About TwistArticle

Twistarticle is one of the rapidly growing news publications in India. It is an India based news platform that covers news of all categories from all over the world and India as well. It’s easy to navigate, and intuitive design is always upfront to deliver a pleasant reading experience to readers.

Twistarticle is a complete news platform where every news you get on your fingertips. We have a wide range of news categories where every type of news is available as per people’s interest.

  • India: News of every incident happening in the Indian sub continent, from opposition to the ruling, from new laws to education, from health to events, every news from India has covered here.
  • World: Get all international breaking news from every country, international festivals, diplomacy, and foreign policy updates here in world news.
  • Business: Get all national and world business news on a single platform. Get news on international trade, Indian share market, and lots more.
  • Entertainment: Know the gossips from the cinema world; know every detailed news about your favorite movie stars.
  • Sports: Stay up to date with your favorite sports. News on the latest sports tournaments domestically and internationally matches updates.
  • Lifestyle: Get helpful information in the shape of news to increase the consciousness of your health.
  • Social: Get the latest news of our social life from all over the globe as well as from India.
  • Education: Catch al the education sector related to the latest news in this category.
  • Tech: Stay up to date about the upcoming and new technologies in the world. From smartphones to space technology, from the latest scientific invention to smart solutions, every type of technology-based published here.

The platform was founded in 2018, and now it publishes news in categories such as India, global, technology and science, business, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, social, education. Twistarticle is fully operated by SHK Technologies Private Limited. For any queries, suggestion, or report, please contact us at [email protected]