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What Is Domain Authority And Why Does It Matter?

Read Full Article And Know How Can You Improve Your Website's Domain Authority.

Domain authority is an important web metrics for SEO ranking. So, if you still don’t know it well, then read this article to improve your website.

At present, the growth of new websites is continuously increasing in the Internet world. As well as, everyone is trying to rank well on SERP’s result page. But, it is also vital to rank well according to their authority and credibility. Google and many other search engines use algorithms to display a search result based on many factors.

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Most of the bloggers or web developers are well aware of SEO terms. However, many of them are not much aware of domain Authority (DA) and how it affects their web ranking. Domain authority is one of the primary elements that ascertain how well your website will rank in search engines. This post covers the top questions about these key metrics. We’re going to describe briefly; then, you can get to the more practical. In this post, we tried to cover the top questions about these key metrics. Before we are going to more in-depth into how domain authority impacts your rankings and how you can improve it, let’s see what it exactly is.

What is Domain Authority?

How Does Domain Authority Affect On Search Engine Ranking

Domain authority is a search engine ranking score. It predicts how well a website rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). The famous SEO software company Moz develops this term. A DA score ranges from a score of one to 100. The higher score indicates you have a website rank. On the other hand, a lower DA score indicates a little ranking site in the virtual world.

Why DA is so important?

Domain Authority evaluates the strength of a site in search engines. There is a range of key factors that affect domain authority. First, there’s the quality of information on your site as well as inbound links. If your website is linked to by other high authority websites, then you will get a higher chance of increasing your DA. So, if you want to get fast results with SEO, your domain authority needs to be enhanced.

How does Moz calculate the Domain Authority?

According to Moz, the DA is measured on a scale from 1 to 100 using an algorithm. Its logarithmic scale means that it’s easier to improve your DA score from 20 to 30, but it’s much harder to go from 70 to 80. The DA score between 40 and 50 is considered average, between 50 and 60 is deemed to be good.

How Does Moz Calculate The Domain Authority For Any Website

The Google ranking algorithm relies on hundreds of factors. While Moz over 40 different factors, but the following are some of the most important:

  • How many incoming links you have earned for your website.
  • The quality of incoming links.
  • The quality of your website’s content.
  • The social signals how much the popularity you have gained for your domain and your social media content.
  • The site structure, user-friendliness, and SEO performance.

To measure your domain authority, you can Moz Link Explorer to check Domain Authority or view a website’s DA by using MozBar (a free Chrome-extension), and dozens of other online SEO rank checker tools across the web.

How can you improve your Domain Authority?

There is no particular guidebook to improve the website DA. However, there are some ways in which you can improve your site’s Domain Authority score. Now we are going to tell you some points which can help you to increase your website’s DA.

1. Optimize your internal link profile:

The internal links are one of the best metrics which can help direct visitors to what they are trying to find. The internal linking in one area over which you have complete control. While you are linking relevant content from your website is one of the major metrics used to measure DA and shouldn’t be neglected in any matter. When you published a new article and linked into old pages, it makes them rank better on Google and has a better impact on your website’s overall SEO. Effective internal linking can not only provide better user experience, but it can also boost rankings and help you manage link equity across your entire domain.

2. Remove bad and toxic backlinks:

We have seen many online publishers create thousands of backlinks to increase their website’s DA. But sometimes they overlook the bad and toxic backlinks which can be harmful to their site. So, you should go through your link profile and search for any backlinks that are bad or toxic and try to remove them. Bad links directly impact your Domain Authority. As well as, it is essential to have a good link profile for a high DA score. If you are unfamiliar with a backlink, then you can read; What Is Backlinking And The Importance Of Backlinks.

3. Earn more high-authority links:

Getting high-quality inbound links from high authority websites is crucial for boosting your domain authority. Links from high-authority sites and pages still carry significant ranking power, and they drive both DA and Page Authority (PA). So, you need to create a link with a high authority site to top your content.

Know Why Domain Authority Is Essential For Your Website

4. Try to create a mobile-friendly website:

At present, when we are counting the internet users with their categories, we found a large number of people are accessing the web through mobile devices. So, if you don’t want to decrease your mobile search engine rankings and lose out a lot of visitors, then create a mobile-friendly website now.

5. Share your promotional content through Social Media:

Social media is one of the effective and biggest platforms where you can promote your content very quickly. If you have a massive follower on different social platforms, you will have the opportunity to encourage your followers to like, share, or comment on your posts. As well as, it will increase your web traffic and SEO as well.


We hope that you understand why domain authority is an essential metric for your website. However, DA is a long-term SEO strategy. So keep patient, because a combination of time and some dedication to your link-building strategies will help your site authority, and it will be easier for you to rank well.

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