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A Simple Local SEO Guide to Boost Your Business

Ever heard the saying that the most important customers are right down the street? Well, if you run a business, local SEO is critical to the success.

You have not only heard about Local SEO but ascertained it as a fact to grow your business. According to a survey, 46% of searches on Google are from the local. So as you can see the number is enormous and to take your business to the ultimate level of success you cannot neglect the number. Now let’s get enter into the deep of Local SEO.


Search Your Business Through Digital Devices

A high percentage of your customers are using their computers and mobile devices to find a business near them. With local SEO, you make it easy for locals to find you, and in return, you get more business.

The question is, have you taken the steps to make it easy for local customers to find you? The following local SEO guide shows you how:

  • Localize Your Website:

Localize Your Website

Localizing your website means adding your city, region, province or county name throughout your site.

The name should be added naturally i.e. in a way that makes sense to the reader and the search engines. If you offer your services in other locations, create more pages for those locations.

  • Create a Mobile Friendly Site:

Create A Mobile Friendly Site

There is no separating mobile search and local search. Many people conduct local searches on mobile devices to find directions to your place of business, read reviews and search for contact details. Your site should be mobile friendly to make it easy for prospects to find you.

  • Get Quality Backlinks:

Get Quality Backlinks Picture

Backlinks that you get naturally prove to search engines that your website is an authoritative source of information. You can get these links from business associations, other bloggers and local newspapers.

  • Citation Building:

Citation Building Picture

These are online directories where you can add the name, contact details and description of your business to improve your online presence.

  • Claim Your Google My Business Listing:

Claim Your Google My Business Listing

Once you claim your Google My Business listing, your business is displayed on key Google services such as Google Maps, Local Search and Google+ pages.

Don’t forget to grab your Bing Places while you’re at it.

  • Manage Your Reviews:

Manage Your Reviews

Many people check review sites to learn whether your business is worth checking out. Having honest reviews shows customers and search engines that whatever you are offering is useful and trusted.

Create a page on Yelp and other trusted review sites and respond to the feedback to improve your local search rankings.

That’s it! With this local SEO guide, you will increase your online local search presence and get more customers who are right down the street.

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