Best WordPress Gallery Plugins To Show Images With Ease

When it comes to showing your beautiful images to visitors, choosing from the best WordPress gallery plugins would be an absolute solution.

Most people would agree that images grab more attention from people and help them understand people things much easier. In modern-day websites, images are an undividable part be it a photo-oriented website or text-based. But, displaying images in a meaningful and attractive way is different and much more complex than it seems.

Fortunately, WordPress owners have gallery plugins to show your website images in an intuitive way. Let's have a brief look at,

What is a gallery plugin?

Are you looking to display your images to your audience in a plane manner or with some special designs and customization? You can easily do so with the use of gallery plugins which are listed on the WordPress plugin library. Be it a photography website or eCommerce, these gallery plugins are super helpful and come with lots of layouts and styles. You can create your own gallery design with the photos you choose.
However, as WordPress is flooded with plugins of any category, you might get confused and end up investing so much time in finding the best WordPress gallery plugins for your website. But, we have taken the charged and narrowed down your searches to some of the best plugins that have a good reputation among website owners.

In this post, we will discuss some best WordPress gallery plugins that do their job perfectly and you allure your audience retention with the images. So, without making this monotonous, let's start the list with,

NextGEN Gallery plugin for WordPress:

NextGEN Gallery is on the top of our list for various reasons but the most prominent reason is its popularity. Yes, NextGEN is the most popular WordPress gallery plugin for now. Thousands of websites use this plugin to show their site images with ease and the website gets 1.5 million yearly installs. Another benefit you get with the nextGEN gallery plugin is that it offers so many gallery customization styles. The gallery plugin is a freemium plugin. The free version of the plugin offers three main gallery styles.

  • Slideshow,
  • Thumbnail.
  • Image browser.

With the premium bundle packages, you get more control over the styles of display. You get the timing to choose from, more transitions, lightbox effects, controls, and more. As per your needs, you get to add more features with additional purchases. The premium plans offer more options like,

  • Ecommerce features.
  • Image protection mechanisms such as adding watermarks to your images, hotlink protection, and more. If you are likely to start your stock photography website, these security features help you stop piracy.

And many more.

Powerful Gallery Plugin Next G E N To Showcase Photographs

For whom NextGEN gallery plugin suitable?

Looking towards its immense style, and gallery viewing options, it is perfectly suitable for photography websites that are likely to sell their images.

NextGEN gallery plugin price:

The plugin is available in both free and paid versions. The free version lacks advanced features but is handy for starters, and who do not require more advanced features. The premium plan starts at $29 that packs lots of features.

Reviews and ratings on WordPress:

NextGEN Gallery currently has 4.5-star ratings out of 5 and has 700k+ active installs.

The next plugin on our listing is,

Responsive Lightbox & Gallery:

The responsive Lightbox &Gallery plugin is yet another popular freemium plugin that perfectly does its job. The plugin has a powerful drag and drop gallery builder and lightbox feature. The gallery builder tool is super easy to use and does not require coding to design your gallery. Usually, lightboxes are actually quite heavy and take plenty of time to load the website but according to its developers, it was developed keeping in mind the website loading speed as well as the SEO performance. So, that it does not bother website loading speed. With the responsive Lightbox & Gallery plugin, you get many extensions and features available with the free version too.

hOWEVER, If you are looking for enhanced features and customization options you need to go with the premium options. The premium extensions are,


with these premium extensions, you can make your images more eye-catching.

Who can use responsive Lightbox & Gallery?

The plugin has the Gutenberg blocks and it is very easy to use for even beginners.

Responsive Lightbox & Gallery Plugin Is Best For Photographic Websites

Responsive lightbox and gallery pricing:

As mentioned earlier the core plugin is completely free to use and you get many extensions free for use. Also, the drag and drop gallery builder is available even with the free plan. But with the premium extensions, you can give a touch to your website images even more attractive. However, the premium extensions range from $19 to $49 each. That is quite useful from a user perspective because you are paying only for what you are using. Just choose your preferred extension, and pay for that.

Reviews and ratings on WordPress:

Responsive lightbox and gallery plugin has a full 5-star rating on WordPress and currently has over 200k active installs.

Meow Gallery:

Meow gallery is on our list for two reasons, simplicity and speed. Well, most people would look for quite complex and powerful plugins that have lots of extensions and customization options. But if you are looking for something fast and intuitive, you can give try Meow Gallery to show your website images. To customize your gallery you do not get any exclusive interface from the Meow Gallery plugin. To process all the customization, you have to work with the native WordPress block editor. It is super easy for most people because more or less everyone is familiar with the Gutenberg block editor. The plugin is also compatible with most of the popular WordPress plugins.

Just like most of the plugins, it has both free and premium versions to use. The free version offers five layouts to choose from,

  • Title.
  • masonry.
  • Justified.
  • Square.
  • Cascade.

The premium version of Meow Gallery offers extensions such as,

  • Infinite scroll.
  • cool and dynamic Carosoul Slider layout.
  • Map layouts.
  • Lazy loading for faster and smoother page loading.
  • Gallery animation.

The only drawback, some users may find that it lacks features. Even with the premium options, the gallery layout options are limited.
But looking towards its initial perspective the speed and simplicity, it makes sense to use without hesitation. As it has quite a simple interface, it is very easy to configure.

Meow Gallery Is A Modern Gallery System For Word Press Sites

Who can use Meow Gallery plugin for their WordPress site?

People looking for a lightweight and straightforward gallery plugin, that does not require so many extensions and layouts can use this.

Meow Gallery pricing:

Meow Gallery offers only five layouts to choose from if you are going with the free plan. The premium plan calls Meow Gallery Pro starts at $19/ year for a single website. There are six other Pro plans.

  • Standard: $24 per year for 5 websites.
  • Professional: $32 per year up to 20 websites.
  • If you are looking for a lifetime deal, You can pay $69 for 5 websites.
  • If your requirement is 20 websites, you can pay $149.
  • For developers, they have a plan of $199 that is suitable for 500 websites.
  • Now the Agency plan. It costs you one time$299 and you can use the plugin to 2500 websites.

Review and ratings on WordPress:

Meow Gallery has a 5-star rating on WordPress and it has currently 7000+ active installs.


FooGallery is yet another excellent WordPress gallery plugin that has some powerful and impressive album types. According to the claims, you can integrate a stunning gallery into your website in under one minute. The plugin has pre-built templates, and also many advanced customization options so that you can make your gallery as you like.

According to its developers, FooGallery has been specifically optimized to score better for Google's Core Web Vitals update in 2021. To make the gallery layout faster they have focused on the speed of the javascript you use the plugin you are not likely to see any slow down of your website. You get features such as,

  • 7 Beautiful Image Gallery templates
  • Responsive Image Gallery
  • Image Viewer Gallery
  • Masonry Gallery
  • Simple Portfolio
  • Justified Gallery
  • Single Thumbnail Gallery
  • Carousel Gallery.

And more.

You can adjust thumbnail size, spacing, and alignment. You can also adjust border size, rounded corners, drop shadows, and inner shadows. For the performance you get,

  • Lazy loading.
  • Simple pagination.
  • Optimized code.
  • Reduced content layout shift.

Who can use FooGallery?

If you are looking for an affordable gallery plugin that packs all the necessary functionality, it might be a good choice to consider. Another good thing you get is, that it has support for video galleries.

Foo Gallery Plugin To Show Your Photos On Your Website

Pricing of FooGalleries:

Like most of the plugins, FooGallery is a freemium plugin. The free version offers features and many templates to choose from. You get 7 image gallery templates with the free version.
There are three premium plans on FooGallery which are called the PRO plans.

  • Pro Starter.
  • PRO Expert.
  • PRO Commerce.

The Pro Starter plan is suitable for people who are looking for more customization and gallery layouts. The plan starts at $29.99 per year.
The PRO Expert plan is suitable for photography websites. This plan gives them much more control over their galleries. This plan starts at a price of $59.99 per year.
PRO Commerce: This plan is suitable for photographers and entrepreneurs who want to generate revenue through selling. This plan starts at $99.99 per year.

FooGallery ratings and reviews on WordPress:

FooGallery has over 200k active installs and a 5-star rating on the WordPress plugin library.

Portfolio Gallery:

Portfolio gallery is an excellent gallery plugin that is another powerful yet simple solution to show your website images to your website. You get lots of filters and lightbox options with this plugin. Users can use the plugin for free but enhanced features and layouts come only with the premium options. It has free features such as,

  • Multiple column layouts to show the portfolio gallery in multiple columns.
  • All the libraries are responsive so that they are fully compatible with all devices like PC, Mac, tablets, and of course smartphones.
  • Showing numberings on images.
  • You can show Titles, labels, and captions on gallery images.

and many more.

The premium plan offers features such as,

  • Adding unlimited filters.
  • Unlimited filter colors.
  • customization to border settings.
  • Linking portfolio galleries.
  • Portfolio Masonry gallery.
  • Gallery in page, post, and widget.
  • Fast, friendly, and quality support.

And many more.

Portfolio Gallery For Your Word Press Website

Who can use Portfolio Gallery plugin?

Portfolio gallery is extremely affordable for startups and freelancers. If you are just a starter and looking for options like free or super cheap, you can try this plugin. The free plan also offers so many useful and attractive layouts.

Pricing of Portfolio Gallery plugin:

As mentioned above, you get lots of cool layouts and customization options with Portfolio Gallery. However, If you are looking for a personal license, you can avail of it at $29. That is for one website.
The business license can be used for 5 websites which price $99.
If you are a developer and looking for extended options, you can get the developer's license at $149. That can be used for up to 10 websites.

Portfolio Gallery reviews and ratings on WordPress:

This image gallery plugin has over 20k active installs and has a-5 star ratings.

Thanks for reading. We hope you find these plugins useful. Explore more related content below,

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