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Earn Money With Google AdSense Without website

See The Ways By Which You Can Use Google AdSense Without Having Any Website.

Although the primary and widely used option to use Adsense is still a website, there are some ways by which you can earn money by AdSense without a website.

If you search for the best money making methods on the internet, probably Google AdSense will come among the top. It is a great way to make your passive income. Before you going to start earning from it you have to know properly, what is Google AdSense? In short Google AdSense is Google’s product by which people can earn money.  It is a content monetization network.

In fact, it is the largest content monetization network present on the internet. It shows the advertisement on your contents and shares revenue with all its users. However, many people think that AdSense is only about websites and showing Google advertising there and every time when someone clicks on those ads, you get the cold cash. Widely on the internet, most people use Google Adsense to monetize their website. But what if you do not have a website? Is there any other option you have by which you can earn money from Google AdSense? Well, there are couples of options available by which you can earn money from Google AdSense still not having a website. So let’s see are the options-

Create a free blog on Blogger:

If you want to use the AdSense then there is no doubt that having a website is the best thing. But if you do not have coding, web design, and development, server hosting related knowledge, you cannot make your website. If you hire someone to develop your website, it may cost high for a fully functional website. Instead of that, you can create a free blog at It is a platform for bloggers where people share their passion. This product is offered by Google for free. To make a blog where you don’t need to have any coding knowledge, designing knowledge. The most important thing is it lets you monetize your content with Google AdSense.

Create a channel on YouTube:

Don’t have websites? Want to use Google AdSense? Another great option you have is YouTube. It is the biggest video sharing platform on the internet. It is also a Google product. Here people upload videos and use Google AdSense to generate revenue. Creating an account on YouTube is completely. Anyone who has a Gmail account can create a channel there. After creating and uploading videos people can enable the monetization option to start earning. On your videos AdSense shows advertisements and from there you earn. But if you compare to the earnings of Blogging and YouTube, you will see some differences there. Google AdSense share more revenue with bloggers who have their website as compared to YouTube. But if you look at the things that you don't need to create any website, you are using Google's platform to upload your videos, you don't to worry of storage, bandwidth, servers, CDN, it's not too bad.

Use Admob to earn from AdSense:

Developing, or creating an application is a quite similar and tricky thing like websites. In fact, developing an app would be more expensive and more complicated. But still, it is an alternative of a website to earn from AdSense. Google has a similar product to monetize your application named AdMob. It shows ads on your applications. You can create numerous type of application and Google will show ads on them when you monetize it with AdMob. For instance, news apps now are on-demand and you can earn from it easily. See

How To Make A Good Income Through News Apps ?

Lastly, Google AdSense is a great way to generate a good income through online whether you are earning from your website or YouTube or apps. To read more interesting articles on AdSense you can read-

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