Why Should Bloggers Focus On Engagement Rather Than High Traffic?

Many people think high traffic is the last thing and nothing matters else. But that is not the truth. Only huge traffic won't make your blog a success.

When it comes to the success of your blog, most people choose the high number of traffic instead of impressive engagement.

There is a widespread conception among novice bloggers that more traffic means more money. The concept is neither 100% correct nor wrong. There are lots of blogging factors that take place to establish a high profitable blogging business. In this article, we are going to highlight some points to understand why bloggers should focus on their engagements over traffic. But firstly, let’s see

What is engagement in blogging?

The engagement on your blog is people’s interaction with your post. That would be giving thumbs up to your post, dropping comments on it, sharing it on various social platforms. It is the general part. There are other aspects too about the engagements of your blog. If you are an affiliate marketer, you have surely placed affiliate links on your post. Now, how many clicks you get from people who visited your page is also a matter of engagement. If you are selling something through your blog, then the engagement will be measured by the sales. It is a calculation that you decide your blog's interaction rate; it is good or needed to improve.

Suppose 100 people visit your site through different channels, be it organic search from Google, various social platforms, email subscriptions, or more. Among them, you can find how many people have taken any approach and interacted with your post. There is various type of sophisticated tools that give you an insight of your blog’s engagement.

Now let’s come to the point,

why is engagement more important for bloggers?

There are plenty of reasons why bloggers should focus on engagement. But the first one is,

Search engine optimization:

If you know what is Search engine optimization, then you will know how it decides your blog ranking on Google’s search results page. There are lots of factors working together to set the position of your website. One of them is engagement. When someone searches anything, Google’s algorithm calculates many points and shows results. When someone clicks on the result provided, Google’s technologies observe how visitors interact with your site. If they notice that they are just coming and leaving your site, not click any page, and duration is also very poor, it concludes that your page is not suitable for people. So, from next time Google starts showing you less while people make relevant searches of you. So, if your site ranking goes down, it is not possible to meet your expected results.

Loss of resources:

The second drawback is losing your resources if you have low engagement. To run a website, there are lots of things require. The first and foremost thing is web hosting. If you have less traffic, your site will perform nicely, even in cheap hosting. But, if you have high traffic, you are going to need bigger hosting plans. That will increase the cost of your hosting service.

Besides that, there are lots of performance increase technologies available, which site owners often use to boost up their site speed. Like the CDN, a content delivery network speeds up your site speed.

However, all these technologies and hosting are required as per the number of visitors you are getting. Now, if you have a good standard engagement, then it is ok. But, if people are not fulfilling your target, are you are stuck behind your goal, then those expenses will lead to losses. They will only increase your costs, nothing else either.

So, it is no by means that traffic is not essential. Of course, more traffic is more money. But if you have only the traffic that makes no engagement or leads to poor engagement, it does not make any sense.

Now, as you know the importance of higher engagements, you will definitely want to increase it. So let’s see some points you need to check out in order to get a higher interaction to your blog.


how can you increase your blog engagement?

The most important thing on a blog site is, the content. People come to get information, useful and riveting content on your platform. So, the main focus you have to give is on your blogs.

Try to make it unique:

In this internet world, where thousands of blogs are being written every day, it might be tough for some bloggers to write unique articles, but that is the thing that will lead to higher interactions. Not only search engines but also readers are looking for fresh and unique content. There are lots of topics that are still uncovered. These type of content which are not overdone are always appreciated by people and increase engagement of your content.

Maintain the quality:

The second thing is the quality of your content. If your blog has no quality, people are most likely to leave your platform after visiting a couple of seconds of reading. It is vital to complete your whole blog with the same quality.

Stay specific to your blog:

Many bloggers have a misconception that covering up many types of information will attract more visitors to their blog. But it has a flaw. A blog is about sharing your passion and interest in the shape of valuable articles and blogs. Each blog has a core base of readers who actually love your blog. There are many blogging niches that might be more profitable but, If you put multiple types of content there, it is not necessary they would like it. Many of them find it awful. They tend to avoid your blog. So, it will decrease your overall blog engagement.

Encourage people to share your content:

At the ending of your content, it has lots of impacts if you ask readers to spread your content. In many cases, when someone loved any content, share it instinctively. But many times, they forgot. If you add some words, at last, it can definitely increase your blog engagement.

Be responsive to the comment section:

Whether be it the comment section of your blog or social media, always respond to the questions you got and appreciate the good words. Ignorance will cause less interest in sharing for the next with the readers.

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