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The 5 Best Ad Networks For Bloggers In 2019

Everyone Should Know The Best Ad Networks Place Before They Monetize Their Website.

Are you a new blogger and want to monetize your website or blog? Here you will find 5 best ad networks that can help you to increase your online earnings.

Now almost everyone is trying to monetize their website with various methods, as well as; there are many ways to earn money by blogging. However, display advertising is one of the standards and easiest ways to monetize a blog or website. An ad network plays a vital role between publishers and advertisers. It collects money from advertisers to display ads on different sites. On the other hand, it pays some money to those who are willing to show these ads.

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There are plenty of ad networks in the virtual world. In general, ad networks serve In-text Ads, Contextual Ads, CPM Ads, CPC Ads, Banner Ads, and Pop-up Ads. So, it is not an easy task for choosing the right ad networks, especially for beginners who want to make some money with online publishing. Here in this article, we want to share some best-paying Ad networks for bloggers and publishers. Let's check out these platforms to monetize your website.

Best Ad Networks for Bloggers and Publishers

1. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the largest advertising networks for publishers. It offers a wide range of different ad types for your blog, such as Text ads, Display ads, Rich media ads, Link units, Responsive ads, Matched content. It's easy to sign up and easy to use. However, to get approved by AdSense is not easy. You must abide by their privacy policy and guidelines. You will receive a minimum payout from AdSense through check or bank deposit, whenever you reach at least $100 each month. It’s straightforward to customize, and you can easily show AdSense Ads on your blog site. So, Google AdSense Program can be said the best for blog owners. Anyone can use this platform to earn money online. As well as, if you are a beginner of AdSense, you can also read, What is Google AdSense?

The Google Ad Sense Is One Of The Popular Ad Network

Pros of Google AdSense:

  • Ad Sense has an easy signup process.
  • It is free of cost.
  • The easy customization option for ad placement.
  • You will get a wide range of ad types.
  • Automated timely payout schedule.

Cons of Google AdSense:

  • High possibilities of account banning.
  • There is no customer support provided.
  • Revenue rates can be meager.

Click here to sign up with Google AdSense.

2. is another excellent ad network in the virtual world. It is suitable for all publishers, whether it is small or big. It offers the largest contextual ads program globally. This platform is powered by Bing and Yahoo, so here you will get a big chance to meet with the endless advertisers for your blog niche. You can get approved by very quickly. You don’t need to have massive traffic to get approved by Just you need an excellent looking blog and quality content on your website. As well as, you will get a full control panel from where you can track your performance in real-time. has a minimum payout of 100$ and pays through PayPal and Wire transfer. Is Suitable For New Bloggers And Publishers

Pros of

  • It is free to join.
  • Easy setup process.
  • It offers a powerful dashboard.
  • Best customer support.

Cons of

  • To get earn from ads, you have to require double clicks from your site visitors.
  • Minimum payout 100$.
  • It doesn't update the revenue in real-time.

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3. Infolinks

Infolinks is also a reputed and famous in-Text ad networks that enables publishers to monetize their website very quickly. It generally provides the ads that are targeted for any relevant keyword from your content. You don't have to need any required traffic to sign up with this platform. You can use the Infolinks with other advertising networks like AdSense. It pays you through PayPal, Wire Transfer, eChecks, Payoneer when you could be reached at 50$.

Anyone Can Make Money Through Infolinks Ad Network

Pros of Infolinks:

  • Easy sign-up process.
  • A large number of advertisers and publishers are involved with the platform.
  • Reliable customer support.
  • Get a secure dashboard system for measuring your revenue.
  • Multiple sources for getting payments.

Cons of Infolinks:

  • The minimum payout is $50.
  • Some users feel the dashboard is outdated.

Click here to sign up with Infolinks.

4. AdThrive

AdThrive was founded in 2013 by a husband-and-wife blogging team to help others grow their ad income to be able to work their dream jobs. Since then, Adthrive’s passion for helping publishers continues to grow, and it has been revealed as a leading digital media company in the virtual world. Their services don’t just include ads but also include video monetization, publisher dashboard, learning tools, and expert support. In addition, their learning courses that can help you boost your RPM and earn even more passive income with your blog. However, it is not easy to get approval from AdThrive. The minimum payment threshold for all payment methods is $25. But if you want to go with the wire transfer option, then you need a minimum of $100 for threshold.

You Can Earn Very Easily Through Ad Thrive In The Virtual World

Pros of AdThrive:

  • Highest earnings opportunity.
  • Helpful supporting team.
  • Google certified advertising partner.

Cons of AdThrive:

  • You have required 100,000 page views per month.
  • Most of the web traffic needs to come from the USA.

Click here to Apply Now to AdThrive.

5. Ezoic Ad Network

Ezoic is an excellent alternative ad network like AdThrive. Their advertiser network is coming from across different geographical locations and demographics. Ezoic's machine learning and data models give publishers the ability to operate their accounts more efficiently and effectively. Most of the time, it provides relevant and interesting ads to all countries and readers. In addition, Ezoic gives you a user-friendly dashboard to manage your account. As well as, through the Ezoic Ad Tester, you can learn how to make more money revenue for each visitor.

Ezoic Is The Best Ad Serving Platform For Publishers

Pros of Ezoic:

  • You have a higher chance of getting more revenue.
  • Easy and user-friendly dashboard system.
  • Google certified advertising partner.

Cons of Ezoic:

  • You have required a minimum of 10,000 traffic in a month.

Click here to Apply Now on Ezoic.

All the above-mentioned Ad networks are really good for any publishers or bloggers. Anyone can make money through these platforms effectively. However, your income may vary for your work and your website performance. So, before you are going on these, select the appropriate ad network related to your blog niche.

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