Everything You Need To Know About Jetpack WordPress Plugin

If you have a WordPress blog, you may need to know about JetPack WordPress plugin because it solves lots of issues that a typical blog face.

If you try to figure out, why WordPress is loved and used by most of the websites, “wide availability of free and -premium plugins” is likely to be one of the top three results. You just have to think about the functionality that you want to have to your WordPress site, most probably the plugin is already listed on the WordPress plugin library.

There are lots of plugins available on the library no doubt and different types of websites require different functionalities and plugins.

In this article, we are going to talk about the JetPack WordPress plugin. There are very few plugins available that are as popular as JetPack. In fact, many websites cannot perform well without this plugin. So here we will see,

  • Whats is the JetPack WordPress plugin?
  • What features it has?
  • Are there any cons of using it?

So, let’s get started with,

What exactly is the JetPack WordPress plugin?

The plugin enhances and adds your website capability with new functions. Each plugin is used for specific and separate reasons. JetPack is actually more than just a single plugin, it is actually a bundle of some of the most used plugins together as they claim. 

The mastermind behind JetPakc is the same Automattic who are behind WordPress, Akismet Spam protection, and many other useful plugins. 

All the features that a plugin contains, called modules and JetPAck are fully packed with various modules. Some may find the specific modules useful, some may not. There are options to choose which module you want to use and which one to not.

Let’s see, some of the top modules or features of the JetPack plugin.

Top JetPack WordPress plugin features that website owners often requires:

Let’s see its features by the modules,

Website security:

Website security is a major concern no matter what type of website you have, do you sell something or not. You have a website, you are going to need resources to protect it from various spam and attacks.

Automatic site backup:

Your website can be under attack anytime or anything wrong happen. Your website data might be lost. In that situation, your website backup plays a major role to reestablish your website a couple of times. That’s why many backup companies provide these super useful features. JetPack also offers real-time automatic site backups for websites. You can save any change you made by intention or mistakenly. Just one click and your site is back to the previous format.

Higher Website Security With The Jetpack Plugin For Word Press

Uptime monitoring:

After making it live, your website should be up all the time because you do not know when your potential customers will hit. If your customer visits your site and finds that is down or unreachable, not only do you lose a potential lead but also your reputation falls. If it is your business website, a couple of minutes of inaccessibility would cost so much. How much it is very hard and nearly impossible to develop a website down-proof but as soon you get aware that your site is in trouble, you can quickly respond to that situation can control it. Jetpack plugin’s uptime monitoring module always keeps you informed if your website encounters any unexpected situation. If you do not have someone to monitor your site all the time, this module helps a lot. It sends emails and mentions what could be the possible reason for the issue.

Security scanning:

To keep your website secure and fast you need to monitor internally on a regular basis whether it has lots of junk files, malicious or harmful files. These files often cause a potential attack on the website or they slow down it. Visitors do not get a smooth experience at all. If you have someone to check all this stuff then it’s ok. Otherwise, Jetpack security scanning helps you with this. Once it’s enabled, your website gets automatically scanned on a daily basis or malware. Not only scanning, but they also alert you about any such file or element with an email. Later you can solve them with a few clicks.

Performance boost:

Boosting your website performance is a crucial thing. There are plenty of tools or mechanism that enhances your website speed, makes it more intuitive for the visitors. There are plenty of things that are needed to look after if you want to maintain a good surfing experience for your visitors.

Jetpack WordPress plugin offers various modules to boost up your website performance. They are as follows.

Compressing CSS files and images:

If you are searching how to make your website load faster, all will suggest lots of things but one thing in common. Uploading compressed images. Images capture lots of space for your website be it a photo-oriented website or a news blog. Especially when the megapixel of the cameras is increasing so increasing the image size. High-quality images grab higher retention of users but they have a huge contribution making your site load slower. Jetpack has an image compression feature that reduces the size of your image without touching its quality at all. Eventhough you will find lots of image compressors separately. For example, ShortPixel image optimizer is also an excellent image compression tool that has a plugin for WordPress users and is also very popular among website owners.

Jetpack Plugin For Website Performance Increase

However, not only the images, one specific web content slows the website the most too and that’s also linked to the visualization. That’s the CSS. CSS files are used to make a website more attractive with attractive images and graphics. So, Jetpack has features that also compress the CSS files.

High-quality video hosting:

Videos are an inevitable part of this digital medium. People are now more attracted to video content. That’s the reason businesses must use video to describe their product or service, market their brand and create awareness. No need to mention high-quality videos are too heavy and slow down your website. Jetpack has yet the solution. They have Videopress module that will allow you to upload and host your videos from WordPress hosting. It is super fast and reliable. Not only the video hosting, but they also provide an intuitive video player that you can brand with your brand identity.

Lazy loading of images:

That is also an excellent way to boost your website loading time. Even when all the images are compressed properly, it takes time. If you have so many photos on your website, a user may experience slower loading which may lead them to bounce from your site. Typically if you do not use the lazy loading to your website, until all the content loads up properly, the visitor has to wait. That might be too annoying. The lazy image functionality does not load images if the visitor reaches the image point. In a simple way, if the visitor does not scroll down, he won’t see the image, neither he has to wait.

Site SEO:

Search engine optimization or SEO in short is a bunch of practices and tactics that together improve your website ranking on search engines. That’s how you get more visitors, more leads, and more sales. According to websites, different approaches needed to be taken. For better optimization, the Jetpack WordPress plugin has some of the best SEO modules to analyze and perfectly set SEO parameters.

SEO tools:

To optimize your site for the search engines, you can check and set the right parameters. You can create your front page meta description, can write the context of a post, and make it fit for different channels. If you know what is meta description, you already know how important it is in terms of search engine optimization. Besides, it allows you to decide the social media appearance of your posts.

Increase Your Website Search Engine Optimization With The Jetpack

Sitemap generation:

All of your website data is crawled by search engine bots and then is stored in their databases. However, their process requires a route which pages are to crawl and in which order they need to be. Here Sitemaps come to action. Without a sitemap, your website can’t be crawled properly. Do you want to know in detail about sitemaps?

This article: What Is A Sitemap And Why It Is Important For A Website, will help you understand that. 

Jetpack plugin helps you create your website sitemap with ease. Jetpack is not the only solution for creating a sitemap at all. There are many other WordPress plugins for sitemap creation available. 

However, there are many other functionalities available on Jetpack. Below we are mentioning some of them at a glance,

Auto sharing on social media:

There are so many social media tools out there that automatically share your post through the channels you select. Tools such as Post Planner is an amazing social scheduling tool. However, Jetpack also has built-in features to schedule your posts and share them on social media platforms. You can add buttons on your posts, CTRs to get the conversions. The auto-sharing on social media features is really useful in time-saving. You just concentrate on your website-making strategies, new ideas, and content creation. You don’t have to do sharing them on your own or need to hire someone to perform this. 

Beautiful math:

Another useful module that jetpack offers is Beautiful math bu which you can write complex mathematical equations to your site.

Contact forms:

No matter what type of business you have, you will need the contact form. For any purpose, people would require contacting you. For a business website owner, if you do not have contact forms, how potential clients will contact you. Jetpack gives contact forms that you can integrate into your website and when someone drops any query you will receive it.

Plugin management:

This particular module allows you to choose which plugins you want to update manually.

Repeat visitor block:

If any visitor is repeatedly visiting your website and you want to block that visitor, you can do so by this module. If you are using Google AdSense to your blog, and someone is trying to bombard your ads with fake clicks, this feature helps a lot. Any potential spammer won't be able to again revisit your site.

Short links generation:

Using short links to social media sharing is very important to put more valuable text to your post. There are many link shortener tools available on the market but you can use Jetpacks link shortener too.

Now look at another aspect of the Jetpack WordPress plugin, does it have any drawbacks?

Jetpack is a widely popular plugin and no wonder it has gained over 5 million active downloads. When you have so many users naturally not all will be happy with everything at all.

Let’s see its drawbacks:

Many experts claim that it slows down your website: As many plugins you install your WordPress site, it gets heavier and takes time to load. Now, think about Jetpack which is a combination of lots of plugins. How much extra coding adds when you Install Jetpack. However, you can still disable the modules you don’t want to use but still, it can slow down your site.

There are over 30 modules and their codings on the Jetpack WordPress plugin and no wonder you won’t need all of those features.

Most of the advanced features included on jetpack are actually premium. You have to pay for them.

However, there are so many benefits too, using the Jetpack. You get so many features on a single plugin. If you do not want to use multiple plugins on your site you can use the Jetpack WordPress plugin similar to the other millions of users around the globe.

Try Jetpack

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