Why Sendinblue Is The Best Email Marketing Solution For New Bloggers

If you are a new blogger? just started your blog and looking for the best email marketing solution? Sendinblue would the best fit for you for many reasons?

Blogging is not only writing about your passion anymore. It has now become a profitable online business for many reasons. There are lots of ways you can generate income from your established and high traffic blog. In modern-day blogging, there are lots of tools you are going to need to make an established blog that can give you lots of income from it. Otherwise, you may end up like those maximum numbers of blogs, which get abandoned due to dissatisfactory results.

Email marketing tools are one of those essential things for your blog, which can increase the reach of your blogging content. You may probably have noticed most of the popular blogs and news portals have the newsletter subscription option on them. In this article, we will talk about an excellent email marketing tool, Sendinblue, why it is the best email marketing solution for bloggers. If you do not know why bloggers should have email marketing on their blog, you can read: Why Bloggers Need Email Marketing Solution For Their Blog?

Before we go for the main points, let’s have a brief introduction to the Sendinblue email marketing tool,

What is Sendinblue?

Sendinblue is an excellent digital marketing tool. Even though many people consider it as an email marketing tool, it offers way more things than only the emails. Along with the emails it provides, SMS marketing, live chat to your website, Customer relationship management tool, marketing automation functionality, Attractive landing pages, Signup forms, Facebook ads, retargeting ads, and many more. All of these tools are very important for digital marketers, and the best thing is you get them at very affordable pricing. Now, let’s come to the points 

Why Sendinblue is the best email marketing solution for new bloggers?

There are many reasons for considering Sendinblue as the best email marketing solution for new bloggers. We will demonstrate the points with the features of it how they help new loggers to sustain and expand their blogs. 

Availability of free plan:

Use Sendinblue Email Marketing Tool Into Your Blog For Free

Most of the new bloggers do not come on this journey with a significant investment. Many of them actually try the free blogging platforms such as Blogspot, WordPress, Wix, and others. But they have their limitations, which leads them to go for a self-hosted platform. The main reason for that decision is money. Many bloggers cannot afford email marketing solutions in their early days, even though it is essential and gives you direct access to your readers. Sendinblue offers a free plan to its users, with some exceptional offerings. Suppose you do not have the money to spend on your email marketing, no problem. You can use Sendinblue email marketing to your blog; send your subscribers automated emails.

Affordable starter plan:

Sendinblue Offers Affordable Email Marketing Plans

The free plans are for entry-level bloggers who do not wish or do not capable of spending on the emails. But f you have the little amount you can afford on emails, you have a significant advantage with Sendinblue. Their starter plan offers you up to 100,000 emails a month, unlimited emails on a day, which is quite impressive. Unlimited contacts and advanced analysis reports are available. 

Unlimited Contacts to save:

There are lots of email marketing service providers on the internet. All of them allow you to send emails through sophisticated technologies. There are a few factors that are more useful as per the users. Contact lists are one of those critical factors. Many email service providers allow you to send unlimited emails, and some to store unlimited contacts. 

Sendinblue Allows Unlimited Contacts To Save

If you are a blogger, there is more critical to the contacts instead of the emails. If you send too many emails to a single contact in a short period of time, you might face an increased unsubscribe rate. So, for blog websites, it is more important to have more subscriber storing capacity. Sendinblue allows unlimited contacts from the free to all other plans. That is one of the reasons which makes it the best email marketing solution for blog owners. 

Engaging signup forms:

Growing your email list is very important; whether you want to drive interested traffic to your platform, want to start affiliate marketing through your blog, or sell something. People usually come on your blog, read your content, and if it is relevant and useful for them, they will subscribe. Signup forms play a significant role in encouraging more people to sign up. Sendinblue enables you to create your own eye-catching email sign up form with drag and drop feature. You get lots of customization options there like changing colors, adding images creating texts, and many more. 

Get More Subscribers Through Engaging Signup Forms

As per your requirements, you can collect information from the subscribers. Adding the signup form to your website or log is also very easy. Just collect the HTML code of that form and embed it into your website.

If you are looking for the best email marketing solution there are several other top-class providers available too; Like Constant Contact, Aweber, GetResponse, and many more. But as mentioned above, Sendinblue is one of the top-level email service providers. Also, their email deliverability is also very impressive. You can give a free trial to Sendinblue.

Try Sendinblue

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