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For Online Marketing Which Is Better Among SEO And Google AdWords

When we want to get search traffic on our site, one thing often comes in our mind between the Google AdWords and SEO who plays the dominant role.

It’s all about bringing the visitors to your site when you are running an online business. Every year 1.2 trillion searches are done by the people on Google. The number is so alluring, isn’t it? Mainly if you sell your product or service online, you might get more interested to hear this. But the internet world is vast. Who knows there might be lots of people are looking on search engines for the services you offer. But how you will reach to your potential customers? Well here are two ways by which you can do so.

  1. Digital Marketing or Online Marketing.

  2. Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

By the SEO you can get search traffic to your site organically, and the Google AdWords is a paid service too. You can read “Get The Clear Idea On SEO To improve Your Website Ranking” to get primary concept.  As you can see our title of this article, we are going to inform you which are more important between Google AdWords or the SEO. These are two entirely different things, and we think to go in deep we need to give a brief introduction on both, what they are how they work. So let’s get started.

  • Google AdWords in Digital Marketing:-

Google Ad Words Is An Online Platform For Advertising Which Is Developed And Organized By Google

Google AdWords is the most popular name in digital marketing platform operates by the internet company Google. If you are not more familiar of AdWords you may read “What Is Google AdWords In The World Of Digital Marketing Though Google changed the name of AdWords into Google Ads but still the majority of the advertiser always knows it as Google AdWords. With the Google AdWords, you can run PPC campaigns.

To run an AdWords campaign at first, you need to search for the keywords related to your business. Google AdWords offers to their entire advertiser’s free keyword research tool to do the proper keyword research. After doing the keyword research, you can start your marketing campaign on AdWords.

When you go for advertising Google show your ads to their search engine results page, into their various others products like YouTube, Google Play, Google Maps, etc, into the websites which are partnered with Google Ad publisher. If you are looking to start your Adwords campaign, you might get help with this- Check Out These 5 Best Tips For A Successful Google AdWords Campaign.

The advertisers can use them in two bases Cost-per-Click or RPM. The CPC means you have to pay only when a visitor will click on your ads. The RPM is you have to pay when your Ad shows to every thousand people. The Google AdWords is an advantageous and more popular platform as compared to other digital media marketing’s.

  • Search Engine Optimization or SEO:-

S E O Is The Process Of Effective The Online Visibility Of A Website In A Web Search

The word SEO stands for the search engine optimization. If you are a beginner then to be more familiar with the word you may read:- The Beginner’s Guide to SEO.

On the AdWords, we have mentioned that it is a Google’s product. Google, the most used search engine worldwide. By Google AdWords, you can grab the customers who are either on Google search engines or visit to a Google publisher’s websites. But on the other side SEO is not only for the Google, but it is also about all other search engines too; Bing, Yahoo, and others.

It improves your website ranking to the search engines. According to a favorite keyword research tool MOZ, the 71% search traffic clicks occur on the first page of Google. So if you can be higher on the search engines, you can imagine how many organic visitors you might get every day without any kind of investment.

If you have a search engine friendly site, then the search engines can easily read your website’s contents, photos, and other files and improve your rankings on their search result pages.

On the SEO the contents play the major role and to write search engine friendly contents you need to do keyword research similar to Google Ads. But, here you can use several best SEO tools to find the keywords which generate most organic searches. As a point of view of getting your potential customers, SEO plays a unique role.

Here we describe some points clearly how to compare your Google AdWords and SEO:-

  • AdWords is a place of advertising for online marketing it is organized and developed by Google. On the other side SEO ethics is work on every search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and many more.
  • By the Google AdWords, your Ads is only playing on the Google search engine and their partner website. And it can be taking a top place easily and instant on Google search engine. But when you are going to SEO, you cannot achieve easily top ranking without proper SEO for a new website. It is a very hard and long-term process.
  • AdWords mainly depends on paid service and its work on a pay per click system. But search engine optimization is generally worked on organically. They read your website’s titles, meta description, contents, keywords, image, and lots of more.
  • When you are working with AdWords, you need to target many Keywords. But when you are working on SEO, you need to choose on a few focus keywords which are related to your business. And these keywords can give you the best results in the future for your success.
  • By the AdWords system, you can stop your Ads anytime manually and calculate your ROI (return on investment) easily. On the other hand, SEO has lots of factors and difficult to calculate ROI.
  • When you are relying on SEO, you need to keep work on your website for relevant content. But on the other hand, when you are working with AdWords, you need a healthy budget.


After reading the things, you can see through Google AdWords and SEO both works for bringing the visitors to your site but both works differently. There are several if we take the Google Ads no doubt it is one of the best digital marketing platforms.

As an opinion, we would like to say if are starting an online business make your site search engine friendly. Follow all the guidelines for a proper SEO work. Then when your site is ready to go for the digital marketing with the Google AdWords. It is because your site is new and SEO is a long-term process. To the higher rank on search engines for a new website is quite tricky.

But when you run an ad campaign on your site, you get lots of visitors instantly. When search engines show your site is getting so many visitors they improve your rankings. By running the ads, you are getting the benefit of SEO. You can read “5 Actionable SEO Strategies To Help You Expand Your Business if you want to make your site SEO ready. After a long time when your site will get much popular, your site will be optimized on the search engine you will start getting the organic visitors. Finally, we would like to say that both have their own importance. You cannot ignore anyone if you want to get success. Both are like two sides of a single coin.

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