Blogging Niches That have High Earning Potential In 2023

Blogging has become one of the most popular ways to make money online by writing good content and already lots of experienced bloggers are doing the same.

According to statistics reports, there are more than 57 million blogs on the market. They are in various topics and niches. The figure looks really massive But, the truth is not all niches have the same potential to generate revenue. For newbies, it is often hard to pick between a micro niche or niche blogging. However, not all niches even micro niches have the same earning potential. Many segments in the blogging field were quite popular in past but now they are less or not. However, as the internet is getting new visitors, new blogging niches are coming to light. In this article, we have curated some topics that might be popular in 2023 in terms of earning potential. If you are looking to start your blog in the next year, you may find this article worth reading.

So, let’s go forward to the list with,

Digital Marketing blog:

Digital Marketing Blog Niche

Digital marketing is one of the buzzwords on the internet post to pandemic. As the number of internet users around the globe has been rising, more and more businesses are coming online. Now more people are on various digital mediums than ever before. To reach those, we need to embrace marketing through various digital channels. According to a statistics report, published on WordStream, the global digital marketing expenditure is likely to reach over $786.2 billion by 2026. Can you imagine the number? That much potential this particular niche has.

Fitness blog:

Fitness Blog Niche For High Earning

The fitness sector is yet another promising segment for blogging in 2023 and beyond. Since our lifestyle has become more complex, and stressful, many people face various health issues. To combat that situation, we need to particularly focus on our health. In this prospect, health and fitness-related blogs are extremely helpful. Getting useful information about some food supplements, exercise, and nutrition through a meaningful blog is praised by most people. Also, now demand for health-related products such as supplements is extremely high. As a health blogger, you can make people love your content, you can pitch various health products to them, and make a good number of commissions via sales. Compared to digital marketing, the health and well-being segment is also a multi-billion-dollar industry.

SEO blog:

S E O Related Blogging Ideas In Terms Of Earning

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website content with the search engine so that people can find you through search engines. The main objective of creating a website is getting traffic from search engines. Businesses often use paid methods to drag traffic on their site but still, nothing is as good as gaining organic traffic from search engines.

Many newbies who are just starting their journey with their first-ever website, typically face lots of problems optimizing their website with search engines. The syllabus is huge, together so many points work together to ensure website ranking on the first page of various search engines.

Now, if you could create an SEO blog, that might be extremely helpful for people as well as making money for you. You can create your course to learn search engine optimization and can promote various SEO-related tools by taking their affiliate. The tools are pretty expensive and offer a very impressive commission to their affiliates.

Finance blog:

High Earning Potential In Finance Blog

Finance is by far one of the biggest niches for bloggers. People are always curious about how to increase their money and what are they ways they can follow to grow their money. Finance-related blogs are pretty diverse than you can think. You may create a blog sharing information about share market knowledge, about any trading platform, or how people can save their hard-earned money. As it is directly linked with the cash, if you monetize it with similar affiliate partners the commissions are pretty huge besides the other monetizing methods such as Google AdSense. High-bidding ads will appear on your blog as they show relevant ads based on the content. High-bidding ads simply mean more revenue with the same ad impression and clicks.

Fashion blog:

Blog Website In Fashion Segment

Who will not like to look good? Most people on earth more or less are concerned about their appearance. After the involvement of the internet in our life, the fashion industry is also booming. Now, for a blogger, choosing the fashion niche might be a great idea. The fashion segment itself is quite big. There is no end to brands on the market nowadays. People now spend their time reading new content about the latest fashion trends, new fashion arrivals, and more.


Yes, you have heard right. Blogging itself is quite a flourishing niche. It’s now not a hidden mystery that blogging is one of the most genuine money-making methods online. That’s why more and more people are coming to this field. Now, in that case, if you have already been in the blogging segment for years, and have gained good knowledge, you can start your second blog in this segment. 

Everyone in their first stages of blogging faces lots of problems, but by dealing with proper knowledge and strategy, they usually overcome and create a money-making blog. It’s true that there is no end of traffic on the web, still, the niche you choose more or less depends on the earnings. Below, we are mentioning some of the high-earning potential blogging niches.

These are some of the topics that you can choose and start your blogging in 2023. However, one thing needed to mention no matter the category you choose for you, you need to work hard and smart to achieve success. Now, there is more or less every blogging niche is crowded and to the competition, you need to work with consistency.

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