogs. You can place simple affiliate links of Amazon on your articles. Besides that, if AdSense is live on your site, you may experience higher revenue indeed.

Digital Product related offers in Diwali:

In this internet world, the demand for digital products is rising high. There are lots of digital products people search for their purposes, such as domains, hosting, courses, lots of digital tools, digital services, and many more. One of the highly demanded products, hosting, is also significant. It is as demanding as the websites are because you cannot host your own website without any web host. Many companies offer attractive offers, discounts on hosting during Diwali. It is on your niche, and you can introduce these offers in the shape of a well-written article or blog. That might give you lots of revenue.

Digital Products Related Blogs Perform Well In Diwali Festival

With an excellent content strategy, you can thrive on this opportunity as a digital product related blogger.

Travel related blogs in Diwali:

If you have a travel-related blog, you also have such a massive opportunity in Diwali. Many people in India go on tours, and travel agencies give discounts on travel costs and hotel bookings. Many people search for travel spots for Diwali. You can compile many places, included offers for Diwali, and write an attractive article. You can take the affiliate ship from travel-related companies such as Goibibo or many types of hotel chains. The concept is resembling the affiliate marketing with the products. Here you get a commission for the qualified sales or bookings.  The number of tour mongers stays in peak because many people wait for the Diwali to come, they can benefit from the holidays.

Strategies for bloggers in Diwali:

Blogging is now a profitable business. And every business needs a strategy to see maximum results. Even though so many people search for different types of things on search engines during the Diwali sale but, very few bloggers use this opportunity tactically. If you make a strategy and direct your work perfectly, you can also see impressive results. Below we are sharing some excellent strategies for bloggers in Diwali festive season.

Do research each year on Diwali:

For bloggers, following the trend is significant; otherwise, your blog will be deserted by your readers. It is quite alike fashion. It changes each year or maybe more frequently. Before you make your content strategy for Diwali, you need to search on the market on Google what people are looking for. When you see that one particular thing is getting a very high search on Diwali, you need to create a strategy that how you can adopt that topic to your blog even though it is not directly linked to your blog.

Start your research early:

Don’t wait too long to start. To get high traffic, you will want to write a couple of blogs back to back on Diwali and its surroundings. To complete the process, you need to start your research at least one month ago because people start doing the same. They start searching for Diwali products, gifts quite earlier. You need to research what keywords are coming in trends and what type of style they are now searching for. That is important and requires research on exploring them. After searching the most trending keywords, you need to craft beautiful blogs or articles.

Try to write as many topics on Diwali as you can:

Rather than one blog, writing more articles plays better on the search engine. That does not mean that you need to write everything about Diwali. You need to think about which topics are relevant to your niche and are connected with the term Diwali. That concept will increase the number of keywords from your blog. Instead of any single keyword, you will play with multiple keywords. That will increase the amount of traffic to your blog.

Collect emails from your blog in the early days:

Every blogger needs an email marketing solution for them after getting a considerable number of visitors to their blog. Emails are one of the best marketing channels to drive traffic to your site. Also, people are more engaging with the emails they receive from the platform they signed up. To use this strategy, you need to start collecting email addresses from the first days. You cannot create a big email list over a couple of months. When you have a long email list, you can send them; Diwali offers related blogs through email marketing. When you find any company is providing discounts, you can let your audience know about it and increase our affiliate sales.

Focus on your content:

The whole thing we are talking about is, getting organic traffic to gain organic traffic. As the most traffic, you are about to collect from the search engine. You must concentrate on search engine optimization and your content. Your content or the blogs you are about to write must have contained Diwali related terms. Otherwise, you might not be able to get your expected traffic.

Focus Your Content To Get Success In Blogging Field

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The Diwali occasion comes every year, but the trends do not remain the same. Last year, people were looking for a t-shirt that a design, this tear they might not like it. So, you need to create specific content for each Diwali. For example, you have a tech-related blog. So, you can gather all the information about the smartphones which are getting discounts during the season. You can choose a title like “10 best smartphones with huge discounts for Diwali.” Here the keyword Diwali is also included and your niche too. After that, you mention the smartphones one by one, which you have collected from mobile phone companies' official domains. These types of content strategies can help you catch opportunities even better.

Don’t forget social media:

Social media also has lots of traffic on them, so you cannot ignore social media. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are widely popular and has billions of people.

  • Alone in India, Facebook has over 290 million users(According to Statista).
  • As of October 2020, the number of Instagram users are 120 million (According to Statista).

Each time you share your blogs on social media, you get lots of engaging traffic to your site. Do not overuse it or do not get the maximum number of traffic from social media to your site. Otherwise, AdSense monetized blogs would be getting into serious trouble. Read: Is Facebook Traffic Right For Your AdSense Monetized Blog?

Stay updated with the is eCommerce platforms:

If you ask that Google AdSense or affiliate marketing which is better the answer is not so simple. Both have their opportunities. As a blogger, you cannot ignore the affiliate revenue. During Diwali, shopping platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart offers considerable discounts to their customers. After joining their affiliate program, you have the opportunity to earn by selling their products. A large number of bloggers prefer Amazon Affiliate marketing and earn huge revenue from there. These significant discounts can tend more people to buy. So, it is essential you stay updated on their offers and discounts. As soon they announce discounts on the products, you should create content quickly. That will help you gain more visitors as well as more affiliate sales. Many products get huge discounts during the season, so you can put them on your blog, which will give you enhanced affiliate revenue.

Diwali is a big event in India and if you have knowledge in event blogging, what steps you should take to get maximum relevant visitors, this season could be quick cash. But as mentioned above it requires planning. From creating strategies to the content, from searching the latest trends to social media everything is involved here.

We hope this article will help you blogging on Diwali and understanding the opportunities for the bloggers in the Diwali season. Happy Diwali.

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