Top Reasons Why You Should Be Art Blogging

You might be an artist or wanting to make money as blogger and affiliate marketer. In any case, there’re several top reasons why you should be art blogging, especially in the post Covid-19 world.

Understandably, art isn’t something that everyone enjoys or even comprehends. It requires some training and definitely the skill of appreciating and reviewing a good piece of art. But if you’re having these two vital qualifications as I term them, you should surely start art blogging.

And here’re top reasons why art blogging really matters nowadays.

Top Reasons for Art Blogging:

Nowadays lots of students study fine arts but give up on a career as artists because they don’t taste success. And others that do become successful find their art might not be as lucrative as they initially thought. Obviously, not everyone can be a Pablo Picasso or Leonardo da Vinci. Far from that. But art blogging is something that can help you make a lot of money. And we’re talking about serious money here.

Art as Investment:

We’ve all heard about masterpieces by renowned painters, sculptors, and other artists going under the hammer at major auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s for a few million Dollars. These are bought by collectors that’ve plenty of money to spend.

Now let’s come down to smaller investors. In a world where stocks and commodities markets as well as other investments are prone to various vagaries, buying and selling art is gaining momentum rather quickly.  And people investing in the art aren’t really those typical millionaires or billionaires. Instead, they’re ordinary persons that wish to hedge or protect their money from stocks, commodities, and currency market swings and economic uncertainties that are so evident in the post Covid-19 world.

While the Covid-19 pandemic seems far from over, an increasing number of investors are buying art. They’re buying art from budding artists that seem to hold a lot of promise of becoming very successful. Hence, investors anticipate that prices of their artworks would increase over a period of time to provide attractive returns.

If you’re a blogger or affiliate marketer, look for opportunities where you can promote art to such investors. Most art investors invariably read art reviews and artist biographies through various blogs and affiliate websites before eventually settling for a purchase.

Creating Personalized Art:

By personalized art, I mean portraits, sculptures, and sketches that some clients want to get made from budding and promising artists that show great skill. When you start art blogging, it’s possible to showcase your skills and your creations to a wide audience of discerning clients around the world. The Internet makes it easy for an artist to promote their skills worldwide and attract leads that generate as clients.

Any digital marketer or blogger will tell you there are no processes by which you can get a website that contains only pictures, on top of search results. I mean, websites containing only pictures also need digital marketing. And digital marketing requires content, which means blogs.

When you blog about your skills, write about services you can offer as an artist and showcase your work online, there’re superb chances you’ll attract clients from far and wide. Rather than being an artist whose works are displayed occasionally at art galleries and exhibitions, you can actually get people to create portraits, paintings, sculptures, and other objects for their private collections. Usually, such artists earn a lot of money too.

Amazon Handmade:

A classic example is Amazon Handmade, an initiative by the largest online retailer in the world, Amazon. Just in case you’re unaware, Amazon Handmade allows artists to showcase and sell their exclusive works through their online stores.

However, on Amazon, you’ll be competing against other artists around the world. In such cases, an art blog would definitely provide that cutting and defining edge over others and make your art and skills more popular.

People Love Stories:

As an artist, each of your creations would have some story. And personal, real-life stories are the hottest way to blog. With a bit of digital marketing and promotion of your stories on Facebook, Instagram, and other resources, you can draw thousands of readers to an art blog.

Narrate the story behind each of your creations. Let people identify with these stories and get enticed enough to buy your art. And even if you don’t generate much customers, the websites or blog traffic you get would be sufficient to earn you decent income from Google AdSense and other resources.

Create Own Brand:

Art blogging actually helps every artist to create own brand. You’ll find a lot of illustrators and artists have actually created a superb brand for themselves and are popular worldwide. Their creations sell like hotcakes. And these artists operate mainly through personal blogs and social media platforms.

As an artist, creating a brand is very important. It defines your career and success as an artist. A good brand can make you a millionaire and help give wings to your creativity too. Art blogging helps you get a dedicated following and make a name and brand for self.

In Conclusion:

For an artist, the word blogging might sound something alien or outlandish. However, that needn’t be the case. You can read any excellent online tutorial on how to start blogging and get down to writing for your own website. Nobody can promote your art or write about your thoughts behind an artwork better than yourself. And blogging helps you capitalize on your artistic and creative skills by making you famous.

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