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Things You Need To Know Before Joining Amazon Affiliate

Interested In Affiliate Marketing And Want To Join On Amazon Associates? Get Excellent Insights On This.

Amazon affiliate marketing is one of the great options bloggers, and website owners have to monetize their website and earn money from it.

Through the internet, if you are searching for genuine ways to make a passive income, affiliate marketing would be on top of them. It is a great strategy, people use to make money online without going through products, packaging, and the e-commerce type stuffs.

Most of the bloggers make massive amounts of cash every month through referral marketing. When it comes to making money with affiliate marketing, the first name will come Amazon affiliate marketing. On the internet, there may be thousands of affiliate networks, and people are connected with it. But, no matter what affiliate network they are currently using, their first introduction was Amazon. There are so many reasons why people consider using the Amazon affiliate network

The process of how you get started, how you manage all the things is pretty much easy as compared to other affiliate networks. For the newbie, it is very convenient to get started. But there are plenty of things people do and get their Amazon affiliate marketing account ban. Some people do some practices without knowing that it can harm their Amazon affiliate account. In this article, we have put some pints which you should avoid to keep your account safe. Also, we will be discussing some important things about applying the Amazon affiliate network.

Apply when you have enough content on your website:

When you are going to sign up with Amazon affiliate marketing, you will be required a platform where you will promote those affiliate links. It would be a website or a web application. A website is a great option you can take to promote your affiliate links. Mostly a review website or blog, article website performs well for this target. When you enter your website URL, make sure that you have enough content on your website. Amazon will verify your website after your application. If they find you do not have enough content, you might not get the approval. 

Get some visitors before you send your application:

Most of the people, when hearing about the earning opportunities in affiliate marketing through Amazon, try to do things quickly. As soon as they develop their website, they apply for affiliate on Amazon. There is nothing wrong with it, but Amazon has a condition for affiliates, which may fall into trouble. After getting your affiliate account, you have to make at least three qualifying sales between 180 days. To make the sales, you need traffic on your website. If you run a digital campaign on your site, that’s ok. But, if you are going organically, you will not get visitors to your website on the first days. When you develop your site, fill it with exciting and engaging content, then visitors come to your platform. It takes time so, apply for the account when you are getting a considerable number of visitors on your site.

Do not send your affiliate links on emails:

The success of your affiliate marketing depends on how much traffic you get yon your site or to how many audiences you can reach. To reach your potential customer, one of the best ways is sending them an email. Most website owners have an email subscription option for their platform. Their people come and submit there to subscribe to the website. So, any bloggers think that why we do not send affiliate links through emails. Bur, Amazon does not allow you to do this. You cannot promote your Amazon affiliate links through email. 

Do Not Put Your Amazon Affiliate Marketing Links On Email

You cannot use Amazon’s images on your platform:

Many people, when to write anything, on their website, about any product for affiliate marketing, they put the exact picture from Amazon of the product. This will lead you to your account ban. Moreover, you should not use any images from another website or blog. Then what should you do? There are plenty of techniques you can use copyright images by avoiding copyright claims. There are many free websites where you can find millions of free photos without worrying about the copyright claim.

Do not play smart and cloak your affiliate links:

Typically people come to your blog or website to read articles to get information from there. Very few of them are likely to buy anything from there. So, if you ask the big experts in affiliate marketing, they will ask you that the click-through rate is very few if you play fairly. When people find that any from Amazon placed there most of the time, they avoid it. Because after clicking there, they will be redirected to Amazon, and they may buy a product from there. So, many bloggers and website owners try to play smart; they use some tools which turn their Amazon affiliate links to something else. After using the tools to convert URLs, you cannot find that what is the link of until you click that link. Amazon does not support this practice at all. If you use any technique to shorten your links or cloaking them and cloak your Amazon affiliate URL, your account might be ban.  

Posting your Amazon affiliate links to forum:

On the internet, so many forum websites are available. They have lots of traffic, and people try to find their queries there. As an affiliate perspective, you may think that always so any people are coming on these forums, and it would be a great idea to share any affiliate links on those forum websites. But actually, Amazon does not allow you to do this. They have string policy that you cannot share your Amazon affiliate links on any forum type platform. Whenever Amazon finds that you are sharing your naked affiliate links there, they will ban you.  

Do Not Put Affiliate Links On Forums

You cannot encourage people to click or purchase from your affiliate link:

Readers coming to your website, reading your content gets interesting in it, click on your affiliate links and make a purchase. The whole process is natural and fair. Now, some people use some type of content that forces the readers to buy from their affiliate link. That practice is not supported by Amazon. You cannot encourage people to purchase or click on your Amazon affiliate marketing link. For example, any people try to make people emotional by writing that; if you click on our affiliate link and make a purchase you will help us to survive. These actions do not support Amazon. If you are doing so, your account will be ban as soon as they catch you.

Using Amazon affiliate marketing links in a pop-up:

When you visit a website scrolling up and down, and after some time, you may see that suddenly a pop up comes to your screen and asking you to take any action. Mostly on pop-ups, website owners put alluring content, and these types of pop-ups grab more attention. So, you may think of promoting your affiliate links on pop-ups to get more user interactions. But, Amazon does not allow you to do this. If you perform such actions, your account will get a ban.

Do Not Copy The Reviews From Amazon

Do not copy reviews from Amazon:

Nowadays most people often look to the review of the product which they likely to buy. So, offering review information to the people is very useful, which will lead to sales. So, You may like to put reviews about the products there. But if you are thinking of putting Amazon reviews to your website, that is not a good idea, which may lead you to an account ban. You cannot use Amazon reviews on your platform.

You cannot Operate more than One Amazon Associate Account:

Many people think that if we use more than one Amazon Associate account, it would great. We can get more sales. If anyhow we get a ban on that account, the other one can help us out to this. But it is also an offense, and Amazon will ban both accounts if they find you are using two Amazon affiliate accounts. Previously many people would go for multiple accounts in Google AdSense, but now google also made policies to prevent the numerous AdSense account holders.

With Amazon affiliate marketing, here is a little exaggeration; you cannot use multiple Amazon affiliate accounts on a single website or business. If you want to use more than one affiliate account, you have to create separate websites. You also have to show Amazon that you are using a different website. That’s how you can use more than one Amazon Associates account; otherwise, you might get a ban with your Amazon affiliate account.

You cannot use Amazon’s trademark on your platform:

While you are promoting Amazon affiliate links, you cannot use Amazon’s trademark on your site, whether it is for content, gaining trust to people, or other reasons. Not only Amazon’s brands but also other companies that are owned by Amazon. Doing such kind of practices may lead t your account ban.

Including Amazon affiliate links to PDF documents or eBooks:

Do Not Put Your Referral Links On P D F Documents

You cannot promote your Amazon affiliate links on any PDF documents or eBooks. Amazon does not explicitly tell that you cannot use it any PDF, but it reveals that you cannot use affiliate links on any printed material, SMS, or attachment files. So, you should avoid doing this. Otherwise, you may lose your account.

Purchasing products through your own link:

The strategy is if anyone would buy something from your affiliate link, you will receive the commission for that. Then you may think, why do not I purchase products from my own link and get all the commissions? Well, that is not a good idea. Amazon strictly mentioned to their terms that you would not buy anything from your affiliate link. 

With the Amazon, lots of things are quite simple which a novice learner can easily go through. There are some main points which you should know if you want a sustainable income source without getting a ban by Amazon Associates.

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