Can You Promote Amazon Affiliate Products With Your Blogspot Blog?

Do you have a Blogspot blog and want to promote Amazon affiliate products there? Know some crucial points in this regard before you take any actions.

For affiliate marketers, Amazon Associates is the hotspot. You can earn money from the Amazon affiliate program through various methods. Amazon holds the most extensive stock of products and maintains the largest affiliate network. This affiliate network helps thousands of millions of bloggers, YouTubers, Social media influencers to earn thousands of dollars each month by joining as an affiliate marketer.

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Almost every blogger who does not run any technical or digital product or service related blogs such as digital marketing, email marketing, and various digital tools uses Amazon associates. For the physical products, no one can beat Amazon till now. Many bloggers mark high income each month by the Amazon Affiliate.
Mostly for bloggers, it is a profitable way for passive income. But make sure you know the essential things before joining the Amazon affiliate program. Your earning, success with Amazon affiliate depends on many points. One of them is blogging platforms.

Types of blogs:

The whole blogging industry is quite huge than our imagination. Relatively with the number of bloggers, there are many types of blogging platforms where bloggers showing their expertise and creativity. Some bloggers prefer microniche blogging platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and many more but most of them embrace usually two types of blogs. The first one is a self-hosted blog, and the second one is a free blog.

In this article, we will about a free blogging platform, Blogger which is immensely popular among beginners. We will be discussing its possibilities of earning with Amazon affiliate marketing.

You will come to know that the possibility of promoting Amazon Associate products through Blogspot blogs,
It is a common question for many bloggers because a huge number of bloggers still run their blogs on Blogspot. But before we get started let shave a brief look of,

What is Blogspot?

Blogspot is a free blogging platform offered by the internet giant Google. It is also known as “Blogger” It is one of the highest used blogging platforms worldwide, allowing bloggers to create their beautiful blogs in a very short time without having any coding or development knowledge. You can start your blog without buying a domain or buying a web host for your blog. When your blog gets live, it will contain a “.blogspot” subdomain. Of course, people are now writing blogs so that they can make money from there. And for this point, there are some flaws, which can be so suitable for your blogging future.
Many popular bloggers running their blogs successfully started their journey with that free blogging platform. It is very convenient for people.

Earning opportunities with Blogspot:

As people started their blog, they always searched for the different earning sources they can follow to make money with their blog. Most bloggers prefer Google AdSense to monetize their blog, and secondly the affiliate marketing. AdSense and Blogspot are both Google’s products. When it comes to monetizing your blog with affiliate products, no one can beat Amazon.
Now many people ask, is it possible to promote affiliate products through Blogspot blogs? There are many reasons for that because the Blogspot blogs are quite different from self-hosted blogs and have some limitations to expand.

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If you go for only the words, it’s yes you can promote them, there is nothing wrong with it. If you fulfill the Amazon affiliate requirements, you can promote it and make income. As Amazon pay you for the qualified purchases, There is nothing to do with anything except sales.
But if you ask for usability, there are many things to be disclosed. You can do Amazon affiliate marketing with your Blogspot blog, but you might not see any to fewer results. There are lots of problems you may face if you promote affiliate products with the Blogspot sites. Below we are mentioning some difficulties you may face if you promote Amazon Affiliate products with your BlogSpot blog.

You may hardly receive traffic to your blog:

When you make a Google search, can you remember when the last time you had seen a result from the “.blogspot “subdomain? Most people won’t be able to memorize, and there is nothing their fault. It is very rare to get any result organically from a free blog platform such as Blogspot. If we think that we did not organically find any Blogspot result in such a way, that means it is also very hard to get visitors organically to your Blogspot blog.

The concern is to make revenue from affiliate marketing, and you will need a fair amount of traffic. With the Blogspot blogs, you won’t be able to take place on the high search ranks. 

SEO benefits to your Blogspot blog:

Most of the affiliate marketers use organic methods to promote products. Typically an affiliate blog, where bloggers write something about the affiliate product, receives organic traffic from Google and other search engines. To receive organic traffic, search engine optimization is essential. There are so many things to do by which you can optimize your website, content. For the success of your blog or website, search engine optimization is essential. There are no reasons to think behind it that as Blogspot is a product of Google, and all our websites are getting indexed on Google, it does not require doing the SEO for our blog. With a blogger blog, you won’t be able to do much about SEO. 

Fewer options to craft content and add design: 

On affiliate marketing, you have to impress people by your writing, by the alluring images of affiliate products, sometimes the videos. But with a Blogger blog, you get just some basic customization and design options. To make people take any decisions and convince, your platform plays a vital role. It’s appearance, the way to promote your affiliate products. 

You get less performance:

Nobody likes to wait after clicking on a site. Most of the web traffic leaves a site if it does not get opened in 2-3 seconds. So, your online success and your Amazon affiliate marketing success website is one of the critical points. You cannot compromise with the website speed as it directly affects the user experience. With a free Blogspot blog, you do not get the ultimate speed and performance level.
Alluring images play a significant role to tend people buy something. So, on your Amazon affiliate website, numerous photos of the products will help you increase sales. On a Blogspot blog, you can not use high resolution and high-quality images. That will make your blog slower and will represent a low user experience for your visitors.


Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative business now. With Amazon affiliate marketing, you can income a handful of cash every month there is no doubt about it. Amazon does not bound people to promote their products on Blogger blogs but the about points are notable. If you want to make a sustainable income source with an Amazon affiliate, you should go to a self-hosted blog. If you go with your domain and hosting, in the future when your site will get more visitors you can easily scale and make need full changes on them.

Thanks for reading. We hope this was interesting to you. read more related articles below.

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