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Things You Need To Know Before Applying For Google AdSense

You just have created your excellent blog, contain plenty of posts there, but are these enough to applying for Google AdSense?

Even though bloggers are making a massive amount of cash through affiliate marketing, for most veterans in this field, Google AdSense was the first earning source. In fact, many YouTubers, earn money from AdSense without websites. If you search on popular blogging websites, who do not place AdSense ads currently, they used AdSense definitely in their early days. You will find lots of information what is Google AdSense? how you can increase your revenue, how you can avoid mistakes with your AdSense account, and all.
It is very convenient for bloggers to monetize their content and start making money from there. Not only the individual blogs but also any major news publications, giant blogging platforms that have tons of updates, use AdSense to monetize their content. It is very popular among bloggers; thus, it has millions of publishers worldwide and most of them consider Google AdSense is the best for blog owners. But if you are going to apply for Google AdSense, you better check out the eligibility for Google AdSense.

The first thing you need to concentrate on your blog content. Your articles, writings. AdSense displays contextual advertisements to your blog or article website. So, contents are most important in showing relevant advertisements. Most of the time AdSense’ws sophisticated technologies read your content and then shows relevant advertisement there. Unique and riveting content, which is useful and important for the readers, is most important. The contents of the articles you write should also have the quality such as,

Copyright-free content:

To make money online from Google AdSense and monetize your blog with it, you need to follow that is not using the copy content strictly. Many people think that the internet is a massive ocean of contents, so if I use a couple of articles copy from somewhere else, whoever will check, right? But Google has some sort of state of the art technology, and they will hit your site hard if you use copy content. Google always praises unique content. While checking your site for approval, if they find you have copy content, they will not approve your site anyway. So always write what you know, write what you are excellent and genuine.

Simple design:

Your website design is also an essential part of the AdSense perspective and to your user experience. This part should follow at the time you build your website. Your website design should be clear to navigate. If people face problems searching content on your site and are unable to make it smoothly, it will affect your AdSense approval. Also, if your blog or website is quite tricky, then your ads can be clicked by the visitors unintentionally. That's why a clean, intuitive design would be the best fit.

Enough articles before applying for Google AdSense:

Before applying for Google AdSense, you need to have a decent number of articles on your blog. When you create your blog or website, you cannot be impatient getting the approval of GoogleAdSense. Many bloggers, website owners stay in a hurry to et the website approved. But this is not going to work because you cannot send a blank website to Google for approval. To get your website approved, you need at least 10-20well written valuable articles in a standard size. If your site has not less content or blog post, you should wait to send it for approval.

Before applying for Google AdSense, you need to have some mandatory pages on your blog or website. They are as follows.

Terms and condition page:

Having a terms and conditions page on your blog is very important, and without this, you might not get your site approved. Visitors should be aware of your site, how they should interact with you, how they can use your site information, what you actually do. This type of information is necessary. Terms and condition pages let people know how they should use this platform. What actions are prohibited and other essential usages.

Privacy policy page:

The privacy policy page is also a must required page. Here you let people know about their privacy-related matters. In this modern-day internet, privacy is one of the main concerns for most of the people and privacy protection departments and so with Google. A visitor, a user, a subscriber has the full right to know, what you are going to do with their data, how you collect their data should they get concerned about it or not. So before applying for Google AdSense make sure you have the privacy policy page on your blog or website.

About Us page:

This page is also required to help people identify you and your blog. This page contains information on who you are, what your site is about, what you do through your platform, what people will receive from your site, and that’s. It gives the clear a clear idea about you and your platform. It is also essential.

Contact Us Page:

This page also must be required for your website. This page contains the information related to you. For many reasons, users need to contact you. Besides that, people may need to contact the site authority for many sensitive or content removal or other reasons. So, a Contact us page is required for that occasion.

A site without copy images:

Similar to the contents, writings, using copy images are also prohibited. Google strictly follows the copyright rules of standard internet usage. Similar to the copy content tracking technology, Google also has the technology to identify the copy images to the website. So make sure you do not have any copy images on your blog before applying for Google AdSense.

A decent number of visitors:

For many reasons, AdSense does not approve new blog sites. This is one of the primary reasons for that. When you just started your blog or article site, you won’t have enough visitors there because of search engine optimization. Through SEO, the keywords of your platform get higher. That’s how when people make a search on Google or search engines, and your website gets as suggested. But for new site keywords, do not rank quickly. It takes time. So, it will take some time to receive visitors to your platform. If you want your site to get AdSense approval at the first attempt, it would better to wait until you get a decent amount of visitors to your site regularly. Once visitors start coming, if they like your work, love your knowledge, they will visit there regularly. If you wait for a couple of months after placing 20-30well written blogs, your chances are high; you will get the approval at the first attempt. It is best to apply for AdSense after 3 months. During that time, you need to update your blog daily. These are the key points you should be aware of before you apply for Google AdSense.

These are the points you should be aware of before applying for Google AdSense for your blog or website. If you follow these things there is a big chance that you will get your approval soon as per the standard time.

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