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Post Planner Social Media Posts Scheduling Tool Review

Are you looking to give a try to Post Planner? You may find quick helpful information to make your mind, whether you need this tool or not.

There are lots of social media tools out there for managing your social media tasks. Besides focusing on your business growth, new innovative ways to increase sales, posting on social media could be an overwhelming task indeed but the benefits of social media marketing for your business is excellent.

Post Planner is one of the social media management tools that is present for a while and has nearly all of the required features. In this post, we will dig deeper about Post Planners. We will be discussing its features and pricing. The unbiased pros and cons would also be delivered through. So, let's get started without making it monotonous.

What is Post Planner?

Post Planner is an excellent social media post scheduling and publishing tool that allows you to automate your social media posts. However, most of the newbies who are new to social media marketing, think that social media marketing tools are only scheduling your posts and they will automatically share their posts but, they offer way more things than that.

Post Planner helps you find the exact content that would be beneficial for your business and to increase engagement to your social accounts. It gives you detailed insights on the engagements to your posts.

Post Planner features:

Post planner has some of the excellent features that help you create your social content and share them with ease.

Covers all the major social media platforms:

There are many social media platforms that people use to interact with each other but very few of them have gained massive popularity and have a considerable userbase. So, for a useful social media tool, it is required to be compatible with all the popular social media networks.

Post Planner allows you to schedule your posts from the top 5 popular social media platforms. From one single platform, you can manage posts from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. Below we are mentioning monthly active users on these social media platforms,

  • Facebook- Over 2.7billion monthly active users.
  • Twitter- Over 300 million monthly active users.
  • Instagram: Over 1.2 billion monthly active users.
  • Pinterest- Over 320 million monthly active users.
  • LinkedIn- Over 740 million userbase worldwide.

So, all the major social media platforms are covered in Post Planner.

Media Library:

social media posts are about photos, videos, GIFs. When you share any post, these elements are most important because they grab audience retention. While you are busy creating a post, finding, the right images and videos would be a hassle. Post Planner offers you a library where you can store all of your media files in one place. They allow you to create folders too where you can segment your files as per your requirements. If you have a team that wants to collaborate, you can easily share your files with them.

Viral content discovery:

Social media has massive opportunities and power. It can make anyone popular in a matter of moments: any post, any photo, any video gone viral through social media. Post Planner makes finding trending topics or posts easier. You can find cross-channel viral content from Facebook, Google, RSS, and many other channels. Besides you can add filters and find them by the number of likes and shares. Users can find viral articles, images, quotes, and more easily with that feature.

Optimizing posts for each channel:

You can optimize posts for each social media channel. Each social media has different posting functionalities and criteria. For example, Facebook allows you to add as much text you want, but Twitter limits you to around 250 characters. So, even with the same post, you need to make changes to fit them on different channels. You can Customize your post captions, add hashtags, save texts and templates for future use.

Post Planner offers three plans to choose from.


That is the entry-level plan in Post Planner. Here you can add 3 profiles. It allows you to schedule 300 posts and 12 posts per profile. Here is only 1 user that can be added to this plan. This plan starts at $5 when billed annually.


This plan enables us to add 10 profiles and to schedule 1000 posts. This plan also offers only 1 user. SOLO plan price is $19 per month when billed annually. When you choose the monthly billing, the pricing rises to $24 per month.


That is the most expensive yet more feature-packed plan that starts at$29 per month. This plan allows to add 25 profiles and to schedule 5000 posts. Here 24 posts per day can be done, and it offers 4 users to add.

These plans are fit for small businesses if you are looking for enhanced features you can choose from Enterprise plans.
They have three Enterprise plans,


This plan allows you to connect 50 social media profiles, and you can add 8 users. 10k post scheduling is included with this plan. The pricing is $79 per month.
It is the next plan where 100 profiles can be added, and 12 users are enabled to link. Users can schedule 20k posts with this plan at the cost of $139 per month.
That is the highest level plan in Post Planner, where 200 profiles can be added. With this plan, 25 users can be linked, and it allows to schedule 40k posts. This plan costs $299 per month.

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