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What Is A Sitemap And Why It Is Important For A Website

Read The Full Article And Know The Benefits Of A Sitemap.

Are you want to increase your web rank on search engines? Then you have to know what is a Sitemap and why it so important for a website.

At present, the competition in the virtual world is increasing day by day. Everyone trying to achieve a good place in search engines, but it is not so easy. If you are a blogger or a website owner, then you have known very well what it is. Today in this article, I am going to tell you about one of the essential things that will help you to increase your website’s rank. Yes, that is your Sitemap. It is the most crucial part for your website; it can help you to increase your web rank on search engines. So, before we are going to the deep at first, let’s see what is a Sitemap is and how does it work on your SEO.

What is Sitemap in SEO?

How Does A Sitemap Work On The Internet World

A Sitemap or web maps is a list of pages or a visual file of your site that provide some information to the search engines like Google to find and crawl your site very quickly.

Generally, there are two types of website Sitemap we are known in the virtual world. The Sitemap examples are XML Sitemap, and another is HTML Sitemap.

  • XML Sitemap: An XML web maps full from is (Extensible Markup Language). It is a text file or HTML code which used to define all the pages of your site, and it helps the search to index and crawls your website quickly.
  • HTML Sitemap: An HTML web maps are specially designed for human-readable method. It is a bulleted outline text version which is included with your site navigation. So, it helps the users to finds a page on your site very quickly.

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However, the XML sitemap is very easy to use. You can create it through the various online sitemap generator tools, and you can submit it on your Google search console or webmaster tool.

There are lots of free online XML Sitemap builder tool are available in the virtual world that can generate sitemaps algorithmically. With the help of an online sitemap generator tool, you can easily create an XML file and add it on your Google webmaster. By the XML file Google, Bing, and other major search engines will notify about all your web pages and any changes in them. So, you can easily make sure all your pages are correctly indexed.

An XML sitemap is generally listed with your site URL pages, and it can help the search engines crawlers to find the pages of your website. So that, try to create Clear And Crawl-Friendly URLs to increase your SEO effort.  There are lots of benefits of Sitemap, let’s see some benefits of it.

Why it is Important for a website?

Know The Benefits Of A Sitemap For A Website And Its Ranking

  • One of the primary benefits of XML sitemaps is that it can improve the crawling of your site.
  • When you publish any fresh or updated content, Google or other major search engines can index or crawl this content through your sitemaps.
  • A sitemap can help on your SEO effort so it can bring more traffic and revenue to your website.
  • With the help of monitoring your sitemap reports, you can analysis your site traffic, even keyword searches. So, it can help you to improve your content as well as attract more traffic.


The sitemap for website plays an essential role in your SEO rankings. So, if you haven’t submitted your web map yet, do it now for better indexing and crawling. As well as, we can say, Sitemaps is just a part of an SEO. So, if you want to boost your web ranking properly, then you have to know the whole matter of an SEO.

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