Best Captcha Plugins For your WordPress Website(Free And Premium)

Are you looking for the best captcha plugins for your WordPress website? If yes then most likely you are concerned about bot traffic to your site and want to prevent spammers to fill your website forms.

There are so many plugins that you can integrate into your website and take the advantage of it but finding the right one might be an overwhelming job. That’s why we have done the job for you and curated some of the best captcha plugins for WordPress websites.

But before we go for the list, we need to clearly understand,

What is a Captcha and why it is used for?

More or less, we have all encountered captchas while we search through the internet. Even if you search super quickly on Google, which means repeating searches in an unnatural manner, you might need to fill up the captchas and verify yourself as a human and not a robot.

Captcha is basically a task that you need to complete. You might need to calculate simple math problems, or need to identify the right images, or something else simple.

Completely these tasks are not a big deal at all and most of the people on the internet easily pass those captcha things. If you are wondering,

Why do website owners use captchas on their websites?

There are many ways spammers and hackers use to down your website and make potentially damage your platform. A big issue website users face the bot traffic. Bot traffic is sent with technologies to down your website, bombard your mailbox, contact form, and other places.

Prevent bot traffic:

Bot traffic is the main reason behind using captcha plugins on your website. Spammers use sophisticated technologies to drive system-generated hits to your website. At a time if your site gets hit by a thousand, no wonder it will be crashed or be unavailable. 

Preventing bot email subscription form:

Another problem spammers create is filling your website signup form with spam. An email subscription form is very vital for any business where you get the lead of your customer. For email marketing, the list you create should be perfect. But if spammers put spam email addresses, your emails will bounce. So, preventing spam comments is very important for your website.

There might be several other signup forms that you might have placed for the purpose. But spammers can target those boxes too.

WordPress users have a great solution. They only need to install the Captcha plugin to their website and the rest is up to the plugin. Below we are mentioning some of the most used captcha plugins used by people.

  1.   Google Captcha
  2.   Really Simple CAPTCHA
  3.   Advanced no captcha and invisible captcha plugin.

Google Captcha Plugin:

Google Re C A P T C H A Plugin To Stop Bot Traffic

Google owns the most popular search engine on the internet and has lots of state-of-the-art technologies. So, it’s no wonder Google will have a captcha solution for websites. Google’s own captcha solution is called reCAPTCHA. It is a free service that prevents websites from bot attacks. The tool offers various captcha tests from traffic light images to simple checkboxes. This free plugin can be preceding stop bot login attempts, submitting the wrong email address, posting spam comments placing toxic links, and all.

According to the level and features, there are three versions of the captcha,

  • reCAPTCHA Enterprise
  • reCAPTCHA v3
  • reCAPTCHA v2

for one million monthly assessments the service is free for higher assessments, you have to go premium.


H Captcha Plugin To Prevent Spam On Your Word Press Site

hCaptcha is s freemium captcha tool that is extremely helpful to safeguard your website from spammy bot attacks. You can use the captcha for most of the firms you have integrated on your site. This plugin has really some advanced technologies to differentiate bot traffic from real humans. It uses artificial intelligence and deep learning technology and creates solid protection against spam.

If your requirement is limited, you can go for the free plan that offers limited features. The Enterprise plan gives you full control of what type of challenge you want to select, and what the challenging context would be, you can create custom challenges, time-based scheduling, multi-user dashboards, and advanced reports.

Really Simple CAPTCHA:

Really Simple Captcha Plugin Features

Really simple CAPTCHA is yet another great captcha solution for WordPress users. The only thing is, you cannot use this plugin alone, you have to use it with the WordPress contact form plugin. As the name mentioned solving captcha with this plugin is really simple and effortless. The user first enters the answer in the captcha by selecting the right image. The plugin does not use PHP sessions, instead, it stores the data in temporary files which makes it different from other PHP captcha solutions.

The plugin is free to use.

These are some of the most popular captcha plugins that WordPress users install most. Thanks for reading. Explore more related articles,

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