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Why Emails Go To Spam Instead Of Inbox?- Top Reasons Mentioned

Read The Full Article To Know What Practices You Need To Avoid For Stopping Your Mails Going Spam.

Have you ever searched this question why your emails go to spam after seeing that lots of emails you send are getting to the spam folder instead of inboxes?

Email marketers face lots of challenges despite being genuine, sending legitimate emails to their clients, subscribers. One of the most common difficulties they face is seeing their mails ending up to the spam even though they are not doing any spam practice. In this article, we will go through some common reasons why emails go to the spam folder.

But before we go to the points where we need to know about two major things which mainly decide, are your emails will land on your reader’s inbox or will be stuck on the spam. Email marketing is an excellent marketing channel to reach your target and interested audience. It is used by almost every online business. However, as it is a mode of marketing, there are some rules, some industry standers, you need to follow.  Otherwise, it will make no sense no matter how big the subscriber list you have or how reputed email marketing agency you have been using.

The most important thing that mainly imposes many rules under which you can run your email marketing campaign is the CAN-SPAM Act. Most of you may be headed about it.

The CAN-SPAM Act protects users from getting unsolicited emails from marketers, companies, and businesses. It also ensures that people would not be cheated, deceived by any tricky emails. So, if you are abiding by the CAN-SPAM Act's terms and conditions, your mails might get into spam. However, we will discuss some regulations about this Act, where we will mention what this you should avoid.

Adhere To The C A N S P A M Act

Besides that, your ESP(email service provider) follows some rules so that your emails do not go in spam, and their reputation maintains. So, you also adhere to their standards. Now let’s started about the reasons for ending up your email on the spam folder.

Using spam rigger words on your email:

One of the least reasons your email gets into spam folder is, your email contains spammy words. You have a genuine business, and you drop emails to people fairly. As your intention is clear, you may not think about the content of your email. But some so many people actually use emails to phishing people on their trap. To prevent these types of incidents, email service providers blacklisted some words. As a result, if your email contains those word(s), it will end up in spam. According to various prospects, there are lots of segmentation in spam words. The sophisticated spam filters often trigger when they scan words like,

Double Your.

Get Paid.



Free Apply.


Order Now.


Any many more. The list is long enough, and you need to follow those words, not using your email.

Misleading subject line:

Do Not Use Misleading Subject Line On Your Email

That is where the mail starts, and you get the chance to make open your email. People usually decide that they should open the letter or not by reading its subject line. To open the email, many people use misleading, manipulating subject lines. When people figure out that there is no connection between the subject line and the email, they will feel cheated and most probably mark it as spam. You should be writing your subject line short and descriptive so that people can easily define what that email is about. Also, it is against the CAN-SPAM Act and you may face penalties for this.

You are sending emails without permission:

That is also a peak reason, and your emails are getting marked as spam. Building a mail list is time-consuming. You need to work with consistency to gather genuinely interested email subscribers. However, some people do not go through this genuine way; they buy email lists from somewhere and send them emails. That’s is not a good idea anyway. When people get a newsletter from any unknown sender, they might mark it spam straight away. So, integrate a permission-based email sign up form to your website and collect relevant interested people. It is also required for another reason, which is essential for the following reason.

Poor engagements with your email:

When you use any email service provider and send emails to genuine people, it does not mean that all your emails will land to their inbox. Actually, ESPs track lots of factors which decide the deliverability rate to the inboxes. One of the main concerns is the recipient’s engagements with your email. How many people are opening your email, reading, clicking on them, their interaction, and ignoring your email are considered parameters to mark your email as spam. Naturally, if your email list is grown legitimately, people on your contacts are interested in getting your email. They are more likely to give you a superb engagement rate.

Your email sending is uneven:

Your email engagement rates also rely on another thing that how often you are sending emails to people. If you are sending too much email in a short period of time, you will experience low engagement rates, and if you are taking too long to drop emails, people might forget about you. In fact, they might forget the reason they signed up and typically mark your email as spam. So, being consistent with your email marketing campaign is essential; otherwise, people will forget about you.

Not having an easy opt-out option:

Include Easy To Unsubscribe Button To Your Emails

On your emails, you must6 have to add the easy to visible “unsubscribe” button so that people do not get hassled to opt-out. Once people signed in to your email newsletter, that doesn't mean that they are likely to receive your emails forever. Sometimes people do not wish to receive further email from any sender. So, they try to find the unsubscribe button. If they find it troublesome, they can report your email as spam. At the time of unsubscribing, you cannot ask them to perform more actions.

Image to text ratio is uneven:

We cannot deny that emails contain images and give higher conversation than the plain text emails. However, you should consider a standard text to email ratio. If your email contains only big alluring images, no or lesser text, your email service provider may look at spam. Sometimes, when you put massive pictures on your email for which your email size gets bigger, it counts as spam, and it delivers to the spam folder. It does not mean that you cannot use images on your emails. You can do use images in your mail such a way where it creates a perfect balance between your text and image. Also, the HTML of your email is subject to a lookout.

Your IP reputation is bad:

For doing spam practices, so many times, email IP addresses get blacklisted. As a result, you will face high bounce rates, so many emails will end up on spam. If you are not doing any spam practices, have a genuine email list, followed all the slandered rules imposed by your email service provider. Still, you may see that your email is getting delivered on the spam folder due to your IP Address’s a bad reputation. For mail marketing, people use a common IP address where multiple users send email through the same IP. Anyone of them sends any spam emails, all the users using that IP would be affected. This problem often happens when you use an unreputed email service provider.

There are many reasons which are related to your ESP. For example, big names in email marketing like Sendinblue, Mailchimp, GetResponse, are quite popular where you can face hardly these types of problems. If you are often seeing that your emails go to spam, you need to be aware and conscious otherwise you may need to face a penalty of thousands of dollars.

Thanks for reading. We hope this was informative. Read more related articles.

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