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Can You Get AdSense Approval With A WhatsApp Status Downloading Site?

Since WhatsApp introduced the status feature into the app, people are hooked on it. Many convey their conscience through texts, videos, images, GIFs via updating their WhatsApp status.

Even though there are many online tools to create great-looking WhatsApp status online, still a large number of people are willing to search for a WhatsApp status download site where they can find tons of trendy and cool WhatsApp status.

In this article, we are going to discuss, can you create a website for downloading WhatsApp status and monetize it with Google AdSense?

Using Google AdSense, people basically rent their web space to Google to show relevant ads and earn money from there. Various types of websites are in partnership with AdSense and making money. However, before coming to the main section, let’s have a brief look on,

WhatsApp status download:

Among all types of media, Videos with popular audio tracks are in trend because they catch more retention of people than others. According to a 2020 Oberlo article, there are more than 2 billion WhatsApp users worldwide, and India has 340 million WhatsApp users, which makes it the highest number of users in the world.

Now you can imagine, if we take 50 or 60 percent of users to go and search for WhatsApp status download sites through the internet, how ample an opportunity is to get a massive number of traffic.

That is the concept that leads many people to think, why don’t create a WhatsApp status download site and monetize it with Google AdSense. So,

Is it possible to get AdSense approval for a WhatsApp status download site?

Well, there is not specifically mentioned that you won’t get the approval, but if you read and comprehend the AdSense policies, you will realize. You are likely to not get the approval.


There are two points,

AdSense content policies:

Google AdSense is a contextual ad network that means it is suitable for websites that have a considerable number of informative, helpful, and unique content. The most preferred sites for AdSense approval are blog or article sites, news sites, and other types of written content sites.

Now, WhatsApp statuses are not any text content either. They are just videos. So as per their terms, there is less chance to get approval on those sites.

 Copyright content:

All the video content you upload should be copyright-free, whether it is the audio, the footage, or whatever it includes. If not, you might get copyright strikes from the internet copyright laws. As AdSense only prefers original content, any copyrighted material may lead to account disable or policy violations even though you get approval on your WhatsApp status downloading site.

Although you might find plenty of sites in that category running AdSense ads on them, there are still most chances of disapproval. If you look to the Google AdSense forum, various product experts state the same.

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