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Know These On-Page SEO Factors To Improve Website Ranking

On Page SEO Is A Big Part In Search Engine Optimization Which Needs To Give Serious Attention.

In recent times knowing on-page SEO factors are very important to improve your website ranking. It covers most of your search engine optimization effort.

There was a time when everything you write online it would appear on a search engine. But now things are entirely different. You type anything on Google; most probably, you will find so many results. This is happened because of traffic on the internet. Now, billions of people are online, and to feed the billions of websites are present. Currently, 1.7 billion sites are online, and the number is increasing every moment. For the website owners, the competition is high. So to beat the game, you have to put some efforts into search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is divided into two parts- on-page SEO and off-page SEO. In this article, we will be mentioning some on-page search engine optimization factors which are necessary to improve your website SEO performance. So, let’s start with – 

What is on-page optimization?

The on-page optimization is doing all the SEO practices on your own website. Here you focus on your website contents, website technical parts. Mainly through on-page SEO, you improve your website’s visible content. Below we will be discussing some factors where you should give focus if you want to improve on-page search engine optimization. 

Keywords in on-page SEO:

Choose Relevant Keyword For Better On Page S E O Performance

Keywords are the thing for what your website ranks, and people come to your website by searching. So, without using relevant keywords people cannot reach your website or content. All the popular blogs or websites which are ranking high on search engines have a huge amount of ranked keywords. People who are experts in identifying and using keywords can easily rank their website or blog.   

Title tag:

You Should Use Title Tags For S E O

 A title tag is an HTML element that represents your website title to the search engine. The search engine understands your website or content by reading its title tags. So, it would be best if you used keywords on your title tag. 

Meta description:

Use Meta Description To Improve Website Ranking

A meta description is also an essential on-page SEO factor. It is a short description of a full length-content or a web page. On SERP (search engine result page), beneath the title of any search result, you can find meta description. Search engine crawlers first crawl the title and then the meta description. So, your meta description should be relevant to your full content, and of course, the keywords should be mentioned. 

H1 tags:

H1 Tags Are Important For On Page Search Engine Optimization

H1 tags are the next important SEO factor in on-page search engine optimization. Headers are used to separate a long block of text and to emphasize the context. When we scroll down an article, the only thing w typically notice its H1 tags. The same thing is to the search engine also. While reading the text, their bots give special attention to H1 tags. That’s why we should use H1 tags with our key phrases. 

Content quality:

Quality Content Is Always Preferable In Search Engines

The quality of your content is always should be the main priority. Whether you are writing it for your website or writing any blog, the content should be easy to understand, grammatical-error-free, attractive, and well crafted. If you put all these things on your content correctly, it will give you high SEO performance. If visitors do not love your content, it will lead to high bounce rates. Well, that’s a negative point for SEO. 

Content length:

Keep The Content In Standard Length

There is no specific word length has given how an ideal content length should be, but if you look on the internet, all the articles, blogs that are ranking are big. That’s why it is a big on-page SEO factor. The more words your content have, you get more opportunities to use more keywords, more information to share, and more opportunity to rank high. Search engines give priority to those contents which are loaded with a considerable amount of information and which are meaningful. It will not be a good idea to put unrelated topics to your content only to make it bigger in size. 

Keyword density:

Maintain The Perfect Keyword Density

Keyword density is an important element in on-page SEO. It’s all about the keywords as said before but many people try to use keywords in the wrong way. Some people think that as keywords are the thing to bring visitors, we should use keywords as many times as possible. Some times they put keywords just because of improving SEO performance. But, keyword stuffing is not right at all. You cannot manipulate search engines with that. On the other side when you write content only by looking towards SEO, it will decrease the quality of your writing. You should follow a perfect keyword density while writing.

Internal links:

Internal Link Is An Important Element In On Page S E O

Internal links are created when you put any page link to another page of your website. It is also considered as a major on-page SEO factor. When a search engine shows any result on SERP, it took place for many reasons and internal links are one of them. On Google, when you type anything, the search engine bots crawl the internet. When they find any relevant result link many times, they think that it would be a perfect result. So, if any link is crawling by search engine bots several times, that is a good thing as an SEO perspective. But the process has to be natural and you cannot manipulate search engines by putting internal links unnaturally. besides that backlink or eternal links are also important for SEO but, it comes in off-page search engine optimization.

Image optimization:

You Need To Optimize Your Images For Better S E O

Images are an integral part of your content as well as the website. Optimizing your images is also an on-page search engine optimization factor. Images play a vital role to improve your website ranking. Like the writing, images also rank on the search engines. You can read Image Optimization Tips For Better SEO Performance which will help you to optimize pictures for your blog or website.

Thanks for reading. We hope this was informative. read more SEO related articles;

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