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Publer Social Media Tool Features, Overviews, And Pricing

Read The Full Article And Know The Benefits Of Publer Social Media Management Tool.

Do you want to improve your social media presence for your blog or business? If yes, then you can use Publer social media tool and scale up your business.

In recent times, most people spend their leisure time on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. As well as, due to its daily usability it has become a vital part of our daily lives. Although today, we see that social media is not just limited to a person. It has dramatically expanded its effectiveness and limitations. Most of the business or organizations are now using social media platforms to promote their products and maintaining the relationship between their clients.

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However, sometimes it is tough for big business or organization to manage different social pages due to lack of time. So, we need some specialized social media tools which can minimize our social media post and can give us optimum results. Looking towards that importance, now lots of social media marketing tools are available in our virtual world. Although, most of them nearly offer the same functionality, the same features, and some of them offer something unique. So, today in this post, we are going to tell you about the Publer social media tool, which is quite popular social media software among the famous ones. It is one of the useful social media software that can help you to make your social media marketing strategy effectively and smoothly. Now before we take a deeper dive, let's take a look at what Publer is.

What is Publer?

Publer is a social media management software that allows you to collaborate, schedule, and analyze your post for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google My Business. Besides basic manual scheduling, Publer can automatically schedule your posts for you based on a posting calendar you get to predefined.

As well as, you can automatically add your signature to every post and your logo to every photo and video for more brand recognition. Everything is done in a simple, yer smooth dash-board which provides all the functional tools for scheduling and managing your workplace.

The features and benefits of the Publer Social Media Management Tool

Publer is an excellent social media management tool. With this tool, you can have complete control over your social audience. It has some incomparable features which make it different from others. Let’s check out some features and benefits of the Publer social media marketing tool.

1. Stay connected with your audience with auto-scheduling option:

Publer social media tool gives you an excellent opportunity for your conversation. If you tired of manually scheduling your Facebook posts, then you can use its auto-scheduling option to publishing your content automatically at the right moment to your followers. Here you can set your desired time slot for multiple pages, groups, and events. So you never miss out on any meaningful conversation. Suppose you have created a predefined posting schedule, i.e., posting only at 12:00 PM on workdays, Publer can schedule your posts for you very quickly. All you need to do is fill up the queue. You can also further customize your posting schedule using labels.

2. Create multiple posts by Publer Bulk Scheduling:

Are you tired of scheduling your posts one by one? Then you can use the popular bulk scheduling option where you can schedule up to 500 posts at once. If you have already set the predefined time slots for your accounts, you don’t have to set the times for your posts when scheduling in bulk. Here you will found two types of tools one is Multi-Post Form, and the other is Bulk Tool. These two types of tools make your bulk posting easier.

Create Multiple Post By Publer Bulk Scheduling Tool

  • Multi-Post Form: The multi-post form is the core of Publer's bulk scheduler, where all your posts will be loaded. You can create any type of posts like a status update, link, photo, album, multi-photo post, or video.
  • Bulk Tools: On your Bulk Tools, you can see three types of option CSV File, Link Import, and Photos and Videos that will make your life easier:
  • CSV File: You can use the CSV file to upload your posts.
  • Import Link: By this tool, you can import links from RSS feeds.
  • Photos and Videos: Through this option, you can upload multiple images and videos at once, either from your computer or from external URLs.

Although, above these attractive features comes with both paid versions of Publer (Argentum and Aurum). But you can still try it for Free up to 5 times.

3. Increase your work efficiently through Publer team collaboration:

If you belong from a big marketing agency, then use the Publer team collaborations feature. This is one of the attractive features of Publer that will help you to manage your hundreds of clients very quickly.

Manage The Social Media Through Team Collaboration

For example, you can create Team X for Client A and B, Team Y for Client C and D, or even have a team for each client.

Each team has only one owner, and depending on the plan can have other members as admins or editors.

Posting as an owner or admin means he/she will use the owner's access to publish the member's posts. So, the other members don't need to have posting access to the actual social account.

Posting as themselves means he/she will use the member's access to publish their posts. In a word, they need to have at least the Editor role on the Facebook Page.

4. Automatically add Watermark on your photos and videos:

Now, most of the business and organization use watermark to prevent copying images or videos. Watermarks are usually a logo, stamp, or signature placed over the images or video without covering or interrupting it. Besides protecting pictures or videos, it also helps to grow brand awareness. So, if you use Publer social media management tool, then you can get the advantages of the watermark. It automatically adds a watermark on every single photo and video you post to Facebook.

Increase Your Brand Recognition By Publer Tool

As well as, you don't have need any editing skills when you use a watermark. You can create up to 10 watermarks for each social account. Moreover, instead of manually typing your business contact info each time, you can automatically generate a signature of your Facebook post in just a click. You can create up to 10 signature for each social account.

5. Add Call-to-Action buttons to your Facebook page by Publer social media tool:

Call-to-Action (CTA) is a marketing term and is designed to encourage people to take immediate action. As well as, it also increases click-through rates and helps to reduce the bounce rate of a website. CTA is an essential part of any email, blog, or website when we want to increase our sales. So, whether you're selling auto parts, encouraging app installs, or running brand awareness campaigns, a CTA is always fitted for your business.

Create C T A Button By Publer And Increase User Attention

However, before you implement it, you need to know about what is Bounce Rate to get a better result. A clear call-to-action (CTA) on Facebook lets visitors know exactly what to expect when they click, as well as what your brand will offer. Without a clear Call-to-Action, you can lose the user's interest. But now you can create or add perfect Call-To-Action to your Facebook page very easily by social media tool Publer.

There are 20 CTA buttons; you can choose one social media tool Publer. To make it easier for you, Publer has grouped these CTA buttons into 5 categories. So let's suppose the link you're sharing is a product-related article. It makes sense to use the Buy Now, Book Now, or even Watch Video if the article contains a video.

6. Add Tag locations in scheduled posts and increase your audience engagement:

The location tagging is an essential element when you want to create a great online marketing strategy. By tagging your current location, you can expose to increase the audience engagements very efficiently. As well as, it also helps you to increase your brand awareness and get real-time feedback. To make it simple Publer social media tool offers the location tagging system on its dashboard from where you can set your desired location before you posting your social news. However, Publer offers the geo-location tagging service for Facebook and Twitter only, but currently, it is not possible for LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google My Business.

7. Visualize your performance with Publer actionable Analytics tool:

When you are running your social media campaigns, you need to review all your posts. As well as, you need to analyze your audience in detail when you want to create a successful business. If you do not examine your report correctly, you cant go to reach your desired goal. Publer social media tool has a useful analyzing tool which gives you a proper data and statics report regarding on all your social post. When you come to the landing page of Publer Analytics, you will see your team in terms of social accounts, members, and posts.

Improve Your Performace Through Publer Analytics Tool

After scroll down, you will see detailed insights of how many posts you have been published scheduled, failed, or saved as drafts. You can view this report weekly, monthly, or yearly.  So, you can easily get a clear idea of how the selected social account has performed over time. As well as, you can also get the top 3 performing posts of each social account on your email by Publer.

Some other key features of Publer social media management tool:

All the features of this powerful social media tool are not over yet. Some other key features are included in this tool. Now we are going to discuss them below:

1. Customize your post:

To create your online presence more attractive publer allows you to customize your post for each social account. So, by the customization post, you can quickly grow your audience's attention to your brand or business.

2. Preview your post before you publish:

Through the preview feature, you can see and imagine how your post should appear online. If you think you need to change anything on it. So, you can now make all the desired changes before it goes live.

3. Saved your post as a draft:

If you think now, you are not ready to get published your post, so you can reuse them again in the future by saving the drafts feature.

4. Schedule your Recurring Posts:

If you want to host your Facebook page for special events or online sales, then the recurring post is an ideal feature for you. Through this feature, you can schedule the same post to go out every two days, every Friday, every three months, and so on.

Benefits And Features Of Publer Social Media Management Tool

5. Upload your media file from URL:

We know it is too much hard when we want to download videos from video-sharing websites like YouTube. Thanks to Publer, you can now upload a video to Facebook by merely providing a link from a YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, or a link to any native video you find on the Internet. Publer currently supports YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Instagram, Vine, and native videos.

6. Create Shortcodes:

Publer social media tool allows you to create shortcodes for phone numbers, addresses, websites, hashtags, or anything else you repeatedly type when posting on social media. Here you can build up to 30 Shortcodes for your social posts.

7. Use the Publer and Shorten your Links:

Publer social media marketing tool is partnered with the most popular URL shortener Bitly. Once you've connected your Bitly account with Publer will look for all the links in your post (including those in post descriptions and photo captions) and will shorten them for you. This is one of the unique and powerful features of Publer.

8. Publer Ambassador Program:

Finally, Publer offers its users to make money by joining an Ambassador Program. First of all, you need to create your unique registration link. After completing that, refer that link to your family, friends, or anyone on the internet. If anyone signs up through your link you will be get paid for it. Publer offers up to 70% commission on new paying customers.

Pricing and Plans for Publers social media tool:

Publer Social Media Tool Has Reasonable Pricing Plans

Publer offers both free and premium plans for its users. The premium plans come with two types of reasonable pricing plans; one is Argentum, and another is Aurum. Both programs are the same features. However, the Aurum plans have included some extra features.

1. Free plans:

This plan will cost you $0/Month. Some key features of this plan are,

  • 5 Social Account.
  • 0 Additional Team Member.
  • 25 Saved Drafts.
  • Customize and Preview Posts.
  • Auto Scheduling.
  • Short Codes.
  • Link Scheduling.
  • Calendar View Mode.

2. Argentum Plans:

This plan will cost you $10/Month. Some key features of this plan are,

  • Flexible Social Account.
  • Flexible Additional Team Member.
  • Unlimited Saved Drafts.
  • Analytics.
  • Bulk Scheduling.
  • Watermark Images.
  • Signatures.
  • Post Callbacks.
  • Ambassador Program.
  • Unlimited Scheduling.

3. Aurum Plans:

This plan will cost you $20/Month. Some key features of this plan are,

  • Flexible Social Account.
  • Flexible Additional Team Member.
  • Unlimited Saved Drafts.
  • Analytics.
  • Bulk Scheduling.
  • Watermark Images and Videos.
  • Signatures.
  • Post Callbacks.
  • Ambassador Program.
  • Recycling Posts.
  • Recurring Posts.
  • Multi-photo Posts.
  • Videos and Gifs.

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Finally, we want to say that Publer is a fantastic social media tool. It can also be called a social media Superhero. This a new generation social media management tool and it is fit for any person, small businesses, and enterprises. Publer offers all the necessary social media solutions from its powerful dashboard. Now, you don’t need to invest too much money in your social media marketing infrastructure. So, as a blogger or marketer, you can try this social media tool to stay ahead of your competitors.

Thanks for reading. We hope this was informative. If you want to read more latest article, you can read:-

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