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Is It Right To Choose YouTube As A Career Option? Claims Vs. Reality

As you are reading this article, you are probably interested in choosing YouTube as a career, whether it is full-time or part-time earning.

There is no need for an introduction to YouTube at that time you are reading this article. Now, it is really hard to find people are reading articles, active on social media platforms, playing games on their smartphones don’t spend their time enjoying YouTube videos.
YouTube is the largest video sharing platform in the world. Billions of people watch billions of hours of videos on it on a daily basis. Besides the massive number of viewers, many people are on YouTube trying to make money from it.

Now it's not a hidden thing that YouTube gives you an excellent opportunity to earn from your videos. Also, it has global viewers who make it more attractive for people who can create good quality video content in any segment in any country.
As a result, many people try to come into this field. But like all other fields, most people do not get success due to various reasons. Many people actually come to YouTube, fail due to misguidance, or allured by someone's fake claims.

This article will elaborate on some of the high trends claims often done by some YouTube creators or some myths that drive people to start their journey as a YouTube creator. We will also be discussing some significant points people should be aware of before choosing Youtube as a career. This article will not be contradictory in any way with others but will highlight some essential facts you should be mindful of before starting with YouTube as a passive income source.

Choosing YouTube as a career option: 

If we look at the number of YouTube channels, you could guess there are many video creators actually working, and so are on the way to enter.

According to Omnicoreagency, there are 50 million YouTube creators worldwide. That’s quite a huge number. Mostly other YouTubers, bloggers, and social media figures influence us when they reveal their earnings from YouTube. We think this seems relatively easy to make money. We only need to create videos and upload them on YouTube. But, there are lots of things that take place behind the scene. The first one is,

On YouTube, you can easily get established:

If you search on Google, YouTube, there are many articles, videos claiming that YouTube is a quick rich formula. Just pull out your camera, shoot any video, and upload it and start making money. You might be introduced to these simple and easy to follow steps. 

  • Create a Youtube channel.
  • Create a video.
  • Upload it on your channel.
  • Get views on them and make real cash.

Many people will demonstrate to you that matter as simple as that. But the reality is far different and would sound bitter for those looking for an easy way to make money online.

Creating a YouTube channel and uploading a video there would be much more straightforward, but your journey from uploading videos to making money would far long and filled with lots of difficulties.

Why? Let’s dig in deep.

Getting views on your YouTube videos:

In order to make money from YouTube, the first and most required thing is you have to make people watch your videos. Thus, your videos are needed to reach people, and they have to be interested enough that people interact with them.

Here is a big challenge for the new creators who just have started.  

Every minute 300 hours of videos are being uploaded on YouTube. So you can guess how many videos there would be and how difficult it would be for viewers to find yours. If you do not get views on your videos, then it does not make any sense. Even though YouTube’s algorithms always try to boost new creators' views and surface them to people more frequently. 

But, to be on top, you need proper guidance, hard work to create quality content, basic knowledge of YouTube SEO, how should you give the title of your video, and many more. 

Why it is tough for a newcomer to start? 

Channels with many subscribers usually get more views, which happens because of their already engaged audiences. But for a newbie, things are adamant. For a year or maybe even more, they need to create videos consistently even if they got very poor channel growth, low watch rate, and poor duration. 

YouTube’s algorithm is sophisticated enough to present the correct videos in front of the right people. 

While you make videos, it should be engaging, quality content to grab the attention of people. If you think that any video would perform in the same way on YouTube, you misunderstand it. YouTube’s algorithms closely monitor how people are engaging with your videos. If your videos are less impressive, YouTube will bottom them in search and suggestion.

Things as a new YouTube career could be worse. Many YouTubers started their careers with immense energy, but after putting hard work, investments, and money, they forced them to leave it because of not getting expected exposure on YouTube. During that situation, keeping up the energy level and staying motivated is really hard. 

Now, here is another important aspect while you are trying to be a YouTuber.

Complying with the YouTube policies strictly:

YouTube is a trustworthy platform. It is an excellent ecosystem of advertisers, content creators, and of course, the viewers. As billions of viewers worldwide watch videos on YouTube, nearly every business makes a considerable investment, advertising on YouTube. The platform has some strict policies for YouTube creators. These are crucial and can ruin your YouTube career all of a sudden in case of ignorance. 

These YouTube terms and conditions are strict enough. No matter how many subscribers you have, how much ad views you give to advertisers, if you violate any of the policies, you might get ban your Channel. 

You Need To Adhere To You Tube's Strict Policies

If your videos are violating YouTube’s policy, its algorithms will catch you, and sometimes they will send you a warning or if they might directly shut down your YouTube channel. Sometimes if you do some unfair practice and people report about it, you may face the same consequences. After receiving three strikes, your video will be removed. In many cases, it causes a channel ban too. Even though you can contact YouTube about your problem, they are likely to shorten your issue if you are playing fair. 

YouTube Community Guidelines

Whether you cannot always play safe even if you are on YouTube too. It is Google’s product, and that matter makes it more trusted than others. But you cannot ignore the fact that it is a third-party platform. You adhere to their terms and conditions. If you are making any mistake, you can get a ban from the platform.

That might sound quite harsh, but that’s true. You may find lots of YouTubers who were successful and proliferating, and suddenly their journey stopped by strike or policy violation. You cannot ignore that matter because these often happen.

Now let's come to the earning perspective where so many claims and myths are still present. The first and probably most significant misconception people have is that YouTube pays creators how many views they got on their videos.

Does YouTube pay money per thousand views?

Firstly it’s needed to share that; through YouTube, people can make money in various methods. But the most popular and vastly used method is monetizing videos by AdSense. It’s quick and simple; you do not need to do much about it. 

On that occasion, a brief description would better clarify the whole matter.

Most people choose YouTube as a good passive income source because, alongside uploading videos, YouTube gives you the monetizing platform. Google AdSense is a product of Google for monetizing content. After creating your YouTube channel, you need to comply with their requirements. You can read: What is Google AdSense? for more detailed information.

The AdSense will enable your monetization, and you will start making money. When you monetize your videos with AdSense, it shows advertisements. That’s the deal. That’s how you earn money from your videos. It does not seem necessary that during all the video impressions, ads will come upon them. May be on 1000 views, you miss many ad impressions.


So, the answer is simply no. Neither AdSense nor YouTube pays you for the views. It depends on how many ad views you get on them. You actually make money for how many ad views or ad clicks you get on your videos. 

To become eligible for Google AdSense, you need to fulfill the requirements. 

Know The You Tube Earning Details From Your Channel

Firstly you need to, 

follow the right steps to create your AdSense account.

Also, there is no specific amount that on 1000 ad impressions, you will receive a fixed amount. The earnings you get is dynamic and depends on many things such as,

  • Where your ads are being watched.
  • What was the CPC of the Ad?

What Is Impression CTR And AdSense CTR On YouTube?

You may often notice similar ads have different CPC values because of the region where your videos are being watched. Here are some crucial points people often missed that which are directly related to the earnings. Although YouTube has offered several earning options for the video creators such as,

  • Super chat and Super Stickers.
  • Channel membership.
  • YouTube premium.
  • Merchandise.

Another popular myth about YouTube earnings is, 

More subscribers mean more earnings:

People who are interested in your videos, your channel, want updates about your new videos, do subscribe. A more significant subscriber number means you have an audience, but it does not necessarily mean making huge money. Similar to the video watches, the number of subscribers does not give you money either.

In that context, one more thing should be informed that even though millions of bloggers, website owners, and YouTube creators use AdSense to make money from their content, it would be devastating only relying upon it. You may face serious troubles if you only rely on Google AdSense. 

AdSense has rigorous policies. Like, 

Whether you violate content policies, clicking on your own ads, getting click blooming and excessive CTR, you may lose your Adsense account. 

Checkout Some Important Things About Google Adsense CTR

Any mistake or errors could lead to an account disable, termination, or similar to that. 

In all cases, you lose your only money-making opportunity if you are using AdSense as a single channel.  

Many times people intentionally click on your own ads, or your competitors, clicks on ads appearing on your videos. AdSense considers it as the invalid clicks activity. Once you get your AdSense account disabled, it has less chance to reinstate. So, all your efforts for years, investments, and time would go in vain. 

YouTube can make you succeed in a concise span of time:

So, after reading these kinds of stuff, you might get confused that should you choose YouTube as a career or not. You might think these are to demotivate you from not trying YouTube, but actually, these are no by means that you can’t be successful with YouTube. There is no myth about the success in YouTube, money-making opportunities on YouTube. But these are the points which you should be aware of if you are about to quit your job and started YouTube as a full-time career. Besides that, it does not mean that people are not making with YouTube. Actually, YouTubers are earning really huge, and it is possible to earn money.

Previously, we have mentioned some earning opportunities YouTube provides to YouTube creators, but below, we give you some ideas that you can follow on your own if you get your Google AdSense account ban. Moreover, they can boost your earnings and help you support your channel.

Get in affiliated partnership with companies:

Affiliate marketing is an excellent strategy for making money without having your own product or service. Simply, you refer a product or service to your viewers, and each time they buy something, you get a commission for that. The earnings could vary as per the product and service, but it is an excellent method most of the famous and big players use to make money from their YouTube channel. In fact, they make far more money than AdSense with affiliate marketing.

Selling their own products:

Selling your own products through would be excellent and would be even more profitable for you. Through your YouTube channel, you can intuitively demonstrate your whole product. Products mean it is not only the physical products you can sell out many digital products too. Many eBooks, courses, PDFs. That is really helpful and gives you a handful of cash.

Promoting products to your channel:

If you have a considerable number of viewers on your channel, you have an excellent opportunity to make money. You can promote third party products of companies or business. For instance, let’s assume you have a channel relates to affiliate marketing. Here you have viewers of affiliate business. Now, many companies provide affiliate associated tools. They could be for various purposes. You can introduce their product or service to your channel. Typically, companies offer a one-time payment for the YouTube creators who make videos to their product. A simple, unbiased review of a product service can give you lots of cash. The fees depend, of course, on your reputation how many views you can provide to them.

Most people who are likely to choose YouTube as a career option usually get fascinated by the wealthy lifestyle of YouTubers, their appearance, popularity, and views on their videos. We hope this article will help people better take decisions and do things perfectly.

Thanks for reading. We hope the article was enjoyable. Read more earn money related articles,

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