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Email Marketing Tool Constant Contact Overview And Pricing

Almost every digital marketer on that field for a long time knows about the email marketing tool Constant Contact which is a veteran.

Of late, many online businesses are booming very fast. If we have a look at some companies, they have touched some significant growths in a short period. Establishing an online business is a quite challenging job and needs to look after all the aspects; otherwise, you might not get your expected results.

Marketing has always been one of the main key factors for business success, no matter how big or a small one you operate. As billions of people now online, we have many marketing channels where we can reach our potential customers. Email marketing is an excellent marketing channel for all businesses.

Even though social media has a significant influence on marketing, emails still have an awe-inspiring conversion rate. There are lots of effective email marketing software or tools for online marketers. They mostly offer the same core features but differs in pricing, performance, support, and some addons. In this article, we will state to you about an old player in email marketing, Constant Contact. You will get some detailed insights about its features and pricing. So, let's get started with,

Constant Contact features: Email marketing tool Constant Contact is packed with almost everything you might look for in an email marketing tool.

Drag and drop email editor:

Constant Contact offers one of the most intuitive and easy to understand drag and drop builders. The tool is super easy to operate; even a non- technical person can leverage it after giving a few times. It enables you to customize your email templates.

Customize Email Templates With Drag And Drop Builder

Free email template library:

Whether you are trying to send marketing emails, educational emails, providing any vital information or important updates or messages, you can choose from pre-made email templates of Constant Contact. They offer over 240 email templates free for users. That means almost for every reason, you may find your email templates. As per your requirements, you may customize them without technical skills.

Alluring landing pages:

In modern-day marketing, landing pages play a significant role in driving sales from customers or visitors. Beautifully crafted templates are made, keeping in mind the sales or conversion. Constant Contact enables users to create intuitive landing pages, and their landing page builder helps you done in minutes. With the detailed analysis reports of your landing page performance, you can make necessary changes to that.

Excellent email delivery rate:

Experience High Email Delivery Rate In Constant Contact

For your email marketing success, it is inhabitant to deliver emails to your user's inboxes; otherwise, it does not make any sense. If you do not go with a reputed email service provider, you may experience a poor email delivery rate. There are lots of reasons for ending up emails to spam. Usually, when you use any email service provider (Email Service Provider) your emails often go to spam due to users' unfair practices. So the IPs got block listed, which ESPs use to deliver emails. Constant Contact has a dedicated team for checking such incidents and fixing them quickly. Constant Contact provides averages of 97 percent of the email delivery rate which is very impressive.

Advanced email campaign reports:

Get Advanced Campaign Reports Of Your Email Marketing

Your marketing is incomplete without your campaign performance reports because it leads you to make the right decisions in the future. Constant Contact offers some advanced reporting tools to make your job easier.
You can check all of your emails send numbers, open rates, unsubscribe rate, bounces, rates of the devices people used to open mails. Moreover, you get useful insights to increase your email campaign more robust and effective by tips for improving the open rate, bounce rate, and more. Even you can check your email campaign reports with the industry-standard reports and make useful changes to them. Constant Contact offers a mobile application that enables you to check your campaign performance wherever you are.

Automate your email campaign with autoresponders:

Experience The Most Advanced Email Automation

With Constant Contact, you get the autoresponder mechanism, which allows you to send automated emails. Especially when a new client signs up to your email list, a welcome email is highly appreciated. When someone buys anything from your site letting him or her by confirmation mail is important. On the other hand, if you want to create an email marketing funnel, where you send a series of emails to convert; the automated emails are essential. That enables you to work with limited resources and do all the things automatically.

Contact management and segmentation:

Easy Contact Management & Segmentation

Having a long list of opt-in emails is crucial, but you cannot avail much with an uncategorized email list. All the customers are not the same, and you don’t get the same response from all. That’s why you need to implement different marketing strategies with each client. If you segment them as per their interaction with your emails, you will experience a low unsubscribe rate and high conversion. With Constant Contact, you can segment contact lists with tags. There is no contact list saving limits. You get lots of customizable options for your contacts. Importing and exporting your contacts is also effortless.

Email Marketing Tool Constant Contact Offers Free Trial:

Constant Contact gives users a 60 days risk-free trial. You can avail all the features as per your plans during that time. That helps people to choose, is their service is fit for them or not. After the trial period, you do not need to do such a thing. You will be automatic to the plan you had chosen to go with.

The award-Winning support team of Constant Contact:

Constant Contact is on the industry of email marketing for over 20 years and they have a reputation in giving excellent support to the users. You can consult their digital marketing experts about your campaign, join their webinars, you can get a live phone or chat support and, of course, through the emails.

Apart from the email marketing solution, Constant Contact now provides much more than emails. They provide sophisticated website building tools, domains, online stores, logo maker tools. These are important for marketers or the people who are looking to make their online presence.
These are the highlights of the email marketing tool Constant Contact. Now, let’s have a look at their plans and pricing.

Email marketing tool Constant Contact pricing:

Constant Contact has a free trial period of 60 days but does not offer any free plan. You pay for the number of contacts you save. The plans differ with some additional functionalities. They have two plans: Email and Email Plus.


Companies and business who just started their journey, and do not require much more functionalities, can switch to this plan. It starts at $20 per month and offers,

  • Unlimited email sending.
  • Customizable email templates.
  • Tracking and reporting of your email campaign.
  • List building tools.
  • Landing pages.

And many more.

Compare The Plans Of Constant Contact

Email Plus:

The Email Plus plan is for the business or companies who need more functionality, although the number of contact base pricing remains the same. You get more functionality and robust features with the Email Plus plan. All the basic plan features are included with this plan, and you get additional features such as,
Advanced eCommerce marketing.

  • Surveys.
  • Polls.
  • Coupons.
  • Dynamic Content.

And many more. You can visit the Constant Contact pricing page for more details

Constant Contact is an excellent email marketing solution for small businesses. It has lots of useful features for email marketing, but if your requirements are more powerful and sophisticated, you want more advanced functionalities you can try other marketing solutions at this pricing or even less.

Try Constant Contact

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links placed in this article. If any reader clicks on the link and purchases anything from Constant Contact, we will receive a commission. However, the article has written in a wholly unbiased manner and does not intend to influence people buying anything from Constant Contact. All the information provided here was gathered from Constant Contact.

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