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What Are Google Shopping Ads And How Does It Work?

Read The Article And Get A Detailed Description On Google Shopping Ads And Its Benefits.

Do you have an e-commerce business and want to grab more user attention? If yes, then know the opportunity and benefits of Google Shopping Ads.

In recent times more or less, almost every person buys their essential products from an online shop or e-commerce website. And as an e-commerce merchant, you will always want to sell more on your platform, this is normal. However, now the earning of an e-commerce website are becoming very tough due to the increase in competition. So, in this situation, you need to focus more on the customer experience. Also, you need to use a sophisticated and data-driven method to maximize your sales and revenue.

One of the first things you can focus on advertising. It is inevitable for all businesses. For this, Google has an excellent option for increasing your sales; Google Shopping Ads. It enables you to maximize your potential sales and achieve your desired goals appropriately. It is one of the effective marketing channels by which you can reach your potential audience across all of Google’s properties. Have a close look at what are Google Shopping Ads

What are Google Shopping Ads?

Google Shopping Ads or Product Listing Ads (PLA) is a comparison shopping engine that shows up for products at the top of search results when a user searches for a product with a regular Google search. Each of the Shopping ads includes an image, the product title, the price, the name of the retailer, and sometimes it also consists of some specific information like shipping cost and reviews.

What Are Google Shopping Ads And How It Works

For example; If you are going to Google search box and type “Black Leather Shoes,” you will see a list of high-quality images of the product listing at the right of the screen.

This is the best and most fantastic way for an e-commerce website to promote their product and catch the highly targeted audience to their site.

How does Google Shopping Work?

Google's algorithm uses your product data feed to display your ads in relevant searches that contain all of your store's data like titles, descriptions, images, price, etc.

After that, people will see your ads that are relevant for their search queries, showing an image of the product, with the price and additional information (such as reviews). If someone clicks on your ad, that will take them directly to your website.

However, you will need to pay Google for per click and manage them through your AdWords dashboard like the rest of your PPC ads. So, if you are a retailer and want to use a Google Shopping to promote your online and local listings, then you first need to create a Merchant Center account in Google Ads. Moreover, If you want to know more about Google AdWords or Google Ads, then you can also read; What Is Google AdWords In The World Of Digital Marketing.

Managing Google Shopping ads is very easy because you don't have to worry about keywords. You can advertise your store and your products using 3 types of Shopping ads:

  • Product Shopping Ad: These are created to support the product based data that you submit in the Merchant Centre. These types of ads allow you to include an image, title, price, and business name inside your ads without the need for you to create unique ads for each product you want to sell.
  • Showcase Ads: You’ll create these in Google Ads by grouping related products together to explore your brand. That way, people can compare several of your products and click on the proper one.
  • Local Catalog Ads: These use to feed data provided from local inventory ads to interact with users on the Google Display Network and help drive traffic to your local stores.

Benefits of Google Shopping Campaigns

Now many people search on Google for buying products. So advertising on Google allows you to be right there where your potential customers are. When you use Shopping Ads, Google does a lot of work for you. Its algorithms will automatically pull the data from your store, craft ads for your products, as well as match them with relevant search queries. For many merchants, it may be the key to driving brand awareness and outperforming competitors. Now let's take a look at how Google Shopping ads can benefit your e-commerce business.

1. Put your products and brand at the top of Google SERP:

Whether you have a small or large business, that does not matter all. Google Shopping campaigns help you reach the top of search engine results pages (SERPS) so that your customers can easily purchase your product. As we know, Google shows these ads above organic search results, so you’ll be able to quickly and effectively expand your brand’s online visibility.

2. Get better-qualified leads:

Generally, those who search for products on Google have already done some research and are close to making a decision. On the other hand, as a merchant, with the help of Google Shopping, you can increase the quality of your leads by featuring product information directly through your ads. So, when they see a relevant product ad, they are more likely to follow the link to find out more about the product and make a purchase.

Advantages Of Google Shopping Campaigns

3. It helps to Improve higher conversion rates:

According to the study, Google Shopping ads have a much higher conversion rate than text-based ads. As seen, on average, conversion rates are 26% higher, and your cost-per-click is about 23% lower. This will lead to more relevant traffic to your eCommerce store, thus reducing your cost-per-click (CPC). So you can ultimately boost your ROI (Return On Investment). Although, before you are going to implement this, you need to know well about What Is Website Conversion Rate?

4. Easy campaign management system:

Creating and managing a Google Products Listing is much simpler than the text-based PPC ads. There is no need to insert keywords for each ad in Google shopping ads. Once you create a product feed and entering all the information, you are ready to start for the campaign. You don’t need to create one-by-one product targets to set up a campaign. Just set up your bids appropriately on the product for optimized the better results.

5. Automatically updates your products:

An automatic inventory update is one of the notable features of Google Ads. Whenever you update the details of the product information on your e-commerce website, it will automatically update the Google Ads. This feature helps you to avoid any mismatch item that you no longer sell or which are out of stock. So, you can smoothly run a seamless ad campaign without update your campaigns manually.

6. Better reporting for excellent performance:

Google Shopping ads offer a better and improved reporting system to provide more accurate results. You will see how many clicks a particular brand has been got by filtering your product's view. As well as, you can easily filter and segment the data, including such as product category, brand, condition, product type, item id, and custom labels. Moreover, using the benchmarking data, you can create a competitive landscape that will help you increase the performance of your ad campaigns in the future.

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Finally, we can say this is an amazing tool for retailers and marketers who want to advertise their products on Google. So, If you own an e-commerce store and want to revamp your advertising strategy in this virtual world, then you can try Google Shopping Ads for better optimization of your business. However, before you are going to start your marketing journey, you should need to read Google policies carefully. Because they have strict terms and policies, if you do not try to comply with them as much as possible, your account may be suspended.

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