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Sendinblue Vs GetResponse Email Marketing: Which One To Choose?

Sendinblue and GetResponse, some of the most popular email marketing tools in the digital marketing world.
As more and more people are thriving to grow their business online. The demand for various digital marketing channels is rising high.
Emails are relatively a cheap but convenient way to market businesses. It is 2021, but emails are still one of the highest EOI providers. People often get confused between GetResponse and Sendinblue. Which one should be the best fit for their needs?
In this Sendinblue vs GetResponse article, we will walk you through a comprehensive comparison between these two tools. Here we will see all the important aspects of both tools.
Let’s start with the introduction of both email marketing tools.

Sendinblue vs. GetResponse introduction:

Sendinblue was started in 2012 in France as an email marketing tool. Now, the company not only enhanced the number of offices worldwide but also the features and tools. Sendinblue is better known as an all-in-one marketing solution where you can also find every tool required to run digital campaigns in various digital channels. You can read our Sendinblue Review, to get more detailed information on Sendinblue.

GetResponse is way more veteran in the email marketing field compared to Sendinblue. GetResponse was founded in 1998 by Simon Grabowski. It has a customer base in 182 countries and has over 350,000 customers. GetResponse give their service in 27different languages. It is also pretty much an all-rounder in digital marketing as it offers nearly everything of SSendinblue. To get more detailed information on GetResponse, you can read our GetResponse review.

GetResponse vs Sendinblue, feature comparison:

GetResponse and Sendinblue both are compacted with robust marketing features and all the essential email marketing features.

Sendinblue features:

Even though now Sendinblue offers multiple marketing tools for their clients, it has all the essential email marketing features. It includes,

  • Marketing automation.
  • Transactional email.
  • Advanced segmentation.
  • Landing pages.
  • Sign-up forms.
  • Email heat maps.
  • Real-time and historical statistics.
  • API and plugin access.
  • Built-in drag and drop email editor.
  • A/B testing.
  • Email template library.

Now, let's come to the additional features Sendinblue offering.

  • Live chat integration:

Sendinblue offers easy to integrate chat widget that users do not need to buy separately.

  • Sales CRM:

To maintain and nurture leads and your contacts, Sendinblue offers a sales CRM where you get basic customer relationships manager functionalities.

  • Facebook Ads:

Sendinblue allows you to create, run, and analyze Facebook ads. You can set ad parameters, and get vital ad metrics to check the performance.

It has plugins for various platforms so that you can use it seamlessly on various platforms. Suppose if you are looking to increase your Shopify sales through email marketing, you can use the Sendinblue Shopify plugin, to use emails to grow your business.

GetResponse features:

Besides email marketing, GetResponse offers a converting sales funnel that helps to convert leads to sales. It has email features, such as,

  • Email template library.
  • Landing page builder.
  • Marketing automation.
  • Landing pages.
  • Transaction emails.
  • Advanced email tracking and reporting.
  • Contact list segmentation.
  • Abandoned cart emails.

Not only email marketing, but GetResponse also offers features beyond marketing.

  • Google Ads:

With GetResponse creating paid Google Ads is easy. From creating the ad content to selecting the audience, and adding the relevant keywords. Everything can be done from one single place.

  • Facebook Ads:

Just like the Sendinblue, creating ads for the social media giant Facebook is extremely effortless. No extra money is needed to pay to be able to use the Facebook Ads.

  • Facebook Pixel adding:

Facebook pixels are used to advertise more effortlessly. By using Facebook pixels, you can track Facebook campaigns and landing pages.

  • Live chat integration:

GetResponse also offers chat integration to the website. After adding the chat widget, you can ask visitors for their email, phone number, and more. With chat analytics, you can make improvements on that.

  • Web push notifications:

As push notifications are an essential marketing method, you can avail it right from your GetResponse dashboard. You can send push notifications, track their report in a most intuitive way.

  • Webinar builder:

Webinars are nowadays a very effective way to communicate with your clients and to turn leads into sales. So, GetResponse offers you a built-in webinar builder. You can host unlimited webinars, can add up to 1000 people simultaneously. They allow you to save 20 hours of webinar recordings.

  • Website builders:

Besides the marketing tools, GetResponse offers AI-powered website builders to create develop design your website without any coding knowledge at all. It has lots of pre-loaded mobile-friendly website templates, and a drag and drop editor to do things with ease.

Now let's come to the price section.

Sendinblue vs GetResponse, price comparison:

Looking towards the price point of view, Sendinblue has a significant advantage: it has a free plan to choose from. Even you do not need to have Credit Cards to use the free plan. Also, there is a big difference between the price calculation. Sendinblue does not charge for the contact list, you save it there. They charge for the number of emails you send. On the other hand GetResponse, it charges for the number of contacts, you save there.

Sendinblue plans:

Sendinblue offers three premium plans for users; Lite, Premium, and Enterprise. sendinblue allows users to pay as they use the service.

  • Lite:
    This is the beginner plan for users where they can send daily 10,000 emails, and there is no sending limit at all. The pricing starts at $25 per month.
  • Premium:
    This plan is suitable for pro marketers and starts at $65 per month. Here most of the advanced email features are available. All the Lite plan features are included in this plan.
  • Enterprise:
    That is the most premium plan of Sendinblue. Someone whose demands exceed the Premium plan can leverage this plan. To switch this plan, users need to contact the team.

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GetResponse plans:

GetResponse does not have any free plan to opt-in but has a free trial option. Once you finish your trial period, you have to go with a premium plan. All the prices of the plans are calculated as per 1000 contacts. As you go with more contact savings, your costs also rise.
It has four plans to choose from.

  • BASIC:
    The Basic plan is the starter plan where you get 1000 contacts to save. Compared to Sendinblue's starter plan, it is %$10 cheaper
  • PLUS:
    The Plus plan is for the businesses that require generating leads, sell products. It starts with $49 per month, where users get5 workflows, 100 webinar attendees.
    This plan has all the most advanced automation features that users would require to run their operations in autopilot mode. The plan starts at $99 per month.
  • MAX:
    This is the highest plan in the GetResponse email marketing tool. This package would fulfill the requirements of the users beyond the packages.

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Now let's come to the point, which email marketing should be using, Sendinblue or GetResponse? Both the tools are best in service and features. If you look towards the functionalities, both have quite all the marketing features and email marketing features. But the main difference between email solutions is the contacts saving option. If your requirements are only the contacts, you have to save the maximum number of contacts, then Sendinblue is the right one because you can save unlimited contacts without any additional costs. But if your requirement is emails, then embracing GetResponse would be a perfect option.

Thanks for reading. We hope this Sendinblue vs GetResponse article will help you understand things. Explore more relevant articles below,

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