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Sendinblue Live Chat-Communicate With Your Visitors In Real-Time

Looking For Live Chat Software For Your Website? You Can Avail Sendinblue Live Chat Feature.

With the Sendinblue live chat, you can actually communicate with your traffic without spending money. You can integrate it into your site without any hassle.

In this era of smartphones, Facebook, and WhatsApp, it is hard to find someone who is not aware of chatting or hasn't interacted with someone by using this way of communication—looking towards those possibilities, businesses, and website owners taking the opportunity of it. Now, for a wide range of marketers and companies are quite familiar with this method.

Sendinblue is much more than an email service provider; it’s a bundle of all your marketing needs. Now, various sophisticated technologies are helping businesses to run in autopilot. Sendinblue offers an essential tool with its all-in-one marketing solution. That is online chatting.

In modern-day websites, we often see live chat features in many places. It has become an integral part of communication today. In many studies, it is stated that many people feel more comfortable communicating with the companies through chatting rather than a phone call.

It helps to engage and make them an interest in your service. Also, it allows companies to give support to their existing clients. It is an effortless and convenient element that enables people to communicate.

If you search for live chat software for your website, lots of options available on the internet. Many of them allow you to use them free of cost, and some of them are premium.

In this article, we will be discussing Sendinblue live chat, which is free for their users.

About Sendinblue live chat:

Sendinblue is an all-in-one marketing solution where you find almost every marketing tool to grow and operate your business. From best class email marketing solution to intuitive CRM, from retargeting ads to API and plugins and, of course, the chatting, you have nearly everything for your online business.

Easy to set up the chat widget:

You can set up the chatting on your website with the ease of time. As we mentioned above, the Sendinblue is a bundle of functionalities. You can easily integrate Sendinblue marketing automation to your website, for which you will require no additional set up for using the live chat to your website. If you have a WordPress site, you can install the Sendinblue automation plugin or choose the manual method.

Chats are customizable:

Sendinblue live chat allows you to customize your chat widget and match it with your website. Using your company logo and website color to the chat widget makes it closer to your platform. It makes your appearance to your client more attractive. You can easily customize your chat widget from your chat tab>settings>chatbox.

Chat operator profile customization:

The profile of your chat operator is also customizable. You can add your operator’s picture you want to display to visitors, their name. You can manage it from the chat tab’s settings options.

Assigning chat to specific operators:

In online chatting, we often need to refer ongoing conversations to another operator for many reasons. You get this feature too in the Sendinblue live chat tool. You can assign chats to specific operators easily.

Hiding chat widget on specific pages:

Even though live chat is beneficial and helps you to communicate with live visitors, you may want to hide the chatting option on some pages. That option is also available.

Customized welcome and offline default messages:

When a visitor lands on your web page, and click on the chat window, a default greeting text is a great idea. Whether you are offline or live, you can set different default welcome and offline messages. If you are offline, you can ask for the visitor’s email and phone number so that you can contact when you are ready.

Besides that, features such as offline and online indication, and much more available.

When you embrace Sendinblue as your email service provider, you are enabled to use the live chat feature to your website for free. From getting started it, to customize your chat widget, installing is super easy.

How to set up Sendinble chatting your website?

When you open your Sendinblue user dashboard, you will find a “+” on the top header of your dashboard. Sendinblue offers any apps, integrations which you can use as per your needs. You will find all the additionals there.

  • Firstly you need to tap on the plus icon at the top header. There you will find the chat application which you need to install on your website. When you select it, it automatically adds to your dashboard header.

Choose The Sendinblue Chat Wizard

  • After that, you need to click on the chat. There you will see that Sendinblue has demonstrated how you can integrate the chat widget to your website with ease.
  • Then you need to click on “Get started with the chat.”

Get Started With Chat Feature

  • There you get customization options to your appearance. You can add your company logo, choose the color matches your organization.

Choose Your Company Logo And Company Color

  • After setting up your appearance, you need to click on “Setup your operator profile.”
  • Then you need to click on “Install chat.”Finally, when you complete all these processes successfully, Sendinblue will provide you the coding for your website. You need to paste it on your website’s header tag. That's it. Now you can interact with your live audience with chat.

Get Installed Sendinblue Chat On Your Website

The Sendinblue live chat feature allows you to connect with your customers in real-time and give them quick support.

Why is Sendinblue Chat widget would be an excellent option for your new website?

If you just started your online business or online portal, you are likely to see fewer visitors, fewer opportunities. So, you will need fewer resources on marketing, automation tools, client management. The excellent thing in Sendinblue live Chat is you are availing this with the free plan too. Sendinblue has different types of plans. According to them, you get additional features, more functionality. However, to use the chat feature on your website, you do not need to go for any premium plans. They offer the live chat feature to their all packages, including the free ones.

If you just started your online business website do not want to spend more on these, for now, Sendinblue would be a great solution, with their free package you are getting the chat integration along with lots of more.

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