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What Is Website Conversion Rate And How Can You Improve It?

Read The Article And Know The Important Role Of Conversion Rate For Your Website.

The Website Conversion Rate plays a significant role in your business growth. Without achieving it, you can't evaluate your marketing strategy properly. 

Today's in this competitive online world; everyone is trying to improve their performance through the conversion rate. In this circumstance, if you ignore the conversion rate, then you will be missing out on the chance to beat your competitors. It is one of the essential metrics which can help to improve your business goal. Now before you are going to deep, lets’ see what a conversion rate is.

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What is the Website Conversion Rate?

The conversion rate is the percentage of web visitors who want to take the desired action on your site. The desired activity can be measured in many forms, for example, sale of products, software download, newsletter subscription, a membership registration, engaging with online chat, submitting a form, or just about any activity beyond simple page browsing.

What Is Conversion Rate And How Does It Work

How to calculate the Website Conversion Rate

The conversion rate plays a crucial role in your digital marketing campaigns. Your conversion rate indicates the success of your marketing strategy. If you have a high conversion rate, it indicates that your campaign succeeds at getting leads to convert. As well as, a low conversion rate indicates that your campaign needs optimizations, and it needs to improve it.

Suppose your site gets 1,00,000 unique visitors in January. And you have been sell t-shirts with your online campaign to 2000 people. Then, your conversion percentage will be calculated at 2%.

The formula for finding the conversion rate is: Conversion Rate = (Conversions/ total visitors) X 100%

There are so many popular advertising and analytics platforms are available in the virtual world. Where you can track and measure your conversion rate very easily. With the help of these tools, you can optimize your online campaigns, and you can get maximum profitability. For some examples of that, you can use Google Adwords, Goole Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager, Twitter Ads to track your conversion rate effectively.

What is a Good Conversion Rate?

There is not any exact amount or number of CTR for every company. Different industries have different types of CTRs from their business. Without an average conversion rate, you have no way of knowing the accurate rate of CTR. According to the Wordstream, the top 25% industry average CTR is measured at 5.31% or higher. On the other hand, the rest of the top 10% average CTR is measured at 11.45% or higher.

The Avarage Website Conversion Rate On Different Online Business

Know how to increase your Conversion Rate on your website

There are many strategies through which you can increase your conversion rate. Getting high conversion means you could be making more money or generate more leads. However, before you going to start working, you need to know very well what works you have to do for your audience and your website. Let’s look at some ways to increase your conversion rate.

1. Create a dedicated landing page:

If you are doing any paid advertising on Google AdWords or Bing Ads, then you should need to create a dedicated landing page for ad campaigns. When your audience clicks on an ad for a specific product or service, they want to see information about that product or service on the landing page. This is a place where you can get an excellent opportunity to engage your audience effectively. Also, it helps your audience continue to focus on the product or service that they searched in the first place. So, you should need to create your landing full of informative and attractive focused landing pages. This way, you can drive better results for your online business.

2. Make yourself easy to find on search engines:

The internet is a vast ocean, and there is billions of website. If the search engines can't find you quickly, you'll lose your potential customers. So, if you want to discover yourself for your right audience, at first try to create a robust and actionable SEO strategy and mobile-friendly website.

3. A/B test for the website elements:

A B Testing Is An Effective Method Which Can Improve Conversion Rate

A/B testing (also known as split testing or bucket testing) is a method or experiment where shows two versions of a web page on different sets of the audience to determine which one performs better. There are many elements on your web page that you can test, such as the headline, visual imagery, form fields, call to action, and overall layout of the page, their color, and placement. All of these small changes help you to learn better user experience as well as it can increase your conversion rate more. However, It’s important to remember that A/B testing should not be a one-time event. So try to continuously update your website and experiment to optimize your conversion rate (CRO).

4. Build trust and relationship with your customers:

Building trust and relationships are one of the important things for any business. Without any customer trust, you can't grow your successful business. By following these steps you can build trust in your audience.

  • Always be sure to incorporate a Contact Us page within your website.
  • Create the About Us page and include the pictures and bios on it.
  • Display reviews and testimonials on your site to your visitors.
  • Engage your customers from your social presence.
  • If you have any awards or certifications, put it on your site.
  • Provide the guarantee of your product.

By using these elements, you can increase your customer satisfaction. If you get customer satisfaction appropriately, then they will stay a long time on your site. This way, you can lead to a better conversion rate and improve your customer relations.

5. Categorize your web audience:

It is very tough to get to understand a user and their search queries. Some people come to your website to buy something, and some probably browse to get knowing something. So, for your successful leadership, you need to create a special category for each of the audience.

How Can You Improve Website Conversion Rate For Online Marketing

6. Use Call To Action on your website:

When someone visits your landing page and likes what they see, they want to know how to proceed next. A call to action (CTA) button is a great way to help your visitors to take some specified action. A call to action is typically written as a command or action phrase, such as ‘Click here’ or ‘Download your free guide’. When you integrate a CTA bottom on your site such as to read more or to sign-up for an e-mail newsletter, that can encourage your audience to continue interacting with your site. In addition, a good CTA will increase engagement on your page and improve your website conversion rate.

7. Create an engaging web design:

The website is the main key tool for a business owner to reach out to millions of online customers. However, only a clutter-free interface design can retain its visitors and convert them into loyal customers. So, try to create a clean and functional layout on your website. As well as make sure that it is easily loadable for all devices such as mobile, computer, laptop, and tablet. In addition, you need to integrate a quick and easy navigation system, keep content the limit, use the colors wisely, and make the call to action button more clear.


We hope now you have understood what conversion rate is, how to use it and how to improve your conversion rates. The website conversion rate is one of the most important marketing metrics. It indicates to you what percentage of an online-marketing target has been achieved successfully. However, there are many factors can affect your conversion rates. So, as a website owner, you should need to follow all of these rules carefully.

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