Top Email Plugins That Are Excellent For Your WordPress Site

Do you have a WordPress website? searching for the best email plugins but confused, which one to choose? If that's the case, you are not alone in this.

WordPress websites are powering almost 40 percent of total websites and one of the main reasons for that might be its flexibility and its plugins. No matter what your requirement is, you will nearly find a plugin for that. No coding, no complicacy. Just install and that's it. Email is one of the most required things for a website. But if you search for the best email plugin for your WordPress site, you might get overwhelmed as there are tons of email plugs available there.

In this article, we will introduce you to some excellent email tools for your website. But before we dig deep, let's have a,

A brief look at emails:

It’s 2021, still, we cannot replace email marketing with something else in terms of reliability and cost-effectiveness. Emails give you direct access to your audience as well as potential buyers. Integrating an email newsletter to your WordPress site enables the users to subscribe to your website, getting updates from you. Besides, you get the one-on-one marketing and communication channel. People might use email for various purposes. Someone might use email to send promotional emails, some for transactional emails. Some people might look for collecting email addresses of their clients. In this article, we will introduce you to various email solutions for different purposes.

Let's get started with,


OptinMonster is an excellent email option tool that enables you to collect emails with amazing functionalities. Many businesses need to collect emails from their customers, but getting an opt-in email list is not easy. OptinMonster is packed with various opt-in tools that make your job super easy. Their dashboard is very intuitive, and integrates with your WordPress site is also easy. It is compatible with various major email marketing tools. You just need to connect with them. The starter plan with OptinMonster is $9, where you get unlimited campaigns to set and one site integration.

Try OptinMonster

Constant Contact:

Constant is one of the veterans in the email marketing field. From beautiful and professional-looking email templates to send automated emails, from great-looking newsletter forms to reporting tools, Constant Contact is an all-around solution. It has a clean and intuitive dashboard that anyone can easily understand how to use and manage. To use Constant Contact on your WordPress site, you have to install the Constant Contact Forms. It allows you to collect emails and information from your users. If you already have a Constant Contact account, you can easily connect it with your WordPress site.
There is no free option with Constant Contact, but they offer a 60-day free trial to users. The service is priced based on contacts. Their plan starts at $20 per month.
However, this is slightly expensive compared to other email marketing tools, it is a great option for beginners.

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If you are searching for an all-in-one email marketing plugin that is free and easily scalable and packages are affordable, Sendinblue could be an excellent option for you.
They offer a wide range of free email templates, drag and drop editors, advanced email contact segmentation options, and many more. A great thing with Sendinblue is if you are a beginner, just started your website, do not have many contacts, and do not need to send many emails, you can choose their free plan. It costs you nothing. Apart from Constant Contact, they only charge for the emails not for the contacts you save. With the free plan, you get 9000 emails per month. If you have a WordPress blog, you can read: Why Sendinblue Is The Best Email Marketing Solution For New Bloggers, to know the benefits of Sendinblue for blog owners. Apart from email marketing, Sendinblue offers a wide range of other marketing tools too. However, the dashboard might feel tough for beginner users as it contains so much functionality.

Try Sendinblue

MailPoet Newsletter:

MailPoet is one of the best email newsletter plugins for WordPress sites. According to their website, more than 300,000 websites are now using their WordPress plugin. They have all the necessary functionalities like free responsive email templates, email automation, email collection form, and many more. The plugin is very handy to craft beautiful emails from scratch by using drag and drop. If you have a WordPress site containing 1000 or fewer subscribers, you can use MailPoet for free.

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Mailster is also an excellent email marketing platform where you can send automated emails to customers right from your WordPress dashboard. From collecting email lists to making editing email newsletters by drag and drop, everything is quite simple and similar to other email marketing services. The only difference with other newsletter services is the price option. In most other popular email solutions like Sendinblue, Constant Contact, or something else, you need to pay monthly payments to receive the service. But, with the Mailster, the thing is different. You need to pay a flat one-time fee.

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This email tool is quite different rather than a fully functional email marketing software. This plugin is dedicated to sending transactional emails right to your customers or subscriber's inboxes. For those who do not know what transactional emails are: There are two main types of emails are sent, transactional and promotional. The promotional emails are simply to send promotional material to customers. Transactional emails used for sending vital information to people. Typically transactional emails are used for sending OTPs, confirmations, passwords, notifications, confirmation, and other sensitive and priority information. This WP Mail SMTP allows you to send transactional emails right from your WordPress dashboard.  As it is mentioned it allows you to send only transactional email, you can't do further things with it such as sending promotional emails to customers and growing a mailing list. WP Mail SMTP is available in both free and premium versions.

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