Don’t Start Your Blogging Career Without Knowing These Factors

Maybe you were searching for earning methods and decided to start your blogging career as most people say it is one of the simplest ways.

But actually, blogging is not as simple to get rich quick method. A couple of times ago, when the internet just touched down our life, many people find some huge and unlimited money opportunities from there. Later, when time passes, the resources increased. More methods were introduced to people. Now there are many ways to earn money online.

Among all the genuine money-making ways, one method has surpassed the rest in terms of popularity. That is blogging. Wherever you go on YouTube, follow other bloggers on the thing you probably hear that blogging is the simplest solution to your money-making problem. No need to go office, no need to care about working schedules, nothing. You can earn as per your hard work and capability.

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Bogging has allowed many people to live their dream life to enjoy their free time and work from wherever they want. Many bloggers, who are already established, are making thousands of dollars every month from their blog.

They often showcase their earnings to their audience; readers sometimes motivate them or encourage them and come to this field because it is a never-ending opportunity. The option is not the least thing; besides that, lots of things are related to blogging, which is widely misrepresented by people. Many people who want to make real cash jump on blogging ending up with failure. There are lots of reasons behind this. This article will describe some vital points you should look for if you want to start your blogging career. So let’s get started,

You need to have deep knowledge:

It's the most fundamental thing before you start your blogging career. In simple terms, blogging is nothing but sharing your knowledge and experience in a useful manner to help solve people’s problems. If you hear that anyone saying the blogging field is for everyone, it is true with a little exaggeration. It is the internet, and to start blogging, you don’t need any degree or fulfill any criteria. But you must need knowledge. Without the proper knowledge on any specific topic or segment, you won’t be able to do blogging or become a successful blogger. Many people try to read and follow other bloggers, and using tricks, they write their blog and publish it on their own. Clearly saying this technique is not making you rich or giving you stable income either. If you do not have the expertise in your field, then blogging is not for you.

Choosing the right blogging platform:

If you know your niche and prepare to tackle the rest, the first thing you need to do is choose the right blogging platform for your blog. Selecting the right bogging platform can make a huge difference. There are many blogging platforms; you can select, like Blogger, WordPress, Wix website builder, and others. WordPress is the most popular platform all over the globe. It’s an open-source platform where millions of bloggers run their sites. There are lots of bog platforms who are running on WordPress. As this platform is popular enough, you will find lots of plugins and themes for your blog. Moreover, if you face any problem with your site, you might easily get help from other fellow bloggers because lots of people know it and have the knowledge. For many reasons, WordPress is the best blogging platform.

Choosing The Right Blogging Platform Is Crucial

Free or paid blogging platform to start your blogging career?

At the first of people’s blogging journey, money is a significant factor. So, most of the bloggers try to embrace free resources to start. But this would lead you a poor to no results. Many blogging platforms offer free blogging platforms such as blogger, WordPress, where you can create your blog and make it live without investing anything. Here is the main point. When you go with their free platform, you won’t get many useful features, much functionality. Moreover, if you want to establish a blog that inspires people, a platform from where you want to make money, then running it on a free platform might not be a good idea at all. You can read: Some Reasons Why You May Not Want To Use Blogspot, to know why Blogspot may not be a good option. You find people explaining to go with the free blogging platforms in their early days. But in terms of search engine optimization, user’s experience, performance, you need to go with self-hosted platforms.

Embracing the cheapest hosting plan:

If you want to run yourself a hosted blog, you must require hosting; otherwise, you can’t build your blog. Most bloggers go with the free blogging platforms, and the rest go with premium or self-hosted options. While choosing the hosting for your blog, the cheapest would not be the best call every time. The most affordable plans come with minimal resources, low bandwidth, and notably low speed.

Avoid Problems With Cheap Web Hosting

Speed is the most primary requirements your blog should have in order to search engine option. For every search engine, whether it’s Google, Microsoft, speed is the key point. If your website is slow, search engines will decrease your rank. As a result, you will experience very few clicks. Instead, if you choose a better hosting solution, more powerful, you are likely to see better rankings and more visitors. Moreover, if you want to start your blogging career that will lead you decent income monthly, it's better to go with standard hosting plans.

Get maximum backlinks for your blog:

There is a strong notion among many novice learners that getting massive numbers of backlinks will rapidly increase your ranking in search engines. Many bloggers believe it and try some unethical practices that penalize their site. The importance of backlinks in SEO is immense. It merely means that someone is referring to your site. If you receive a backlink from a high domain authority full site or more popular site, it may increase your search engines' reputation. But it does not necessarily mean that every backlink you create will help you positively. Unfair practices will hit your sites hard. There are many types of backlinks and you only need to consider to get high quality backlinks.

Do Not Use Unethical Methods To Gain Backlinks

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There are many platforms on the internet, which gives you backlinks in exchange for money. By investing some amount, you can avail thousands of backlinks in a short period of time. That seems a fair deal for a newbie, but it is not an appropriate way to gain backlinks. Besides that, most often, these platforms link up your platform to low DA, PA websites, or bad reputed sites. It does not help you anyway, but it creates toxic links for your platform. For this thing, your site would get penalized, and your rankings would go far behind.

You can start making money from blogging quickly:

Most people opt into blogging by hearing that; blogging can make you reach quickly. But before your start your blogging career you need to get the things clear that it is not a quick rich formula at all. In fact, it would take a long time to make your first 100 dollars from your blog. For your blogging success, you need a vast number of readers, the audience to your blog. This job is also tough and requires lots of consistent hard work with full of dedication. Every day thousands of new blogs are being created; thousand of new blogs are being written.

Blogging Is Not A Quick Earn Money Online Method

Know How A Popular Blogger Earns Money From A Blog

So this field is already very popular. Now, you need to overcome this throat cutting competition, which will definitely take time. Because people who are in this field for a long time and started their journey before you have more experience. So, you need to hold your patience and wait. But how much the waiting will take it depends on many things. Some bloggers get success quickly as compared to others. After writing a considerable number of useful blogs gaining thousands of regular readers to your blog, then you could expect the money from it.

You won’t need to know anything else except blogging:

Blogging is sharing your experience, sharing your knowledge through writing. But it does not mean that you are limited to this. It merely is writing but not identically similar to the books or in newspapers. Here, the readers, search engines, speed performance, and many other things are involved. Which is why you need to know some basic stuff? Below we are mentioning some essential things you need to have beginner to intermediate knowledge.

Search engine optimization:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technical term and mostly search engine related; technical bloggers share knowledge on that topic. You might have a food blog website, gardening blog, pet caring, or hotel restaurant-related blog that does not come under the search engine anyway. But no matter what’s your blog is about, following the search engine optimization rules are inevitable. With having a clear idea of what SEO is, your blogging could be much easier.

It is just simply creating your content as well as your website search engine friendly. If you are not running any search engine related or technical blog, you won’t need the technical SEO part. The primary things like,

SEO friendly title, what is a Meta description, how to write them. It would be great if you are likely to increase your blogging outreach higher in few times.

Keyword researching for your article:

Even though the keyword research part comes under search engine optimization, this topic significantly impacts your blog post and makes it viral to people. The importance of keyword research in SEO is vast. In simple terms, it is finding the relevant words of your blog or article. That is not tough but definitely crucial for bloggers as this field is so congested. Without proper keyword research, your targeted readers might not be able to find you on search engines.

No expenses except for hosting and domain:

You should clear the expected investments before you start your blogging career. Many people think that if we start blogging, the only expenses would be for the domain and hosting charges that are likely to use the self-hosted platforms. In the early days of blogging, just a few platforms were available. Search engines had fewer contents than the costing, but now you might need many sophisticated tools mechanism to increase your blogging outreach. Below are some extra add on you may want to use to improve your overall blog site performance. And user experience.

Email marketing:

Email marketing is not only useful for businesses. It is also very essential for bloggers too. If you have a blog, you would like to have an email subscription option on your platform. When people sign up there with their email ID, you can send your new posts, your affiliate links, and much other promotional material. It creates a direct connection between you and your reader. It’s a clever mechanism that sends automated emails to your subscribers, which may charge a lot as per your requirements.

Keyword research tool:

Like we said previously, keyword researching is inevitable for SEO. You will need some sort of sophisticated tools to find the relevant content to find the keywords; many tools charge you as per your requirements. Although there are lots of free tools available by which you can pursue your goal. Like the SEMScoop keyword monitoring tool offers free and affordable pricing, the Google keyword tool is a free option you can avail of.

Tools You Will Require For Blogging

Backlink checker tool:

Backlinks are also an essential aspect of your website SEO performance to check your website. it is to determine which backlinks are giving you visitors, which are toxic and hearing your site reputation. There are many backlink checker tools available. Most of the backlink checker tools are premium, and you will need to spend money to use those tools.

Grammar checking tools:

Search engines always praise the grammatical-error-free writings, and so do your visitors. As we are humans, it is hard to write always error-free blogs. Thanks to AI, there are lots of high tech tools available which not only inspect your writing and give suggestions about any mistake. In terms of grammar checking tools, the most popular and used tool is Grammarly. You can eliminate grammatical mistakes with Grammarly and excellent blog writing. it is also a premium tool ut you can avail of it for free with fewer features and functionalities.

SEO checking tools:

To check the search engine optimization of your website and your content, there are also many tools available to improve your SEO performance. These are the most expensive tools for website owners. They check everything about your site SEO. SEO tools such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz are the big names in that field. You can read: Which Is The Best SEO Tools Among The SEMrush, Moz and Ahrefs? to bet a detailed comparison among those three tools.
WordPress users can use Yoast or SEOPressor SEO plugin, which are top-rated. All of them are premium but help you in the best way.

Stock Images:

Your beautifully written blog doesn’t get complete without an eye-catching thumbnail. The importance of images on your blog is significant to grab audience interest. Most bloggers who are not aware of creating their image for their own collect images from the internet. On the internet, there are numerous free image platforms from where bloggers collect images. But sometimes, you do not find the required image which fits your writing. So, you would need to find them on the premium stock image websites. There you can find nearly anything as per your requirements. To find the free images for your blog you can read: 7 Best Free Stock Image Downloading Sites for Bloggers.

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These are some tools or services which most bloggers use to do their job more conveniently and efficiently. One thing also needed to understand, not all these tools are required for beginners who just started their blogging career. As per your blog's size, contents you update regularly, you will need many other tools. Although many resources you can find free of cost for the optimum results, you may need to go with the paid options.

Thanks for reading. We hope these points will help you to get a better vision before you start your blogging career. Like all other money-making ways, blogging is also a genuine way. But now, blogging has become a business that leads to many difficulties. But with proper knowledge and dedication, one can achieve their goals.

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