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SEMscoop Keyword Monitoring Tool Offers Free And Affordable Pricing

If You Are Looking For Affordable keyword Analysis Tool Then SEMscoop Would Be The Best Option.

SEMscoop Keyword monitoring tool is perfect for new bloggers and small businesses who need keyword analysis but cannot go with expensive tools.

Some years ago the internet was much easier. If you had written any blog or article, it would rank easily, or people could easily find that. But now things are changed. The internet is now full of challenges and competition. Now, if you want to become a blogger or if you have any business you will face hard competition. It is because so many people are online. Someone already takes most of the topics or opportunities you want to grab. Now it is true that billions of audience are on the internet, but there are so many platforms too.

Now if you want so many traffic to your site and if you’re going to beat the competition you have to do one thing obviously, finding keywords for your platform. Let’s take a brief look on-

Why is keyword analysis important

Keywords are the main thing which represents your article blog or business. When people go Google and search for something if your site has those keywords in any way you have a chance to appear on the search results. No to get the visitors on your site there are two options Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. You have to create an effective digital marketing strategy and have to know what is SEO to improve your website ranking to get visitors. To perform those both tactics one thing you commonly need- keyword monitoring tool or keyword analysis tool. The digital marketing is a fast way to get traffic but, you need to pay close attention to search about your business or niche related keywords. Otherwise, you will not get the ROI ( return on investment). SEO works in the long term, but keyword searching is also highly necessary for that.

Importance Of Keyword Analysis For Your Website

Keyword research tools are now on high demand, and lots of keyword related tools are now available. Some tools are premium or paid like Moz, SEMrush. Some of the free tools are Google AdWords keyword planner tool, Bing Keyword tool and many more.

However, in this article, we will introduce you to a Keyword monitoring tool SEMscoop which we think tremendous and user-friendly. We will discuss in detail about the keyword research tool SEMscoop’s features, benefits of using it and the most critical thing the pricing of their plans. Read the article attentively till the end because you will find some interesting stuff here.

Introduction of SEMscoop keyword monitoring tool

As we told before lots of premium, free tools keyword finding tools are available, but this SEMscoop keyword monitoring tool has a unique proportion of the high-end features and aggressive pricing of their plans. SEMscoop is a very user-friendly and inexpensive keyword analysis tool. It has some remarkable and robust features which make it different from others. Firstly let’s take a look at these features.

Get keyword ideas with SEMscoop keyword monitoring tool:

SEMscoop’s keyword monitoring tool searches keywords very fast and shows you highly valuable keywords. Here you can get so many ideas for your keyword research. It has over 100 million accurate keyword data which can help on your SEO effort. It will allow you to rank in different search engines for any niche you want. You can save tons of money and time by using this tool.

Check Search volume with SEMscoop:

Finding high search volume keywords are essential for your business or website. You can easily find out the search volume of the targeted keyword. They not only show the search volume of your exact keyword but also the search volume of those keywords which are related to your topic and might be useful for you. There you get the ability to filter your search volume. They have parameters for that filtration like Low (1-100 searches ), Medium ( 101-1000 searches ), High ( 1001-10000 searches ), very High ( 1000+ searches ). It makes your job much easier.  Besides that, it also allows you to see the keywords search volume for any geographical location.

Find Niche Related Keywords And Search Volume

Get exact CPC and PPC data of your keyword:

The SEMscoop show not only the search volume of the keyword but also the value of the keyword. By the SEMscoop you can check the CPC (Cost Per Click) and PPC (Pay Per Click) value of your targeted keywords. That will help you to choose the most profitable keyword for your niche to get the maximum ROI. You can also filter your keywords through the filter option.

Find your niche related keywords:

When you search for a keyword, their system shows you lots of relevant keywords to your searched ones. They give you keyword ideas. If you are using their free plan, you will get 50 keyword ideas, and if you use their premium plans, you will get up to 700 keyword ideas. It is beneficial for new bloggers or small business owners who need more niche related keywords.

Check Keyword difficulty with SEMscoop keyword analysis tool:

At the beginning of the article, we have told that the market is highly competitive and to beat the market you have to analysis and pick keywords wisely. If you choose a keyword which is in high competition, then it will be so hard to rank your site. SEMscoop shows you the difficulty of your searched keyword at the first of the search result dashboard.

Check Seasonality And Difficulty Of The Keywords With S E Mscoop

See the seasonality of keywords:

They show you the seasonality of the keyword you searched. That means the keyword you are seeking, you can get the graphical search volume every month. That will allow you to set plans for your business or writing blogs to attract the seasonal audience. The seasonable keyword can increase your web traffic instantly. For example, in the month of Xmas if you write any special offer basis content. This content can increase your organic traffic immediately.

Analyze your top competitors:

When you are searching for any keyword, it can allow you to show the first top 10 website for your competitor’s analysis. You can also check domain authority, domain age, page authority, page age, content size, and referring domains of these websites. So, you can easily beat your competitors and stay on high rank well on different search engines. This is one of the most accurate tools where you can discover your top competitor’s very easily. You can also check your competitor’s backlinks profile, top content analysis, and social engagement profile. In a single word, you can check all the points for what your competitors are ranking high.

Find Your Top Ten Competitor's Keywords With S E Mscoop

Through this tool, you will get your exact keyword. You can also find hundreds of long tail keywords that can generate more traffic on Google search engine. If you know about how to create SEO friendly content then you will surely prefer long tail keywords over short ones. SEMscoop suggests you so that your contents rank high.

Top content analysis:

Check Your Competitor's Content And Internal Links With S E Mscoop

SEMscoop’s keyword monitoring tool gives you the estimated content length for ranking. So, you can quickly optimize your better and quality content to stand out on Google’s first page. Besides that, you can check your competitor’s on-page SEO score that’s mean how many articles they have included through anchor text. This tool is handy for bloggers and content writers. They get all the information on a single place to dominate the competition.

Backlinks profile analysis:

The backlinks are an essential part of SEO. If you are not familiar with backlinks you can read:

What Are Backlinks In SEO And Why It Is Important For A Blogger

However, through the Links profile, you can check your competitor’s total links vs. referring domains. Besides that, you can check domain authority, page authority, and domain backlinks, MozRank and many other essential reports all in very easy to understand way. They show you your competitors Top backlinks from high DA sites, and top Anchors or internal links.

Find Backlinks Of Your Competitor With S E Mscoop

This will give you an idea to take the approach for your backlinks and how you will beat the competition.

Social engagement profile:

Social media engagement measures the public shares, likes, and comments for an online business. Through this tool, you can check your competitor’s social followers and their interest. So, you can make your creative strategy to attract more audience by social media.

With S E Mscoop Check Competitor's Social Engagements

Import keyword list:

SEMscoop’s user-friendly system allows you to export all the report in various documents files like CSV and Clipboard. You can use all the report to build your actionable SEO strategy and increase your ranking. Most of the keyword analysis tools don’t allow you to download reports if you are not with a premium plan, but SEMscoop allows to do so.

Pricing and plans of SEMscoop monitoring tool

SEMscoop has the most affordable pricing plans for all sizes of business. It provides four types of plans that are free, basic, pro, and business.

Free plan:

If you are a beginner or if you have a small business you can choose the free plan. Here you can get 5 keywords searches per day. 10 keywords analysis per day and 50 keywords results per search. They have three premium plans.

  • Basic plan: $9/Month.
  • Pro plan: $27/Month.
  • Business plan: $47/Month.

You can also choose your plans monthly or yearly basis whatever you have required. If you are not satisfied with this tool, SEMscoop also allows you to take a refund of your first payment within 7 days of the purchase.

S E Mscoop Keyword Monitoring Tool Plans And Pricing

Our opinion on SEMscoop keyword monitoring tool

If you are a new blogger just started your blog or a small business owner then SEMscoop would be the best option for you. With their free plan, they allow you to search 5 keywords per day. For new bloggers or small business, owners we think 5 keywords per day, 50 keyword ideas are enough. Another keyword finding tools like SEMrush, Moz, Ahrefs are highly expensive. We don’t neglect the fact that they are giving so many additional features, long list of reports but for a new starter, it is hard to bear their highly expensive tools. Every Keyword analysis tool has some specialties and features. SEMscoop’s premium tools are also very reasonable and would be best for upgraded business and blogs.

If you are interested in a free keyword analysis tool, then you can use the free plan  SEMscoop from below given link. All you have to do is just signup with your name and mail id.

 Use SEMscoop For Free

After using the free plan if you find that the tool is perfect and suitable for your business or blog or any other website you can go for any premium plans. If you want to get some special offers and discounts you can mail us on

Thank you for reading. We hope you enjoyed the article. You can share your thoughts about the tool if you have already used these tool. Also, you can leave a comment for any queries or suggestions.

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