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Know How A Popular Blogger Earns Money From A Blog

Get Details On How You Can Start Your Blog For Earning.

If we search for the best money making ways on the internet, making money from a blog will stay on the top level. Know about detailed blogging opportunities.

Before we go for the blogging earnings, a brief description is needed for blog.

What is a Blog?

What Is Blog And Definition Of Blog Website If we go for the definition of Blog, then the answer will come to Blog is a Web Platform or website where people share various kinds of information on miscellaneous topics. Sometimes particularly a writing sharing any information also stated as a blog. You may notice you visit a service website they also have their blog section, where they frequently update blogs related to their services.Some websites are entirely based on blogging one individual person or few people regularly post various information related to their niche. These are called blogs or blog website.

The possibilities to make money from a blog:

If we need to buy a product or service we search for that product or service. Now an immense number of people are online. They feel more comfortable to explore about something on the internet. So when people go to Google and search for a product, lots of websites appear to the search results which are describing the product or service or providing needful information on that.

Day by day all the companies are coming towards the internet to sell their product or services. Even big companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Google, big domain hosting companies, Alibaba they promote their products too. They sell their product, describes their commodities. Now lots of bloggers write about their product, share their opinions to the product or service. When people go to buy a product they read about those blogs to get more explained information on their needed product or service. Like the variety of the market is huge so you can guess how blogging opportunities would be. Here is a huge scope to get money from a blog website.

How much money from Blog, popular bloggers earn?

Money From Blog And Popular Bloggers Earn

According to Forbes, some websites earn tons of money from blogging. We are mentioning some top earners earning from blogging.

  • HufflingtonpostIt is an American news and opinion blog website. They earn around $14,000,000 per month.
  • Engadget : This is a blog website about gadgets, technology, and consumer electronics. Their earnings are $5,500,000 per month.
  • MashableThe list is huge. These blogs are among the top aspect of earnings. All these blogs are present for a long time. They are still growing. So if you also make a blog, you can also earn money from blogging. There are lots of ways to earn money from blogs. Below we are sharing some of the major methods.

These are all the big names on blogging they have many ways to earn from their blog. they are using their blog for earning huge amount of money. But generally, we are going to share some means by which you can make money from a blog. So,

How can you earn money from a blog?

Know How You Can Use Blog For Earning Huge Amount

  • Advertisements to earn from a blog:

If you are starting a blog to make money for the first time, then advertisements are the best thing for start earning money from a blog. The concept is straightforward. You monetize your blog through ads, write blogs on your blog site, people come to read your blog, and they show those ads. Sometimes they click on those ads. For advertising on your blog, you earn the cash from the advertiser. When it comes to making money from the blog with the advertisement Google AdSense is the best for blog owners. They share the high highest revenue with the bloggers and publishers. But in case if you get any trouble with the Adsense, you can link up with other monetizing platforms like Infolinks, media.Net, and many more. Some bloggers use Infolinks and AdSense together to earn extra money from a blog . You can read- Can Google AdSense And Infolinks Be Used Together? for more a clear concept.

  • Making money from a blog with Affiliate Marketing:

When you go for reading blogs on various blog platforms, you might notice there are no advertisements from AdSense, Infolinks, or any other ad network site are running. Some bloggers might think that the ads they set to their blog may be irritating for their readers and may create disruption to their reading. So they do not place ads on their site. Instead of the ads, they integrate the affiliate links or their blogs. Affiliate business is very high now. Lots of big companies, run their affiliate program. The blogger gets an affiliate link which they set on their blog site. If a visitor purchases any product from that particular link, the blog owner receives a commission on the sales. That’s the main concept on affiliate business. If you want to know in detail about the affiliate marketing, you can read- What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Work?

You can join various affiliate programs run by the companies. If you are going to start a blog on several types of products which are available on multiple e-commerce platforms, you can get the affiliate link from them. The e-commerce giant Amazon runs their affiliate program. You can earn money from Amazon affiliate marketing easily. If you know about server hosting related things you might get affiliate links of reputed hosting companies, like A2host, Hostgator, Bluehost. These companies give lots of commission when someone purchases through the affiliate links to blog owners. However at the starting, you might not get the affiliate links but when you become more popular, get more traffic you will be able to partner with affiliate programs as per your niche.

  • Sell your own product:

The advertising is great if you have nothing on hand. If you have your own product, you can sell them into your blog too. Infract you can communicate your products through blogging. On your blogging, you can describe your products more descriptively and accurately. That will surely increase your sales also. So selling your own products through your blogging is also a good idea to get the money from a blog.

These are the most common ways to earn money online from blogging. If you are also interested in writing then you can start your blog for earning huge cash. Here you don’t need to make lots of investments. All you need is a computer and internet connection. It is true that the competition is now quite high compared to past, but if you can do that smartly, then you have tremendous scope to make money from blogging. You can easily make tons of cash if you can do the blogging correctly. It is a genuine way to earn money, not like some data entry jobs or earning from participating in online surveys type things. If you could be able to do blogging smartly it can makes you rich. So if you are interested on earning money from a blog and want to know how to create a blog you can read- How To Start A Blog In 2019 – Step By Step Guide For A Blogger You might get real help to take necessary steps on you blogging startup.

Thanks for reading. If you have any queries or any suggestions, please comment below.

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