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Boost Your eCommerce Sales With Sendinblue Email Plugin For Shopify

Sendinblue Shopify Plugin Can Hep You On Your Marketing Efforts And Increase Your Sells.

Do you know Sendinblue email plugin for Shopify not only helps you on email marketing but your all sort of marketing efforts?

Like numerous people, you have decided to choose Shopify for starting your eCommerce business. You have created an excellent shopping store through Shopify. But, without concentrating on particular and must required point, your shopping store won’t fly high, and you won’t be able to scale up. What’s that? It is marketing.

There are so many shopping platforms online, but they all have a considerable budget and massive setup on their marketing. Similarly, by embracing Shopify, you have definitely sorted out lots of headaches, but you cannot ignore the marketing strategy for your store. If you are also looking for a marketing tool for your Shopify store, you have landed in the right place. In this article, we will introduce you to Sendinblue, a complete marketing solution for all size businesses. Here you will come to know how Sendinblue’s robust marketing features can boost your sales and how you can embrace Sendinblue for your store. But before we start, have a brief look at

What is Sendinblue?

Sendinblue is an excellent marketing toolbox packed with so many essential marketing functionalities. From marketing transactional emails to SMS, from high-test CRMs to retargeting ads, it is a one dot solution for all your campaign needs for your business.

All In One Marketing Solution Sendinblue Email Tool

If we specifically come to emails, you get all advanced features such as lots of email templates, transactional emails for order confirmations, OTPs, and many more, content segmentation, allows you to perform drip campaign, and many more. If you want to know in detail about Sendinblue, you can read – Sendinblue All in one Marketing Solution Review And Features.

Now, See..

Sendinblue plugin for Shopify:

Most people come to Shopify as it is a shopping centric platform. It makes your efforts much more straightforward, creating your online store. So many people use Shopify to establish their online store. Now, Sendinblue offers a simple plugin solution for Shopify users by which you just connect it with the Sendinblue Shopify plugin, and you can avail of all the Sendinblue marketing services. The integrating process is so easy, and you don’t need any coding knowledge either.

Why Sendinblue plugin for Shopify would be excellent for you?

Sendinblue offers some useful functionality that allows you to perform your marketing efforts with ease. They are such as:

1. Synchronize your contact and orders:

When you integrate the Sendinblue plugin with Shopify, every client, when sign to your store, gets automatically stored to your contact list. Everything is automated. All the contacts you get are opted-in contacts, which will lead to better inbox delivery.

Synchronize All Your Contacts From Shopify To Sendinblue

Not only contact synchronization, but you can also segment your contacts as per your marketing strategy. At the time of checkout, they can choose they are willing to receive marketing emails or not. It makes your job relatively easy.

2. Multi-channel Communication:

Multi-channel communication increases your chances of boosting your sales. That’s why you cannot reply only to emails. According to researches, 98 percent of messages are get opened by people, so you SMS marketing is very crucial. With the Sendblue Shopify plugin, you are enabled to send promotional and marketing SMS to your clients. You do not need to switch another platform for your SMS marketing. Similar to the emails, you can send transactional messages such as shipment confirmation, order confirmation messages to your client’s phones in no time.

3. Transactional emails:

Transaction emails have the hundred percent inbox deliverability used to send an order confirmation, payment receipts, OTPs, and other vital information. As you have the store, you will require transactional emails to your clients. With The Sendinblue plugin, you can send Confirmation emails through your processional SMTP, which will land to inboxes.

4. Better email deliverability:

Experience Better Email Deliverability With Sendinblue

A low email delivery rate can ruin all your marketing efforts as well as your business. Sendinblue is a reputed Email service provider and has some of the highest email delivery rates. They have a large specialized team that always monitors the system and that ensures your customers don’t miss any transactional emails from your store.

5. Tracking your campaign reports:

No marketing strategy is completed until you monitor your results. You can get in-depth and intuitive campaign reports of your email marketing strategy.

With the visitor tracking feature of the Sendinblue plugin, you will come to know about abandoned carts. For all eCommerce businesses, an abandoned cart is a significant problem. After analyzing the reports, you can implement marketing automation strategies to turn them back and to make them the conversion.

Also, you can track user engagements to your store and set up automation workflows. That will help you to increase customer interaction on your site. If you are still looking for more, Sendinblue has lots of other features.

6. Outstanding features at no cost:

Sendinblue has a free plan which enables you to send daily 300 emails and to save unlimited contacts. For starters who just stepped towards he business can be an excellent option to chose for.

They don’t charge you for contacts. Besides, the premium plans are quite flexible and affordable.

This plugin also enables you to –

  • Integrate attractive signup forms to collect emails.
  • Create stunning looking emails. And many more.

Now let’s see how you can set up Sendinblue email plugin for Shopify:

Firstly you need to create an account of Sendinblue. You can go with the basic free account, which does not even require a credit card. You can complete the process by these following steps,

Step 1: Firstly you need to visit the Shopify market place where you will find the Sendinblue plugin and click on the “Add app.” If you are not logged in to your Shopify account, you will be asked to do so.

From Shopify Marketplace Add The Sendinblue Email Plugin

Step 2: After that, you need to click on the “Install app.”

Click On Install App And Add The Plugin

Step 3: Then you need to allow access to Shopify to access your Sendinblue account.

Allow Shopify To Access Your Sendinblue Account

Step 4: After allowing access, connection details will be displayed. There you do not need to put anything, all the fields will be filled automatically. Then click on the “Save.”

Finally Click On Save And You Are Ready To Go

That's it. You Sendinblue email plugin is added with your Shopify account. When everything is perfectly done, you will be redirected to the settings page. There you can enable options such as “contact synchronization”, “Behavior tracking”, “Subscription Confirmation.”


Besides the exceptional marketing tools, Sendinblue is impressively affordable. Even if you choose the free plan, it offers enough for a newcomer. The scalability is also quite impressive. Compared to other solutions, it can give strong competition. The Sendinblue email plugin for Shopify can definitely help you to automate your marketing efforts with lots of specialized and sophisticated tools.

Thanks for reading. We hope this was informative. Read more related articles.

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