The Importance Of Images To Your Blog Or Article

Know Some Points About Pictures, How They Help To Create An Excellent article.

More or less, every blogger uses pictures on their writing or blog and knows about the importance of images on blogs or articles. It has numerous benefits.

When we see any blog or article on the web, we can hardly find any article which has no image on it. Most of the writings at least have one picture. Depending on the size, the blog context, some blogs may contain more than one image. At a glance, we think that images are used only for making a blog more beautiful, more attractive, but pictures do more of it. In this article, we will figure out some importance of photos to a blog or article.

Attractive looks:

Of course, it is the primary thing, and most people do it for looking at their writing more beautiful and exciting. According to various statistics a report, the blogs which have images on them get many more clicks. When you have the right feature image, it will grab the attention of readers easily and will get more clicks on your article. This is a great importance of image on blogs.

Increase the duration:

If you have written a long text without any picture or GIF or anything like that, readers may lose interest. That will cause a low duration. People get more engaged with blogs that have pictures. If you have several and needful images in a long text, people will never lose interest.

It makes it easier to understand:

Sometimes only texts are not enough to make people know what you are saying. Specially complicated things are more comfortable to explain with pictures. Mainly the inside photos of the articles are descriptive about any topic. If you are writing anything about any technical, writing about any tutorial, images are must need. Tutorial type blogs are required to have screenshots. These help readers to understand things more comprehensively.

More engagements from social:

When you write any post on your website and share it on various social platforms, the featured image and meta description appear to people. On the social platforms, the only thing that can lure people into clicking on the post is its attractive picture. So a beautiful image can give you lots of visitors to your site from social platforms. Not only having visitors, but people also share posts, which are also very beneficial.

SEO benefits for the images:

On search engine optimization, written contents play a significant role, but images are also outstanding. On search engines, sometimes images can improve your ranking. How? On the picture rename, if you use specific keywords, you get a chance to appear on search results. People sometimes search for images, and there you get a chance to b. From the image search, you will get visitors to your site. From the perspective of SEO, the importance of images to your blog cannot be denied.

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Helps to make articles in perfect structure:

Some articles are quite short; you do not have many things to write. Only the content will make the blog very short. Images can better help with this. You can use images to increase the size of your writing correctly. Some articles become big; people might lose interest in reading them. There you can use infographic type images to shorten your article.

Most of the bloggers at their first stage of blogging use free pictures. You can read 7 Best Free Stock Image Downloading Sites for Bloggers. It will give you some excellent platforms where you can get free images for your blog or any other purposes.

Thanks for reading. We hope this was informative. Read more blogging related articles:

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