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Why Bloggers Need Email Marketing Solution For Their Blog?

Read The Full Article To Know Why You Need An Email Marketing Service Right To Your Blog.

If you are a blog owner, you must know email is very important for your blog. Besides that you need email marketing solution for bloggers.
Bloggers write content on their blog or website and people come and read. That is quite simple and easy as it sounds. In the early days when the internet was less populated, the competition was low, and bloggers would face fewer challenges. But now blogging is an excellent way to earn money online, and tons of people know that. Lots of people are already on it and so many are likely to join. If you are also trying entering this potential field of blogging then you should know about email marketing so that you can avail its benefits. In this article we will discuss your need for email marketing solution for your blog and at the end we will suggest some reputed and top rated email marketing service providers.
So let’s do this start with,

Why do you need email marketing solution for your blog?

For businesses email marketing is an excellent marketing channel. But why it is important for bloggers? That’s the obvious question would come for a newbie. After all, blogging is writing content on your platform and emails are mostly used by the businesses, agencies trying to promote their business. Then what is the usability of it in blogging?
The first and utmost reason is,

Having direct access to your readers:

Email Allows You To Get Direct Access To Audience

Now, everywhere we go on the internet, whatever business we try to do, data is very important and precious. As you have the blog website, you also require data. In fact having a big and relevant email list is a great asset a blogger would have. These will help you a lot to get more traffic to your website. It also enhances the possibility to earn money from your blog. Its impacts are going to be discussed below. That’s how you are going to succeed. When you embrace email marketing for your blog, you get intuitive sign up forms placed to your blog. You get clever behind the scene technology, which will collect the email address of your subscriber and store them. You can later collect them and segment them on many categories.

Reaching new posts of you to your readers:

Not all readers, users are the same. Some readers of your blog will visit your website on a regular basis. That means they come to your website on a daily basis to check the recent updates from you. But any of your users do not do this. So, how are they going to know about your newest updates? Here you have the most effective and direct option to mail them about your update.

Increase Your Content Outreach To Broader Audience Through Email
To send them your updates you need to have their email address. The best way to collect their email address is putting a newsletter subscription on your blog. You can ask for their email in exchange for any free digital products such as any course, eBook or something like that. Or you simply ask them to subscribe to get notified about your future posts. After receiving their email, now you can put them to your email marketing system, and every time you will update anything, they will get that via email directly to their inbox. As they subscribed to your email spontaneously, and if you send genuine emails, that will definitely end up on their inbox.

The second reason is,

Selling your own products:

In recent times, a most popular trend among bloggers is selling their course or eBook through their blog or platforms. As a blogger who has come a long way from their journey, achieved so much and gained huge experience. Newbies who just have started their journey need guidance. They want to learn the tactics, followed by the gainers. So, Old players create their blogging course, in the shape of PDF, or any other document file. Promoting your eBooks, making it accessible to the buyers is way more convenient with the emails.

Sell Your Own Products To Your Email Subscribers

You may know that email marketing is one of the best marketing channels by which you can promote your eBooks, courses to your audiences. Also, there is payment, confirmation, quick response involved, so you cannot ignore email marketing there.
The third reason for using email marketing on your blog is,

Promoting affiliate products:

For an enormous number of bloggers, affiliate marketing is the primary income source. In fact some of them are making 6-figure income with the referral program. Now you are writing blogs and promoting those affiliate products, using affiliate banners up and side to your content. That’s irresistible but if you want to increase your affiliate sales, it would be better to promote them. As a blogger, what could be better than using the email for this purpose. As a blogger if you have implemented the newsletter subscription to your site, then you already have lots of potential audience. Mailing them to the affiliate is a good idea to generate more sales. But make sure it comes under the affiliate company’s affiliate terms and conditions because many companies have some restrictions on promoting their products this way. But most of the company allows people to do such a type of campaign. Be conscious about your crafted email, otherwise it may end up on spam, instead of inbox.

Promote And Sell Affiliate Products Through Newsletters

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Today’s emails are far more than a typical text email. Now emails content alluring images, high quality graphics, lots of call to action material. These types of newsletters are very engaging and grab lots of attention from the recipient. As a blogger, if you focus on the content, take care of your presentation, you can easily sell your affiliate products through mails. A good email marketing solution will help you maximize your affiliate sales.

If you are a blogger just starting your blog, don’t have enough content, don’t have enough visitors, and thinking about integrating your email subscribe form later. That might not be a good idea because every single lead is valuable. Through the email, you are getting chances for more engagement on your written blogs. That’s why you need to have a newsletter section on your blog from the early days.
Now, as you are willing to set a sign up form on your blog, you might be thinking which email marketing service should be chosen.
Most of the bloggers do not come with a huge investment in this field, also, they are most likely to lessen their cost.
The first option bloggers might choose is,


All In One Marketing Solution Sendinblue Email Tool

Sendinblue is one of the most popular email service providers on the market. It offers a free plan, without the requirements of a credit card. That free plan allows you to send 300 emails per day, and 9000 emails per month. For a new blogger 9000 emails per month is adequate. Also, you do not need to worry about your contact list. You only need to pay when you wish to exceed the sending limit.That makes it an excellent email marketing solution for bloggers.

Try Sendinblue


Email Marketing Tool Moosend For Bloggers

Moosend is also a popular email marketing tool for both business and bloggers. Similar to Sendinblue, Moosend offers a free plan without the requirement of credit card. However, Moosend’s priority is opposite of Sendinblue. Moosend allows you to send unlimited emails but restricts you to have 1000 subscribers on free plan. If you want more subscribers, you have to go with premium plans but you do not have any sending limit.

Try Moosend


Email Marketing Solution For Creators Convertkit

Although email marketing tools are created to be used by every needy person, Convertkit is a creator centric newsletter tool. Wherever you are a blogger wanting to expand your content reach, produce other types of content, a social media influencer, Convertkit would be a nice option. Thankfully Convertkit also has a free plan and you do not need credit cards to use it. Free plan enables you to send unlimited emails, and you can store 1000 contacts.

Try Convertkit

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