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Do SSL Certificate Effects On SEO Rankings Of Your Site

Get All Your Answers Related To SSL Certificate and SSL Impacts On Search Engine.

SSL certificate effects on SEO, search engines and the SEO experts admit that fact. In this article, we are going to explain all about SSL.

SSL certificates are not compulsory for the websites or web pages, but it has a significant impact on your site image and SEO performance. Here we are going to cover all major information about the SSL and how SSL effects on SEO rankings of your site.

What is SSL in a website and how it works

The word SSL stands for the Secure Sockets Layer. The SSL is a protocol for internet security. It establishes a secure connection between the web hosting and your device. It is a high technology which keeps sensitive information like your credit card, password, and other site information safe from the hackers, online scammers. SSL keeps your data secure by encrypting them.

How SSL works

When the information you put on a website the SSL certificate encrypt your data at the passing between site and web server. Here the encryption means that hiding your data from one computer or machine to another computer or machine. For example, you are writing to a letter to someone. You can send the letter to someone inside the envelope but someone can easily open the envelop and can read the letter. But what will happen if you write the letter in some coding? That means you are writing the words or letters on some coding. So if someone gets the letter, it will be much harder for him to understand what he has written there. The same thing happens with the SSL.

How S S L Certificate Works And Effects On S E O Rankings

When the information passes, it creates a security layer of funnel around it so that no one can access that information.

Benefits of using the SSL certificates

If we side the SSL certificate effects on SEO rankings SSL has two importance:

Firstly Encryption of your data and secondly the identification of another side you are sending your data.

By the encryption when you send data to someone, no one can easily decode your data, and with the identification, you can know you are sending your information to the right server or web hosting. The SSL companies provide the SSL certificate to the company or business after completely verifying the websites and business.

Say you have a business website and there you integrated the SSL certificate with your business name. So there no one can get the SSL certificate with the name of your business. Sometimes online scammers look that you are doing well at your business. They make a clone or similarly website of your business and try to manipulate your clients. The SSL gives the authentication to your business website, and that help people to identify the right one.

Now let's talk about the,

SSL certificate effects on SEO rankings of your website

SSL certificates turn your website HTTP to HTTPS. What does mean the HTTP?

The HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, and the HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. When you develop a website, and if it doesn't have SSL on it, on the website address bar of your browser you will see this site is not secure. When your site has the SSL, it will show a green lock at the left and “HTTPS.” That means your site is secure. Now, let's see how SSL certificate effects on SEO rankings?

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Know The S S L Impacts On Search Engine Ranking

SSL Certificate effects on SEO ranking by creating the trust to visitors:

The SSL certificate builds trust on the website. People feel more comfortable to browse and visit the website who has SSL. Not only the visitors but also the search engines prefer trusted sites. As compared to the HTTP sites search engines give priority to the HTTPS sites. That's a good impact on search engine optimization. It is a vital point where SSL impacts on search engine rankings.

SSL helps you to gain more traffic on your site:

When a visitor visits a site which has no SSL on it, most often they see a warning that ” Your connection is not private” from their browser. At a side, it decreases the trust on the website to the visitor and gives a bad user experience. If your site has the SSL, you are not going to see this kind of troubles. You will continuously get traffic to your site, and you know traffic plays a significant role in search engine optimization.

SSL impacts on search engine ranking:

Google always gives priority to the sites which are secure and verified. For example rather than a regular site, Google gives more priority to the sites which are Alexa certified. Similarly, SSL companies also certify websites, and according to various data analysis and reports, Google improves the ranking of the HTTPS sites comparing to which have not.

Hope now you have understood how SSL certificate effects on SEO rankings.

How many types of SSL s are available and for what purposes they are used

On the internet there are three types of SSL certificates are available.

  1. DV SSL.
  2. OV SSL.
  3. Ev SSL.

Types Of S S L Certificates Available On The Internet


DV stands for Domain Validation. The SSL Certificate Authority ( CA) only check the domain authority related information and don't check any information about the organization. This SSL cannot be used for commercial purposes. Website owners who have a low budget and don't have any organization, this DV SSL is ideal for them. Also, the timing for integrating is less as compared to other ones.


OV stands for Organization Validation. The CA checks about the domain authority and also check for the organization. For this SSL the organization must have legal documents, the Govt. certification that the business is legitimate and valid. Sometimes from the CA, a person might contact at the duration of validation. This SSL needs more time to integrate, and as it verifies all the organization documents, it takes more time. This SSL is more expensive than the DV SSL.


The word EV stands for Extended Validation. EV SSL is the highest level of SSL security and the most advanced technology on SSL. This is the most secure and trusted SSL certificate.  All the big companies, organizations use this SSL. It gives their clients more security and trust because when they visit their website, at the place of the green loch the company or organization name appears.

All kind of SSL impacts on the search engine in the same way. They secure your user data but according to their type they work and secure and gives identity to your site.

Finally, if you search for the SSL certificates, you can listen about the Wild card SSL.

What is a Wild Card Certificate?

A standard SSL secure only one domain, but if you have subdomains like mailing, support, and others, then you need the Wildcard certificate. It applies SSL to all your subdomains. The Wildcard not only secures the domains but also apply SSL to all the subdomains. It reduces the cost of SSL because if you don't go for Wildcard Certificate, you have to purchase SSL for each subdomain to secure them.

So if you want to by SSL, from where you can do so? Below we are mentioning some reputed platforms where you can buy SSL certificate as per your requirements. The name of the SSLs may vary to the websites, but they do the same thing.

  1. GoDaddy.
  2. RapidSSL.
  3. DigiCert.

Thanks for reading. If you want to read more articles on SEO, you can read:- Know These Points Before You Go For Organic SEO Services Of Your Site. If you have any suggestion or queries, you can use our below comment box.

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