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What Is Google AdWords In The World Of Digital Marketing

If you started a new business online, then digital marketing is the most needed thing for you and Google AdWords is a renowned advertising service.

Now lots of business came online because the internet has lots of audiences.  There are so many platforms present who runs only on the internet. Even the businesses that are based offline; they have their online platform to sell their products and services via online. But no matter what business is, they need to be promoted. Before we go on the Google AdWords, have a short look on.

What is Digital Marketing?

You see lots of audiences is now connected with the internet. They are connected with various kinds of devices; desktops, laptops, Smartphones, tablets, etc. In short, we can say by the methods you can communicate and show your ad to that digital audience is called digital marketing or online marketing. There are lots of digital channels by which you can run advertising; channels like SEO, SEM, mail marketing, content marketing, etc.  You can read How to Create an Effective digital Marketing Strategy if you are looking for a digital marketing campaign.

What is Google AdWords?

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Google AdWords is a product of internet giant Google. It is the platform for the investors. Suppose you have a new business I online. So you will not get the visitors to your site as it is a new site. Maybe you know that for a new website it is tough to optimize on the search engines. But, if you need quick results, you need to do digital marketing. Here Google AdWords can be the best option.

A brief description of how can you use Google AdWords?

Google AdWords works on keywords. Keywords are the thing by which you can attract customers to your business landing page.

For example, suppose you have an online mobile retail store. So you want to run ad Campaign on Google. To run a Campaign, you must need a Google account. Then you need to create an account in Google AdWords. After creating the account, you can go to Google AdWords login. When you want to start, you have to find the keywords by which you will attract your potential customers. But there are lots of rivals might be who is also running the campaign on Google AdWords. The keywords you have chosen your competitors can also select those keywords. So in the competition, you have to bid for the keywords. Naturally, if you offered the highest, then your ad will appear to the top than your rivals.

There are some points about Google AdWords you need to follow.

Google Ad Words Generally Provided Four Types Of Ads For Advertiser

  • When you are setting up a campaign, you need to set up your home page accurately related your ads. The customer experience after clicking the ads should be great. If you do not do so, your quality score will decrease.
  • The AdWords works on a CPC basis. The ads show on the search engines. Whenever a visitor clicks on your ad, the bid amount will get cut. Suppose you have bid a keyword “new phones” at Rs. 7. So every click will cost you Rs7.
  • Google AdWords show different types of ads like Search network Only, Search Network with Display Select, Display Network Only, Shopping, Video Ads. You can create various ad groups there too, and your ads will show on various digital media platforms.
  • You need to follow Google Ads guidelines. If you violate any rules, your campaign might get stopped.

Google AdWords is an advantageous and digital marketing platform. It works very fast. After starting your ad campaign, you began to get visitors as compared to other methods Google AdWords is far easy and much cheaper. Especially when you have no organic visitors, it is the best way to get your customers. You know how big Google is. Every day tons of users come to, and with the Google AdWords, you can reach to your potential clients.

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