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Sendinblue Vs Constant Contact: Which Email Marketing Tool Is Better?

Sendinblue vs Constant Contact- to make it simple, both are one of the most popular email marketing tools available on the market available right now.

Both companies offer almost every feature, that a good email marketing service provider should include. Still, they have some of their own benefits and trade-offs. Many marketers often try to find out which tool is the perfect one for their business, which email tool is cheaper, which tool is more scalable, and which one is easier to understand.

If you have the same queries, you are on the right platform. Here you will be getting all the answers to your queries. We will give you an in-depth comparison of all aspects of both tools.

Sendinblue vs Constant Contact overview at a glance:

Sendinblue and Constant Contact, both email marketing tools feature all essential email features that a user could ask for. Compared to Sendinblue, Constant Contact started its journey earlier. Let’s first know about Sendinblue.

Sendinblue started its journey in 2007. Despite being a France-based company, it has offices in many countries around the world. If you assume Sendinblue is only an email marketing solution, then you are mistaken. It’s is way more than that. Besides offering all the email marketing features, it offers many tools to prosper your all-around marketing efforts.

On the other hand, Constant Contact is a veteran on the field and available on the market since 1998. Being for a long time on the market help them gain a reputation as a genuine and trusted email service provider. Similar to Sendinblue, Constant Contact offers additional marketing features to their customers. To get a detailed overview on Constant Contact, you can read: Email Marketing Tool Constant Contact Overview And Pricing.

Sendinblue Vs Constant Contact dashboard:

Having a clean and intuitive Dashboard or interface is always an advantage but that varies from person to person. For techies and pro-level marketers, it won’t affect the UI but beginners will face trouble understanding the options.

Sendinblue dashboard:

Sendinblue offers a futuristic dashboard to offers email and other marketing tools. As mentioned earlier it offers lots of additional marketing tools but they are not directed to your dashboard. Once you open the dashboard it shows all the additional features at the top and left. If you search on Google, many people have addressed the dashboard quite difficult for beginners but we don’t think so. Everything, there is clearly mentioned and even with minimum knowledge on the field, one can operate it.

Constant Contact dashboard:

Constant Contact comparatively has a more clean dashboard and most people would agree to it. Once you land on your account, all the options such as campaigns, contact, reporting are on the top. From creating your new email campaign to check your email report, people who look at intuitive panels, they would find the Constant Contact dashboard more preferable.  

Sendinblue vs Constant email automation:

Email marketing is not only about being able to send emails to thousands or even more people at a time. The main and most important feature of a prominent email marketing tool is automating your efforts. Modern-day email marketing tools help you automate your campaign and run your business in autopilot mode. The email automation feature allows you to send your emails to your recipients at the exact time when you want them to, even in your absence. In this section, both email marketing tools offer powerful and advanced email automation. 

Constant Contact automation:

Compared to Sendinblue, Constant Contact lacks advanced automation features and functionality. Constant Contact allows you to send four types of automated emails. Such as,

  • Welcome email when someone just signs up to your website or newsletter.
  • Sending wishes to the birthdays and anniversaries.
  • If you create a workflow where you send back-to-back emails to your email subscribers to turn them into customers.
  • Automatically re-send emails when someone does not open your email.

If you do not require some advanced logic-based automation workflow, you can go with Constant Contact as it offers all beginner-level automation functionalities.

Sendinblue Vs Constant Email Automation Feature

Sendinblue automation:

The all-in-one marketing tool Sendinblue offers the most advanced email automation workflows to fully automate your marketing practices. Along with the typically automated replies, birthday and anniversary emails, it goes beyond and allows you to set logics which upon it will work. For instance, you want if someone clicks on a specific portion of the mail wou9ld receive the next email. Well, that's advanced level automation and requires, and truly it helps a lot when you have a small team. So, if you are searching for advanced-level email automation workflows, Sendinblue is undoubtedly the one you will want to go with.

Constant Contact Vs Sendinblue contact management:

By using different tactics and alluring signup forms, you gained contacts lots of contacts. But you know one thing, you cannot make the most out of it if you do not segment and manage them ideally. Having an extensive contact list is only one aspect of the whole story. You can't expect the same approach and same conversion from most of your subscribers. The results, actions vary a lot. Even the email open rate, CTR, timing also matters. When you have thousands of contacts on your list, it might become overwhelming to segment and nurture them. 

Sendinblue contact management:

Sendinblue offers multiple lists importing features such as CSV, copy-paste, and file uploading. Besides the offlines, various third-party platforms such as WordPress, Salesforce contacts can also be grabbed too. In terms of segmentation, it offers you various filters. As we mentioned before, Sendinblue offers advanced email marketing features, it can be experienced in list management too. You can add logic to search and categorize your contact lists. Besides, you can arrange them through email readers, unique openings, multiple openings, frequency of the mail opening, and more. You can create different folders, and you can segment them as per your requirements.

Constant Contact list management:

Similar to the Sendinblue, you get many third-party integrations that will enable collect contacts from. You can manage contacts from Shopify and many other platforms. For segmenting contacts, Constant Contact offers a “tag” feature. You can arrange them into groups based on their interaction, location, and other metrics by adding tags.

Email templates and editing in Sendinblue and Constant Contact:

Email marketing is an excellent marketing channel and your email appearance plays a significant role in whether the recipient will convert into paying client or not. The more you craft your email exquisitely, the higher the chances of conversions. All email service providers give access to a free email library to their users only difference is the number of email templates they offer. Some companies offer hundreds of email templates in different categories. For example, AWeber offers 700+ email templates for various purposes. However, both Sendinblue and Constant Contact offers email library

Template library and editing in Sendinblue:

Sendinblue offers over 60 mobile-friendly and attractive email templates for use that are free and fully customizable. You can choose from pre-made templates or get started from scratch. Nowadays, emails are made of HTML files that make them more attractive. However, editing email templates do not require any coding knowledge at all. You can customize everything from there, adding any link, social media profiles, and images, and pretty much everything you could ask for. Sendinblue's drag and drop email builder tool allows you to edit emails with ease smooth. 

Constant Contact email templates and editing:

 Well, if you are counting numbers, Constant Contact is far ahead of Sendinblue. It offers over 240+ pre-made templates that are huge. You want to send wishes informative, birthday wishes and it covers nearly every requirement. The drag and drop builder is nothing new to mention that will allow redesign according to your needs. You can change the background, color, fonts, and do all other things. 

Sendinblue vs Constant Contact A/B testing:

While crafting an attrcative email and embracing a solid email marketing strategy is very crucial, testing emails is also an inevitable part of your overall email marketing efforts. Even though email marketing is one of the cheapest marketing channels, it still costs money so, why waste it. Before sending emails in bulk to thousands of subscribers, it is better to test its impact on the small number of users. That's why email marketing tools offer an A/B testing feature so that users can better analyze which emails are getting higher responses and which are not. The functionality is the same, letting you know the performance. 

A/B testing in Sendinblue:

An email could end up dropping to spam or promotional folders, and there might be more than one reason. That's why Sendinblue allows you to test your whole email. When you run A/BB testing, it checks your mail subject lines, email content, images, and many more things. That easily helps you create the exact email that would give you maximum ROI.

A/B testing in Constant Contact:

To keep the thing short, Constant Contact only tests your email in terms of the subject line. You cannot test other things on Constant Contact. You cannot test images, the mail content, or even the sender test. Well, that people might find little downside because A/B testing must be done to get the best outcome from your email campaign and when you have a lack of data, certainly it will affect.

Sendinblue Vs Constant Contact reporting:

If you cannot track your email campaign, you won't figure out whether your strategy is working or not. The email reporting helps you defy the right time to deliver your email, the location where you are getting much response, which emails are getting no attention, and how well your campaign was set up or what you should improve. When you blast emails in bulk, many subscribers typically report your email. If you do not take action, it will affect your reputation and may cause an IP block. Reporting is a must-have feature for email marketers, and each one of the service providers lets you give the information. The only difference is how detailed and advanced reporting is. Let's dig into the reporting section in Sendinblue and Constant Contact.

Constant Contact reporting:

Constant Contact offers a clearer and intuitive report dashboard that allow you to check your reports at a glance. The primary tab provides open, un-open, CTR, and bounce rates. It shows statistics reports on the open and clicks rates from desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. 

You can range the date of how long you want to take the reports. Also, the reports can be availed through graphs. The reports are downloadable in different formats. It has advanced reporting that determines the average open rate, CTR, bounce rate.

Sendinblue reporting:

Sendinblue is not far behind Constant Contact in terms of reporting. On clicking, Statistics shows you both campaigns and conversions reports. You can set the date range and show the report easily. The right corner shows the total number of emails sent, how many emails were opened, clicked, and the unsubscribe rate and replies to recipients. At the bottom, it shows SMScapaign reports too if you have used an SMS campaign.

Sendinblue Vs Constant Contact integration:

Your email marketing tool must require feature compatibility with most of the popular apps. Email marketing is a commonly used marketing method and a very important way of communication with your clients. You might use any specific billing software where you would need to send invoices through the mail, or you are using any CMS and need to integrate email there. So, integration is a crucial part there. In this segment, both email marketing tools Constant Contact and Sendinblue gives neck to neck competition to each other. 

Constant Contact integration:

Constant Contact allows you to use their email marketing to more than 450 popular applications. Popular CMSs like WordPress, WooCommerce are included. Besides that, various marketing applications, analytical tools can also integrate with the Constant Contact email marketing tool. On the Constant Contact marketplace, searching for your required tool is very easy. Users can browse by various categories such as the genre, whether it is free or not. The search box allows you to find the exact application.

Sendinblue integration:

Quite a similar type of searching option is available on Sendinblue too. You can search applications for payment services, lead generation and forms, eCommerce, CMS, contact management, and more. Popular CMS platforms such as Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and many more are on the list. If you are looking for best email plug-ins for your WordPress site, you can read: Top Email Plugins That Are Excellent For Your WordPress Site

Now, let's look at the pricing differences between both email marketing tools.

Sendinblue vs Constant Contact pricing differences:

Now, let's come to the pricing section. It's true that email marketing gives you so many times more conversion than the money you will invest. But, it is not by means that email tools are so cheap. If you calculate the amount by the resources, you may find that some email service providers really cost high. However, let's first understand the payment process of both companies. Sendinblue is one of the few companies that accept payment in terms of the number of emails you sent. You can save unlimited contacts to Sendinblue even with their free plan. On the other hand, Constant Contact charges on the basis of the number of contacts you save. So comparing both email marketing tools could be a little tricky. 

However, let's explore,

Sendinblue email marketing plans:

Whether you got a small business, medium or large, Sendinblue covers them all. They have four plans to choose from, including a free plan.


This plan allows you to send 300 emails per day, and you can't remove the Sendinblue logo from there. Also, it lacks most of the advanced email marketing features such as A/B testing, landing page builder, Facebook Ads, and more.


This plan costs $25 a month and offers you unlimited email sending per day and other premium features. However, you can send unlimited emails, but it only gives 10k emails per month. If you want more emails to send, you have to pay more.


That is the most popular plan on Sendinblue, which starts at $65 per month and gives you all the advanced features. Similar to the Lite plan, there is no daily sending limit there, and it allows you to send 20k per month. For more emails, you have to spend more. With this plan, you get Facebook Ads, Multi-user access, Landing pages, and many more.


That is the most expansive and feature stuffed plan on Sendinblue. If you require features beyond the Premium plan, you can choose this plan. 

Constant Contact pricing:

Constant Constant offers two plans, Email and Email Plus. The email plan is suitable for  small businesses offers everything with the plan. The Email Plus plan is suitable for bigger businesses and organizations. This plan has enhanced features to suit more requirements.


This plan starts aT $20 but as mentioned earlier, you have to pay for the contacts. This pricing is only for the 0 to 500 contacts.

Email Plus:

This plan gives you some additional features but the pricing concept is the same. You get additional features such as Ecommerce segmentation, Polls, Online donations, and many more with this plan.

A big advantage  Sendinblue has over Constant Contact is that availability of free plan. Sendinblue offers a lie time free plan. Although it lacks features but for beginner or starter what else could be better than this. On the other hand Constant Contact offers one month free trial. After your trila is over you can opt-in any paid plan. Now, you need to consider what is your primary requirement, you want unlimited contacts or unlimited emails. 

Both email marketing tools are best in terms of deliverarbility, features and scalability. But if you do math in all aspects, Sendinblue is quite cheaper than Constant Contact. 

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