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Why Google AdSense Does Not Approve New Blog Sites?

For So Many Reasons Google AdSense Rejects Requests For AdSense Publishers, Find Why So.

AdSense is currently the top ad publishing network in the world. For most of the bloggers, the primary earning source of their blogging is Google AdSense.

It is hard to find any blogger who does not know what is Google AdSense. Google AdSense has a large number of publishers from the globe and it has lots of reasons for becoming the top ad publishing network. Google has two platforms Google Ads and Google AdSense. On Google Ads, advertisers pay to show their ads on Google networks and search engines. Google shows those ads on search engines and as well as on their partnered publisher websites. Google AdSense is a platform for advertisement publishers. Website owners, bloggers, become a partner with it to show their ads and Google AdSense earning opportunity is huge. You can read the article,

Understand The Distinction Between AdWords And Google AdSense

To know the difference between Google Ads and AdSense.

One of the main reasons for the AdSense is Google has a massive number of Advertisers. It makes them able to serve that enormous number of ads via the AdSense program. This program also shares the maximum amount of revenue with its publishers, which are far better than any other ad network. Looking towards it’s easy to use mechanism and high income, most of the bloggers try to come on this field. They want to monetize their website with it because the Google AdSense program is the best for blog owners. But for a new blogger, it is not easy to get AdSense approval for their blog or websites. So many bloggers send a request for AdSense approval, but several times, Google rejects them. In this article, we are going to describe some of the reasons why Google does not approve new blog sites.

Enough content:

Having enough content on your blog or platform is must be required. As you already know, Google shows contextual ads on websites. So, it’s all about the content. Many bloggers, who do not have sufficient content on their platform, apply for the AdSense. As a result, Google does not approve of them. A new will not have colossal content, but at least you should have 15-to 20 contents on your site. When you are writing content you must need to be aware of Google AdSense dangerous content policy.

Copy content:

Google has strict copyright policies for copyright content. So many bloggers use unfair methods to fill up their site with content by stealing content from other websites. This is completely wrong. If Google finds that you are using copy content, there is a big chance they will never approve your AdSense. The copied content is applicable for not only the blogs but also for the pictures and videos.

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Clean and intuitive design:

Your blog should have a clean and easy to understand design so that readers can easily understand it. Google always prefer sites that have easy layout. A complicated layout confuses people. They may click on your ads accidentally. So keep it professional looking and simple.

Keep about us, contact us page:

Google wants that the readers can know about the platform whose content they are reading. Adding about us and contact us page give extra information to readers. These pages make the site more legitimate, and people can trust them.

Keep up the consistency:

Google has a tough job always to keep the balance between advertisers and publishers. To maintain that balance, Google needs publishers who are regular, who can serve their ads regularly. Visitor mostly visits those platforms who updates periodically. Google checks are you updating your site regularly or not.

These are some of the primary reasons Google often does not approve new blogs or websites for AdSense. Thanks for reading. We hope this was full of information read more AdSense related articles-

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