Are Blogging Communities Right In Terms Of AdSense Earnings?

AdSense earnings are the primary income source for most bloggers worldwide, and a large stake of people prefer to choose so.

But joining Google AdSense and making money with it seems relatively easy when you read a blog or watch YouTube videos, but it is far different in reality. It is the most popular ad network in the entire industry and the most advanced. Many factors work together and to decide your earnings from AdSense. You need to focus on many things, maintain many terms and conditions, policy guidelines, and more.

One of the main reasons bloggers cannot make more money with AdSense is they could not drive traffic, which leads them to try different methods to bring traffic to their site. One of the ethical ways they follow is joining a blogging community where tons of people who are in the same or different blogging fields are available.

In this article, we will describe the factor of joining the blogging community in terms of AdSense earnings. Before we go on the main topic, let’s see what blogging communities are and why bloggers join them.

What is a blogging community?

The blogging community is nothing exceptional of a gathering of the same concept people on a platform. You can assume it as a group of people who are in touch with themselves, share knowledge, help each other to grow. It can be considered pretty much as a big group of bloggers. These are basically some websites where you need to join as a member in order to get in touch with all of them. There are many popular blogging communities available such as; Blog Engage,, and many more.

Now why people join blogging communities?

There are many reasons to join a blogging community. Blogging is far more than setting up a website, writing articles there. For a newbie, there are many things needed to understand. Performing mistakes will take you down, and your blogging career would go sink. That’s why people join blogging communities.

Getting expert advice:

On the blogging communities, you will find lots of veterans in that field. Some of them are working there for almost from the early days of the blogging industry. So, you can imagine how much knowledge experience they would have. As a newcomer, when you try blogging, you may ask them your queries. As there are many of them helping other bloggers, you might get multiple types of solutions for your problem.

Know about the latest information:

In the blogging field, you need to stay updated on what is happening around your area. For a single person, it is not possible to remain updated all the time. For example, affiliate marketing is an excellent method to monetize your blog, but many affiliate companies run their affiliate network. So, you cannot get all the information all the time. On the blogging communities, you might know from your fellow blogger. That helps you to implement new things on your blogs.

Specific advice for your blog:

As told before on blogging communities, there are lots of experienced bloggers who share experience, and you might get direct advice for your blog. When you establish your blog and craft articles there, you can ask experts to check your content, whether it needs any changes or modification there.

Drive traffic:

Many bloggers join blogging communities with the aim of driving traffic to their blogs. As these communities have lots of traffic, they think that a huge amount of traffic would come to their blog, helping them gain more reputation and a higher place on search engines. There are some niche blogs that drive more traffic than others. You can read: Best Blog Niches To Drive Traffic And Earn Money Online.

Getting backlinks:

The importance of backlinks for your blog site is huge. It creates a good image in front of the search engines. Search engine shows that so many websites are referring you from them so there might be good quality content. But not all types of backlinks are good for your blog some of them may be harmful. But from the blogging communities, you can avail high quality backlinks. There are lots of bloggers who come and make conversations. So, you can ask them for link exchanging.

More engagement for your blogs:

Many people join blogging communities to gain more engagement for their posts. They update their blog link and ask members to come on their blog and share them. That’s how they get more engagements for their blog. The new blogs that did not start getting traffic organically from Google and other search engines get some views. Although they are few in numbers, you could join a big community, and there is a big chance of gaining higher engagements.

Now let's come to the blogging community's help in terms of AdSense earnings.

The blogging community and AdSense earnings:

Blogging communities have huge members and they are likely to help you get success. So many of the new bloggers requests fellow bloggers to come on their blog, that is nothing wrong with it but it won't help them increase AdSense earnings. There are several reasons for that.

Higher AdSense earnings with organic traffic:

Although the AdSense earnings depend on many things, they give massive priority to the traffic. The source of traffic matters a lot. According to Google, they mostly prefer the organic traffic who have searched on search engines and landed on your website. It is considered the most potential way to gain customers.

Generating maximum traffic from blogging communities:

Google has highly sophisticated technologies by which they check from the traffic has come. That's why when you link your site to any spam places, and people click there and visit your site, AdSense may notify you for invalid or poor traffic. However, most of the blogging community platforms are no spam either. But, you might see a lower CPC for that. When someone comes from a third party site, bots may face problems finding their interests. As a result, they place poor ads on your site.

Many bloggers who come from the community as per your request do not stay longer. They might not have an interest in your blog or writing but came only for your proposal. So, they visit, and within a couple of seconds, they flew. So, the AdSense algorithm finds it as low-value content because people are not staying longer. On low-value content, AdSense won't place higher CPC ads.

Whereas the duration of organic visitors is comparatively high. As they come with genuine interest, they stay longer and read with interest. There are many bloggers who get maximum traffic from Facebook. You can find out the impacts of Facebook traffic on your blog by reading Is Facebook Traffic Right For Your AdSense Monetized Blog?

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