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The Benefits Of Google Keyword Tool And Its Uses

All You Need To Know How Google Keyword Planner Tool Help On Your SEO Effort.

Are you a blogger or website content writer? Aware of SEO content? Then most probably you heard about keywords and the free to use Google Keyword Tool.

Keywords are the most crucial thing of your content by which people find your content among billions of websites and contents. If you can choose a perfect keyword for your article or blog, your content will rank on top. Not only articles if you can optimize your website content with your correctly choose a keyword, but your site will also rank high on that specific keyword. As keyword is significant, bloggers or content creators use numerous keyword research tools. For finding the keyword, various tools are available on the internet, some of them are free, and some of them are premium. There are popular keyword tools available like SEMrush, Moz Keyword Explorer, Keyword Finder, and many more. Among the most popular keyword suggesting tool, Google keyword planner is renowned. It is a free tool for keyword analysis. Let’s have a brief look on,

What is the Google keyword tool?

Google is an internet giant and most people use Google, search engine, Gmail’s, Google maps, but besides them, they have a wide range of products. They have a product for advertisers who want to promote their business or website to Google, named Google Adwords.

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What Is Google Keyword Tool And How Does It Work

So, now as it is an advertising service, people will need keywords by which they can grab their potential clients. That’s why Google offers free Google keyword finder tool to its Adwords users. This keyword tool from Google, also known as Google keyword planner. Google is on top of the mainstream search engines. Every day billion of people come to Google and search for something. By this, we can guess how much data Google has on keyword searches. On the Google Keyword search tool, you can find only keywords specifically for advertising. But if you are a blogger or content writer, you can see which keywords are highly searched on the internet. But one thing about Google Keyword planner is that you will find only the bidding competition, not the organic competition. Now let’s see some of its benefits.

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The Benefits of Google Keyword Research Tool

Let's See All The Benefits Of Google Keyword Research Tool

Google keyword finder tool is an excellent and most powerful tool for keyword analysis. It has lots of features and benefits, which makes it different from others. Now we are going to discussing some of the benefits of the Google keyword research tool.

Google keyword planner helps to find the most relevant keyword:

Whether you are a blogger or website owner, with the help of this tool, you can get a clear idea on your keywords. When you search you any keyword, it will show you closely similar to the exact match keyword or broad match. You can easily choose the right keywords for your website.

You can build an effective marketing strategy:

The Google keyword tool stored a vast amount of historical data. When you analysis for your keyword, it will show you its avg. Monthly search volume, competition, organic impressions, ad impressions, average bid prices, and lots more. Through this useful report, you can make your effective marketing plans or strategies.

You can find and target the right audience:

With the help of this tool, you can analyze your audience correctly. What your audience wants and what they need. In this way, you can attract more audience on your website. As well as, it can bring more organic traffic on your site.

Google keyword research can help you to beat your competitors:

You can beat your competitors very effectively with the help of Google keyword finder tool. It is the most useful tools which will give you an accurate report of your competitors. So, you can beat your competitors so easily.

You can increase your ROI (Return On Investment):

This is a great and advance tool where you not only analyze your keyword; you can also see the performance forecasts for keywords based on your budget and average bid prices. So, you can set your business budget effectively as well as it will help you to increase your ROI.


Google Keyword planner has indeed made for their Adwords advertisers, but if you are a new blogger or newbie in content writing or don’t have money to invest in high priced keyword suggesting tools, Google keyword tool might be the best option for you. As it is writing without the keywords, your contents will not be SEO. As it is entirely free, you can get as much data you need. The only thing you are going to need is a Google Adwords account.

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