What Is A CTA Plugin In WordPress? Everything You Need To Know About

Are you running your online businesses, have made an intuitive and attractive site, and have lots of pros for customers, but still not receiving expected customer retention and engagement?

There might a reason, you are not using the right CTA plugin on your WordPress site. Sometimes, people don’t take any action simply because you don’t make them do so. In this tech-oriented world, the process might be quite different to ask people to take any action. In many cases, people read your website content attentively and scroll down without taking any action. More or less, we all experience this. So, what is the solution?

The answer is the CTA button. You need to place a call to action button on your website.

People who are running businesses using WordPress have a simple and non-coding option to integrate the CTA button to their site, just use a plugin for CTA.

There are lots of CTA plugin options you can try, which might be an overwhelming task. But don’t worry we have done the research and curated the best CTA plugins for WordPress. In this article, you will know the top CTA plugins from free to premium. But before, we dig deep, first see,

What is a CTA plugin in WordPress?

Every website owner has their specific intention and goals. For example, if you are running a business with your website, you might want to sell a product or service. Or if you want leads, you would like to make people give their email to your newsletter form.

What Is C T A In Details Explained

To full fill your desire, you have to encourage people to take action. You certainly use a CTA plugin in your WordPress site. Basically, the CTA plugin is an element that is placed on your website. Call to action is the abbreviation of Call-To-Action. The CTA button is more attractive and does its job to make people give their email, buy something, or something else.

As you are reading this article online, you have come across lots of CTAs on various websites. It can be any type of. It may be to download something, to watch a video, or you are asking people to share content or something like this. 

Adding a call to action button to your site might be a pretty tough job because it evolves coding but, WordPress website owners have a great benefit of using WordPress as their website building tool. Availability of plugins for nearly all-purpose. In fact, for each category, you may find hundreds of plugins available on the WordPress plugin library. 

For creating and adding a CTA button to your WordPress, there are plugins available. Many people search for call-to-action plugins free of cost. We will be mentioning some free CTA plugins too. So stick around.


Optin Monster C T A Plugin For Word Press

Most people consider OptinMonster as a sophisticated conversion optimization software but it has functionality and widgets that enable you to create highly engaging call-to-action buttons for your website and content. It is a very lightweight, flexible, and user-friendly plugin that offers many types of popups such as content gating, lightbox, and others.

If you are seeing shopping cart abandonment, you can use OptinMonster to create the onsite retargeting offer. Y don't even need any coding to do so. Through OptinMonster, you can create a CTA for your campaign so that you see higher sales and conversions.

OptinMonster CTA plugin price:

The plans of OptinMonster start at$14 per month. For higher features, you can upgrade your plan.


Elementor Customizable C T A Plugin

Elementor is yet another plugin that can create CTA plugins for various purposes. It is a popular and widely used drag-and-drop builder tool that is extremely useful for users who want to create their websites but do not know the codings. They have tools that make the process super easy, You can easily create professional-looking pages as well as CTA buttons. 

You can seamlessly integrate images, videos, text, and buttons by using the plugin. Besides, various popular tools such as MailChimp, ConvertKit, GetResponse, and many more can be attached to it. This Elementor CTA plugin is compatible with all of the themes. 

Elementor CTA pricing:

Elementor is a freemium plugin. The free plan lacks features. For higher-end and advanced features, you have to opt into paid plans. The paid plan starts at$49 per year for one website. 

Ultimate Blocks:

Ultimate Blocks Call To Action Plugin

Ultimate Blocks is actually a bundle of different block plugins for the WordPress Gutenberg editor. By using this plugin you can create blocks for your site with ease. This plugin offers to create 20 essential blocks for your website and one of them is creating a button block.

You can add image sliders, showcase multiple images, add people's testimonials, add CTA blocks, social share blocks, and more to attract people and increase conversion. You might not require all of the blocks to your website. That's why it allows you to enable or disable specific blocks of your site. 

Each and every block is fully customizable. You can change the font, color, and other things. You don't need to worry about the user experience because all of the boxes are responsive. 

Pricing of Ultimate Blocks:

Ultimate Blocks is free to use.

Thrive Ultimatum:

Thrive Ultimatum Word Press Plugin For C T A

Thrive Ultimatum is yet another popular marketing tool available for WordPress where you can quickly create a landing page and other elements to convert leads into customers.

You can create attractive and convertive Call to action buttons in various forms. Besides the standard call-to-action buttons, you can create email opt-in forms to fill your email campaign lists. It is extremely helpful if you are looking for CTA buttons that make people join your email list.

You can create email subscription forms, inline forms, two-factor opt-in forms, forms into a sticky bar, inside content, and many more. You get lots of pre-made templates which you can choose or you can create your own. Also, the designs are fully customizable. The customization is also very simple using the drag and drop feature.

Pricing of Thrive Ultimatum:

The pricing of Thrive Ultimatum starts at $97 per year.

WP Notification Bar Pro:

W P Notification Bar Pro For Word Press Sites

As its name suggests, it is basically a notification bar plugin that can be used to add buttons to your notification bar. You can add unlimited customized message bars to your platform. You can add various CTA buttons through this excellent call-to-action plugin.

Buttons such as general text CTA, social media CTAs, email opt-ins, search form, count down CTA button, and many more. Not all CTA buttons are perfect for you. To figure out which one is giving you the best result, you can measure the different results by doing A/B testing. You can grab the information on how many clicks you get to the buttons as well as notification bars. 

Pricing of WP Notification Bar Pro:

For one site the pricing of this CTA plugin is $19 per year.


Monarch Social Sharing C T A Button Plugin

Social media has a huge impact on any business nowadays. Brands especially need to be significantly active on social media in order to increase their brand awareness. Only shareable content creation does not mean people will share your content. You have to urge people. In that case, the Monarch CTA plugin comes into action. Through this plugin, you can integrate social sharing buttons into your website and ask people to share them.

This plugin is solely designed for sharing content on social media. You get covered on all the popular social media platforms where the content is shareable such as Facebook for sure, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Pinterest. The plugin is from ElegantThemes which is also a quite popular theme store for WordPress websites.

Price of Monarch:

The Monarch plugin starts at a price of $89 per year.


Bloom Email Optin C T A Plugin For Word Press

Bloom is yet another plugin from ElegantThemes. This plugin is specifically used for growing your email list by putting alluring CTA buttons. It makes it easier to add CTA buttons to your WordPress site, or inside content, or any specific place. You get over 100 CTA plugin designs that are already made for Fly-in, inline, Widget area, and popups. All of the CTA buttons are fully customizable without any coding knowledge at all. The plugin comes with many popular software integrations like Salesforce, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, and more.

Pricing of Bloom:

Bloom CTA plugin comes with a Divi subscription at a cost of $89 per year. Also, you can avail of the plan with a one-time $249 payment.

On the CTA segment, you will notice quite a plethora of options to choose from. We find these plugins quite popular and used by many website owners.

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