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AWeber Email Marketing Tool Features, Overviews, And Pricing

Take The Benefits Of AWeber Email Marketing Tool And Grow Your Business.

Are you looking for the best email marketing software with great features? Then AWeber's email marketing tool might be the right choice for you.

Nowadays, marketers are putting a lot of emphasis on new opportunities like Chatbots, Instagram influencers to reach their customers. Email marketing is one of those things that can help you to connect with your audience instantly. Not only for that, but it also helps your business to improve lead generation, conversion, and revenue. You might be surprised to hear that it can generate an incredibly high return on investment (ROI) when it comes to different aspects of your business. According to Campaign Monitor, email marketing can generate $38 for every $1 spent. Now almost every industry use email newsletter campaigns to grow their business. It is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter.

So, if you have the right email newsletter system, you can dominate the market. But now the question is how, do you manage your newsletter system? So to manage this process, you just need the best email marketing tool. Currently, you may have noticed that there are lots of email marketing software or tools available in the market with impressive features. However, sometimes these types of tools cannot be adequately used for all kinds of business. So today, in this article, we want to introduce you to a specific email marketing newsletter tool, AWeber. AWeber is quite popular in bulk newsletter campaign software. It can help you to manage your newsletter marketing campaigns effectively with all of their high-end features. AWeber offers its advanced features with reasonable pricing. Now let’s first see what AWeber is.

What is AWeber?

AWeber is a great email marketing tool for bloggers and internet marketers. It comes with all the essential tools you need to grow your email list. AWeber was founded back by CEO Tom Kulzer in 1998 and especially provide for an email newsletter. Since then, AWeber has managed to become one of the Top Email Marketing Solutions for Bloggers and is serving more than 100,000 customers worldwide.

With the help of this tool, you have complete control over your email list, and you can decide when to send out new updates to your Email subscriber. It includes lots of impressive features for your business, including email designs, list segmentation, automation tools, and detailed reporting. As well as the best part about AWeber is that you can easily integrate it with your WordPress website.

AWeber email marketing tool features and benefits

AWeber is one of the most well-known email marketing software on the internet. It's easy to use management system is suitable for all sizes of companies. AWeber has a lot of advanced features that can help marketers to create highly targeted campaigns. If you are a blogger or running an online business, AWeber can help you a lot. Although to get a high level of success through mail marketing, you need an effective email marketing strategy and excellent marketing knowledge. Below we are going to describe some of the key features and benefits of AWeber.

Features And Benefits Of A Weber Email Marketing Software

Create fantastic looking emails with AWeber email marketing tool:

AWeber allows you to create professional landing pages for your business emails easily. The company offers 700+ different mobile-responsive templates for their users. These templates will enable you to create great and engaging emails for your customers in a short time. As well as, it also offers the Drag and Drop editor tool, which can help to build your customizing emails according to your needs. Currently, a handy feature of a blog site is the RSS to email function. This feature enables users to transform blog posts into e-newsletters based on a predefined schedule. Now you can also do it with the AWeber Auto-Newsletters system.

Automated marketing campaigns:

AWeber email marketing tool, has a useful automated campaign functionality that allows you to build automated email flows to the right subscribers at the right time. The AWeber Campaign Builder has an excellent interface making it easy to visualize and build automation. AWeber's automation options always help you to create more sophisticated and targeted campaigns with their advanced functionality. On your AWeber dashboard, you can start a campaign by selecting the ‘Trigger' option. This option will help you manage later events, such as adding someone to your customer list or applying a specific tag to the list.

AWeber also has an easy to use autoresponder feature, which enables you to send sequential emails at predetermined time intervals. With the help of it's you can send your subscriber a welcome email, discount coupon, offer, and more. Although, the autoresponder will work only for your active subscribers on a list.

Engage more people with attractive signup forms:

Opt-in forms or signup forms play a crucial part in building your subscriber list. AWeber, email marketing software, has hundreds of ready-to-use signup form templates, which can be styled to reflect your business. Also, the dynamic opt-in forms you create will look great on any device. Here you can choose various types of opt-in forms for your website such as In-line, Pop-Over, Lightbox, and Pop-up that are allowing you to reach visitors at the right time. Also, you can customize when the popup shows, such as whether it opens beneath the current page or displays on exit. AWeber also allows you to integrate the sign-up forms with Facebook and WordPress site blog to attract new subscribers.

Create Attractive Sign Up Form With A Weber Email Marketing Software

Besides that, AWeber email marketing software also has the functionality to A/B split test forms, that allowing you to find the best combination to increase conversions and grow your subscriber list. To conduct an A/B test, you will need to set up two forms against each other and see which one performs the best. AWeber will then show a percentage to each (e.g., 50% to your first option, and 50% to your second option). In the end, you get stats to see which one is doing best.

Easy to manage your subscriber's list with AWeber email marketing tool:

With the help of AWeber email marketing software, you can easily add and manage your subscribers to your lists. You can add your subscriber manually or imported from an existing file (XLS, XLSX, TSV, CSV, or TXT). AWeber helps you to create your subscriber segmentation to fit your readers’ needs best so you can easily increase your profitability rate. Here on this platform, you can create your segmentation by open rates, click-through rates, geographic location, and more.

Powerful analytics and tracking system:

Manage Your Subscriber And Analyze Report By A Weber

Tracking and analytics are the most important metrics to improve the effectiveness of your email promotion. AWeber provides a comprehensive range of reporting options that enable you to track everything. This reporting functionality tracks both email campaign metrics and email subscriber metrics. That way, you can understand the performance of both your campaigns and your signup forms. Also, AWeber not only analyzes these metrics but also shows you who opened your messages, what links they linked to, how much you earned, how many people you subscribed to, and more.

Easy integration system:

AWeber lets you easily integrate your email with other marketing programs. It has excellent integration capabilities and connects with different websites and services including Facebook, WordPress, PayPal, Woocommerce, and many more.

Innovative Mobile App:

AWeber email marketing tool offers an innovative mobile app that's called AWeber Atom. AWeber’s Atom app has a free signup form that lets you add new subscribers to your email list any time, anywhere.

A Weber Email Marketing Tool Has Innovative App

As well as, this app also allows you to see the scheduled broadcast, subscriber stats, open and click rates, and many more.

Outstanding customer support:

AWeber has an excellent support system team for their users. AWeber expert and professional team are always ready to serve customer solutions in a friendly manner. You can reach them 24/7 via email and live chat. They also have phone support available during business hours on weekdays. As well as, it also provides knowledgebase support, Live Webinars, and Video guides.

AWeber Pricing and Plans:

AWeber email marketing tool, offers decent and affordable pricing plans for its users. While it doesn't offer any free plans, but you can get a 30-day free trial when you sign up on AWeber. After the free trial has ended, you have to upgrade to one of the paid plans, all of which allow you to send an unlimited amount of emails. The paid plans all offer the same features, and the price depends on the number of subscribers.

A Weber Email Marketing Tool Has Reasonable Pricing Plans

Here’s an overview of the pricing tiers.

  • 0-500 Subscribers – $19/Month.
  • 501-2,500 Subscribers – $29/Month.
  • 2,501-5,000 Subscribers – $49/Month.
  • 5,001-10,000 Subscribers – $69/Month.
  • 10,000-25,000 Subscribers – $149/Month.

Moreover, you can easily convert your plans into quarterly or annually to save your money. Furthermore, you can easily convert your plans into quarterly or annually to save your money. With AWeber, you'll get all of the basic features that you expect with an email marketing service:

  • Unlimited sending privileges.
  • Drag and Drop email and landing page designer.
  • Campaign automation.
  • Industry-leading deliverability.
  • AI-powered Smart Designer.
  • Pre-built reports & analytics.
  • Award-winning 24/7 customer support.
  • And many more.


AWeber is an excellent choice if you are just starting and have limited technology experience. It's also a smart choice for small businesses that don't need complicated email marketing. However, as your business grows, the lack of automation functionality may lead you to use more advanced email marketing tools.

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