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Is Facebook Traffic Right For Your AdSense Monetized Blog?

Many bloggers receive considerable traffic from social media platforms such as Facebook, but is it right for an AdSense monetized blog?

Traffic is one of the primary concerns in our blog or website to make money from it, no matter whether you are using Google AdSense to monetize your blog, or affiliate links, or any other ad networks. Google AdSense program is best for blog owners for many reasons. Google AdSense has many strict policies for its ad publishers. In terms of traffic sources, it is a vital point. In this article, we will discuss Facebook traffic. Does Facebook traffic affect your AdSense account and affect your earnings as well?


Facebook traffic to your AdSense monetized blog:

The social media platforms have billions of monthly active users. Alone, Facebook has 2.89 billion monthly active users, which makes it the world’s largest social media platform. In terms of getting more attachments, more engagements, it is now compulsory for businesses as well as blogs or websites to have an account on Facebook. Most of the blogs, websites have their social media accounts. Primarily it helps them to get more visitors to their blogs. All the news portals, article websites do the same thing. But if you have your blog website where you are using Google AdSense to monetize your content, you should be worrying about it. The consequences to your Google AdSense earnings and the account could be quite devastating for your AdSense monetized blog. So, let’s see,

Facebook traffic affectation to your AdSense monetized blog:

Before understanding the Facebook traffic affection, you need to clear about the AdSense traffic source policy. As you are already using Google AdSense, you probably heard of the AdSense invalid traffic policy violation


AdSense has such policies that you cannot encourage your users to click on your AdSense ads. Many newbie bloggers who just receive their AdSense approval on their site urge their users to click on those ads as Google pays you as per Cost Per Click. Undoubtedly, it is unethical to earn money from AdSense, which leads to your account disabled. AdSense does not allow new blogs for many reasons.

Now, Let's come to Facebook. When you create a page on Facebook of your AdSense monetized blog, all the people you have as your followers are actually connected with you. You may know them personally and have interactions with them in many forms, such as webinars nor message, or something like that. Now, the point is, when they come to your blog to the shared post on Facebook, it is a tent to get intentional clicks from those visitors. As they are connected with you, your readers might try to help you by clicking on your ads. Google does not support this practice in any way.

As Google always takes the advertisers' interest and strict policies seriously, they don’t allow someone to click on the ads intentionally. If someone clicks on those ads, they are not the potential buyers, and the advertiser will lose the money but will not receive any sales. 

But Google considers the traffics received from social media as low-quality traffic. 

Now you might think, why is that?

Let’s see the traffic. 

Difference between the traffic source of Facebook and Google:

Google considers search engine traffic, which has gained the most potential organically. That is for many reasons. If you compare Facebook traffic with organic traffic, there are lots of differences. Firstly you do not have any control over the organic traffic from Google. People search on Google, and our website came up, as a result, they click on that and visit your website. There when you receive the click on those ads, are most potential at Google’s consideration. You cannot define the visitors anyway.

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But with Facebook, the thing is different. When you publish a new article on your blog site, you share it on your Facebook. There you already have engaging users. Besides that, many people encourage their Facebook followers in favor of intensives or other things. If you run Facebook advertisements and bring a visitor from there, it is still often considered a low traffic source. Many users, try to promote their blog on Facebook by showing irrelevant things. When people click on those and land on that promoted blogs, Analytics see very high bounce rates, low session duration.

Now let’s see 

Can Facebook traffic harm your AdSense monetized blog?

If you look towards AdSense blogs, take words of the Google AdSense product experts on Google AdSense forums, no one will say that bringing traffic from Facebook, whether it is organically or by running advertisements on Facebook is wrong. Not only Facebook, but you can also buy traffic for the website to earn money from AdSense.In fact, AdSense does not say anywhere that you cannot bring traffic from Facebook. But the concern remains the same. In that case, you may see many incidents explaining by former AdSense users, who have lost their AdSense accounts due to invalid traffic, invalid clicks, whose primary traffic source was Facebook. 

Invalid traffic from Facebook:

Google search engine and Google analytics are way more comfortable. To identify the users, from where they came, by searching which terms. Everything can be analyzed easily by Google Analytics. But with Facebook, things are not as good as the organic ones. The traffics which are coming from Facebook has less information on Google. That reason sometimes may consider as unnatural by the artificially intelligent systems.   

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Through Facebook, you can drive traffic to your AdSense monetized blog in many ways, but not all the methods are relevant to your website. When you have a Facebook page for your website or blog, you all have all the interested users. Many times, bloggers try to drive traffic from other pages, Facebook groups, even though they have niche followers. As a result, when they visit your site, they may click on your ads but are less likely to buy anything. When the click will be high, but the conversions are significantly less, AdSense may count it as invalid clicks, which may lead it to account disable. 

Ad limitations by AdSense:

A new website that has very few articles usually gets a low number of visitors. But Facebook traffic is way cheaper, and as most people spend a significant time on Facebook, you can drive massive traffic to your new blog. By spending comparatively less amount, you can drive lots of traffic to your blog. But AdSense bots may find it unusual. As told in the previous passage, Google has less information about Facebook traffic. If AdSense bots cannot identify the traffic properly, you might see fewer ads on your blog. They will serve fewer ads on your AdSense monetized blog.  

Invalid activity due to Facebook traffic:

Organic traffics the most potential for the advertisers and as well as your AdSense income. Organic users mostly click on AdSense ads intentionally, and Google sees an excellent ratio of clicks and conversions. But from Facebook, you receive potentially low-value visitors and may lead to an invalid activity, which can harm your AdSense account. Which is not good at all for your AdSense monetized blog.

So, one may think that using Facebook traffic is not right for your AdSense monetized blog. But, it is not entirely true. It depends on the proportion of traffic from Facebook. You need to check you are getting 100 % traffic from Facebook. If yes, then you need to get concerned about that. A small percentage of your traffic is coming from Facebook. Most likely it will not affect your AdSense account at all. If you are getting most of the traffic from Facebook whether you bought it or gained it organically on Facebook, you may end up with your AdSense account disabled for many reasons.

Thanks for reading. we hope that was informative. Read more informative articles on Google AdSense.

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