Niche Blogging Vs. Micro Niche Blogging Which One You Should Choose?

Are you interested in blogging and make some side hustle income? it would be helpful to know the difference between niche blogging and micro niche blogging.

Many successful bloggers who are now making six-figure incomes had started their journey to fulfill their monthly obligations. Many of them did not even know that people will love their platform and lead to a considerable income, which is enough to quit their job. But, you need to know the core blogging factors, if you want to become a successful blogger.
If you look towards the successful blogs, driving thousands of traffics to their platform had been created many years ago. Then the field was no so congested. But now the thing dramatically changed. According to various statistics reports, the number of blogs is likely to increase in massive numbers in the future.

Blogging and its competition:

As the number of blogs is increasing in number, new bloggers are less likely to find a less popular niche. If you choose a niche that is already stuffed with content, you may face big trouble getting visitors. If you are also about to start your new blog and haven’t decided on your niche yet, this article will help you beat the cutthroat competition. Here we will talk about niche and micro-niche websites.  You can read: Best Blog Niches To Drive Traffic And Earn Money Online, to get some excellent blogging nice ideas.

However, looking towards the tough competition, many news bloggers have turned to the micro niche blogs, which gave them comparatively fewer visitors but a considerable amount of income. Don’t you know about the micro niche website? Here we will be covering the difference between niche blogging and micro niche blogging, What they are, why they are important to understand, and how you can beat the completion.

So, let’s get started with,

What is niche blogging?

Niche blogging sites are basically those platforms where people do blogging taking a specific niche, and cover typically 2-3 sub-niches or micro-niches. Let’s understand this matter with an example.

Suppose you have a blog about headphones where you write blog posts on various headphones, prices, features, availability, and others. Your blog is headphone centric, which is a niche website.

You can cover different types of earphones such as in-ear, on-ear headphones, earbuds. As you can see, there are several things to include on your headphone blog site. That is a niche site.

Now, let’s come to the,

Micro niche blog website:

Let’s take the above example to understand micro niche blogs. You can consider a micro niche website if you specifically write about in-ear headphones, which are typically big gaming headphones. Or you can create your Bluetooth headphone blog. That will be considered as a micro niche blog.

Well, that’s the introductory part of both blogs, but it may leave you in confusion about which type of site you should choose. To better understand and help you make the decision, you need to explore some of their pros and cons.

Pros of Niche sites:

  • Niche sites cover more topics and categories compare to the micro niche sites. That’s why you will have more content on your platform. So, you are likely to keep the interest of various types of readers, visitors to your platform. You have enough content to feed them.
  • The more content you have on your platform, the more chance you get to rank. When you various types of content, you get more keywords. With the more number of keywords, you are more likely to rank on search engines. That will lead you to gain more organic visitors.
  • The earnings of a niche site could be way higher than a niche site. The central concept behind this is more visitors means more revenue. When your niche blogging site is getting lots of organic traffic, you will surely get a higher income.

Now, let’s come to the,

Cons of niche sites:

  • Having a various type of content is obviously a great thing for most of the users. You may experience more page views and better duration, but if you see it from a specific audience’s perspective, it might not be a good thing. If someone is looking for one particular thing and interested in a particular niche, they can be tangled with multiple content types.
  • Niche sites often fall on tough competition because they choose the category, and most of the categories are covered by many bloggers already. So, if you are about to start your niche blog, you may face tough competition.
  • You may need to wait a long time to get visitors organically to your site.

Pros of micro niche blog sites:

  • Starting a micro niche site could be less time-consuming. When you go with a way more specific topic, you have very few things to pen down. You can quickly gather the information on that topic and publish your site.
  • Most of the completion happens due to the topics you choose. As explained at the top, micro niche sites are way more specific than the niche sites. That’s why they are out of the competition. You may see very little competition on your micro niche topic.
  • As mentioned before, the micro niche blog sites are less congested. You won’t see a plethora of content on those topics. That makes it less competitive. Comparably with the niche sites, your chances are high to rank on search results.
  • You get more specific and more engaging users on your platform. People who are exclusively relevant o your topics come on your site. It increases the higher chances of conversions compared to the visitors.
  • You won’t need a huge setup and hosting cost. You can start your micro niche blog site with fewer investments because they usually do not get massive traffic because of their specific niches. Also, with micro niche platforms, you can earn money with fewer visitors. So, you do not have to go for higher hosting plans to run your site.

Cons in micro niche sites:

  • If we compare the earning potential of micro niche sites with niche sites, micro niche platforms have less earning opportunities. When you exquisitely narrow down the niches, you get lets visitors on site. You get high potential visitors, but very few in number. That stops you from making a considerable income.
  • Your reputation on search engines would not be so good. Usually, when you choose a micro niche blog, you get less topics to cover up. That’s why micro niche platforms barely update the post as niche sites. That is a negative thing in the vision of search engines. When you create a site and allow search engines to crawl you, it gives the rankings in many factors. Regularity is one of the key ranking factors. That’s why you might fall to lower orders after a high pick. Even though you can solve that point by giving consistent updates to your platform.

These pros and cons probably gave you an in-depth view of the niche blogging sites and micro niche blogging sites. Below we are sharing some additional insights on,

Why should you try micro niche blogging?

There are many factors and purposes to choose micro niche blogging over niche blogging. Below we are sharing some of them.

Quick money with micro niche blogging:

Is money is the one and only objective for blogging? Want to make it quick? Then micro niche blogging would the best option to choose from. You can compare the micro niche blogs with hybrid plant seeds. They grow quickly than authority or niche blogging sites.

Looking as a side income source:

Do you have less time on hand to spend on blogging? Or running your blog on your own? Embracing micro niche blogging would be great for you. You do not need to give frequent updates like niche blogs. It can be run it in your spare time and. You cannot ignore that if you want a massive income from your blog, you got to give 100 percent. All the successful blogs, driving thousands of dollars of revenue each month, could generate full-time revenue with a part time effort. Anyhow, people who are not focusing on full-time income can opt for micro niche blogging.

Less knowledge and resource required:

If you just about to start, which any deep understanding and knowledge, micro niche blogging can be chosen. We face difficulties ranking our content, getting organic visitors due to the high competition. When it comes to the micro niche blogs if you don’t have enough knowledge on keyword research, meta description, how to keep the proportion of keywords, on article body, still your articles can get the top rankings because there are very few information on that topic to the search engines.

Micro niche AdSense earnings:

As most bloggers choose Google AdSense as their primary monetizing method, it is essential to know the micro niche AdSense earnings. AdSense shows the contextual advertisements to your blogs. That means the bots analyze your blog content and delivers the most relevant ads to your platform. You get the highly interested users from organic searches from search engines as well as other channels. So, when they come and see relevant ads. They are more likely to click on those ads.  But you get fewer visitors on your site; you get fewer clicks on them. But according to experts, you get a much higher CPC from AdSense compared to the niche blogging sites. That is because AdSense monitors the relevancy of the users too.

Micro niche affiliate marketing:

In terms of earning, micro niche sites give you high conversion compared to the rest. You get the exact visitors on your blog who are highly engaging to your topic, your site. If you start affiliate marketing to your micro niche website, you will experience very impressive affiliate sales. Amazon is the largest affiliate network in the world. Also, it has the largest number of products. So, you can choose a niche and monetize it with Amazon Affiliate links. As the visitors on niche blogging sites are way more relevant, you are likely to experience high sales in a low number of visitors.

Selling your own course:

Many popular bloggers earn money using this method from their blog. Courses are now on-trend among bloggers. Most of the popular bloggers are rolling out with their experience in the shape of courses. That could be also a good idea to make money. In fact, the category “blogging” is so much popular that you can make huge income from thereby sharing your own blogging expertise if you are a veteran in that field. People have a huge craze for blogging and for having a lack of knowledge in that field, they often roll on blogging courses. That makes a great income opportunity. But make sure you provided value to them. Otherwise, you may lose the trust of your visitors as well as your regular readers. The concept is the same; all the traffics is highly engaging to your site. That means you can easily convince them to your course has great value, helpful content.


looking towards the current tough competition, if you have limited resources, trying to start it on your own, micro niche blogging would be best for you. Also, for earning quick but less cash can be availed through it. But if you are coming on the field with some extra investments, have some bigger visions, niche blogging will help you out. From niche blogging, you can cover up smaller topics. But with micro-niche blogging, your existing readers might not like it in the future in case of adding more topics.

Thanks for reading. We hope this was informative. Read more informative articles,

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