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Sendinblue All in one Marketing Solution Review And Features

Sendinblue Offers Extensive Features In Impressively Low Pricing.

Know about today's one of the easy to use all in one marketing solution Sendinblue where you get a complete business solution in very competitive pricing.

Since the internet and artificial intelligence has come, the way of business has been changed. At the present time, the businesses are not only limited to the conventional brick and mortar business. By using internet technology, some businesses are touching the sky.

Importance of All in one marketing solution in business:

Even though the model of businesses has been changed, but the basic fundamental has not. After starting a business managing, that is one of the toughest jobs. Getting in touch with your clients, increasing the sells, marketing everything is quite a difficult job. But thanks to modern-day technology, software-based solutions. They make the job pretty easy. In today’s market, there are numerous all in one marketing solutions that help you to grow and manage your business. In this article, we will let you know about a tool that will help people who want a high-end marketing solution, Sendinblue. We will give a detailed overview of Sendinblue’s feature. But before the features have a short look on,

What is Sendinblue?

Sendinblue is high tech all in one marketing solution for a small, medium, or large business. Usually, all in one digital marketing tool kits are very high in pricing, but Sendinblue offers the entire package at a very low price. From starting a business to grow it more significant, it can be done easily and cost-effectively with Sendinblue.

Their plan begins with a free plan, and as per your business needs, you can choose any plan. See, its features below.

1. Sendinblue email marketing solution:

Email Marketing is very important for marketers and now it is one of the most ROI in giving marketing methods. Compared to other marketing techniques such as PPC, campaign, social media marketing, it provides an excellent conversion rate. Not only the businesses but also blog websites and other websites use email marketing to stay connected with their readers as well as clients. Sendinblue offers an excellent and high tech email marketing solution to its users.

What will you get?

  • They provide an extremely easy to use drag and drop email crafting feature. It enables you to create you gorgeous looking email in a very low effort.
  • They have lots of email templates to choose from there library, and if you still need something else, you can have your own.
  • Sendinblue’s drag and drop functionality makes your job easy to personalize your email very easy. You can easily segment your contacts to get a better open rate and more conversions.
  • So many segmentation options here by which you can segment your contacts as per gender, geolocation, and many more.

After crafting the beautiful email, and putting your recipients, now you don’t need to think about scheduling and what would be the perfect time to blast the emails. Sendinblue has an excellent artificial intelligence system that analyzes your previous email open rate and other important things.

This technology calls “Send at the Best Time,”

which identifies the exact time when you should start your email marketing campaign, so you do not need to take the pressure of finding the right time.

2. SMS Marketing:

Sendinblue offers an impressive SMS marketing functionality. SMS marketing has lots of benefits in digital marketing. It is a quick method to reach out to your clients in short timing. Receiving a message does not require an internet connection, and you receive it on your phone. That’s why it reaches potential customers very fast. People carry their phones everywhere they go.

What will you get?

  • On Sendinblue, you can easily send your clients SMS from the database saved.
  • Similarly to email marketing, you get here the scheduling option.  which allows you to run your SMS campaign when you are absent.
  • You can check the realtime delivery report of your SMS campaign, check the performance of your SMS campaign through useful and easy to understand metrics.
  • With their real-time report, you can identify the problem in your transactional campaign.
  • In addition, their API allows you to integrate it into your website or application to send automated SMS to your users.

3. Live Chat integration:

Now live chat is very popular to handle or guide a new or existing user. It is very easy, and once you have integrated, you can chat with other live visitors.

Sendinblue offers a robust white level chat feature that can be set up easily. While you are chatting, you can put your own company name and logo on the chatting. Just copy the code snippet from there and paste it to your website header. That’s it. Sendinblue chat feature you can see where your visitor is situated in real-time so that you can provide exact information in minimal time. You get assigning options to your team members so that you never miss a shot. You can assign people to support the chat if someone is already busy.   The flexible chatting system allows you to manage the chatting workflow easily.

4. Sendinblue CRM:

Managing your clients in your business is very important, for this reason, customer relationship management or CRM is extremely beneficial. On Sendinblue, you get an easy get start CRM. In order to use it you do not need any installation or any service to use it. Just upload your customer details and get started. From uploading essential documents related to business, any special document of your client for the next meeting, you can upload it there. You can easily access that for later usage.

5. Signup Forms:

Sendinblue offers great-looking signup forms to attract new subscribers. Attaching a subscriber form on your website is very important to interact with your clients and if you want to send vital information to them. Besides the marketing websites, if you have a blog or article website, it is still important. Through an alluring email signup form, you get their email address and other required information and then upload it to your email list.

What will you get?

  • Similar to the email, you can create great-looking signup forms by drag and drop.
  • You can choose your preferred image, the color which is relevant to your brand.
  • Also, you can put the signup form to your website wherever you want. It is simple, and you only need to add the embeddable code to your site. You can segment them as per GDPR compliant. In fact you can select whom you want to send monthly mail, promotional emails.

This allows you to collect various information from your new subscriber.

6. Pristine landing pages:

On Sendinblue all in one marketing solution, you can create your own landing without having any coding knowledge. They offer dozens of pre-made landing page templates, and you can customize them as per your wish and needs. The design is very simple. All you need to do is just drag and drop.

7. Facebook ad in Sendinblue all in one marketing:

Facebook marketing for business is now very popular. From Sendinblue, you can create Facebook ads so easily. Not only create but also monitoring its performance, managing it. From your Sendinblue account, you can reach to Facebook’s lookalike audience feature. It allows you to find similar contacts on Facebook, which are listed on your account. You just need to set how much you want to spend, and the duration of your Facebook campaign. Sendinblue will calculate the rest of your Facebook advertising. It will automatically optimize all the things to give you the maximum result. Easy to understand metrics and statistics report helps you to determine which Facebook ad campaign performing well.

8. Marketing automation:

For people who are running their online business in minimal human resource, nothing is better for them than the marketing automation software. Here you just schedule software to do tasks for you. Sendinblue offers you robust marketing automation software by which you can automatically segment your contacts, manage leads, send automated emails, SMS, and many more.

Also, you get retargeting and transactional email feature in Sendinblue. Through retargeting, you can track visitors once they visit your platform. From setting a budget, to monitor the report, setting the different types of ads, everything is easy with this sophisticated technology.

Sendinblue all in one marketing solution plans:

Sendinblue offers four types of plans, including free ones. All plans features,

  • Email and SMS personalization.
  • SMS marketing.
  • Email template library.
  • Unlimited contact uploads.
  • Trans email and SMS.
  • Sales CRM.
  • Chat integration.
  • API Plugins.
  • Email support.

And many more.

1. Free:

The free plan is for beginners, you get 300 emails per day, but you do not get the landing page builder, geography, and device reporting type things. But, the features are enough to deal with the starting ones.

2. Lite:

The Lite plan is for new marketers and new businesses. This packs, 40,000 emails per month, and all the features of Free plans.

3. Essential:

On the Essential plan, you get features like A/B testing, white level email sending, advanced statistics report, geography, and device reporting, heatmap reporting, phone support, and all Lite plan features.

4. Premium:

This plan suits big businesses. That includes features such as Facebook Ads, landing pages, marketing automation, multi-user access. In addition, you get retargeting ads, 120,000 email sending per month, and that comes along with all Essential plan features.

In case you require something else or need more features, you can go for the “Enterprise” that gives you much more. Moreover, you can write to the Sendinblue team about your needs.


Sendinblue is offering all in one marketing solution is really impressive pricing. Also, you get a free plan if your needs are minimal or you want to test that tool. Little different from other businesses the plans are also suitable for all sizes of business. If you are looking for a bundle of digital marketing tools, Sendinblue would be an excellent option for you.

Thanks for reading. We hope this was informative. Read more related articles,

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