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Avoid These Email Marketing Mistakes To Boost ROI In Business

Marketing through email is nothing new, and for so many reasons, it is one of the highest ROIs giver marketing channels.

Since the first email was sent, the emails have changed a lot. In the past, emails used to be much simpler and straightforward. But now, they are so attractive and used as a genuine marketing channel.

But, like all other marketing mediums, you need to polish your email marketing strategy and avoid mistakes; otherwise, your marketing efforts won’t give you expected results.

In this article, we are going to highlights some email marketing mistakes that you need to avoid if you are likely to take the maximum ROI. Let's get started,

Don’t use spam words:

If you are sending emails from personal email addresses, you might not experience any change in email deliverability. But, when you choose an email service provider, you need to follow strict rules. Email context is the main part of an email, so it should be free from all spam trigger words. Online spammers often send phishing emails to the users, and as email is an important contact method, people often get captured by those spam practices. That’s why the authorities who are responsible for safeguarding users from the attacks blacklisted some words.

Words such as offer, dollars, prize, congratulations are spam words. When you are writing anything, you must avoid those words. Otherwise, most likely, they will end up in the spam folder. The list is quite big, and you may find it difficult to remember those words. So, what you can do is check your email content after finishing that.

Do not put too many images on your email:

Images are an excellent way to b user retention. According to various studies, content that has images on them has a higher chance of user interaction. But some people Make it the wrong way. They stuff their emails with images and fewer texts. That practice should be avoided because there is a standard ratio between text and images. If the balance gets to break, your email will end up in spam. Besides, the images you are using should be small in size because, just like a web page, emails take time to load, and people would do the same thing when they see a website is taking too much time to load. So, try to use images in a standard limit and as compressed as possible.

Do not make it lengthy:

Nowadays, nobody is willing to read long blocks of text. Most of them won't read it for sure, especially if you are putting marketing emails into someone’s inbox. According to studies, the ideal size of an email is, from 75 to 125 characters. So, try to summarize your message into it. It would be even better if you blocked your email in different lines.

Do not put too much promotional material o subscribers:

You have gained your email list to market with them, and all email marketers do the same. When a visitor gives their email, that means they are willing to get emails from you. People usually signup newsletter to get some vital information. Between the information, if you put a small promotional material, that’s ok. But many marketers do not understand the right thing. They just become too greedy and make a whole lot of promotional emails. People usually do not like this type of promotional email at all. If you constantly send them promotional emails and forget about the conversion, they might unsubscribe to your email.

Do not forget to add CTA:

You craft your email in a significant way. I made it simple, attractive and put all the information but did not add any CTA button at last. It does not make any sense. If you are not adding the CTA button, how you can expect to convert them. CTA means a call to action. After describing a promotion, or a product, at last, you add a  CTA button. If the product or service is convincing enough to the reader, they will sure take action if you place the right CTA button after your email. There are many CTAs you can choose from, but you have to decide which CTA fits perfectly to the context.

Don’t be irregular:

Every day, billions of emails are being sent to the recipients. While reading this article, maybe a new mail just landed in your inbox. The reason for talking about this is to make you understand. There is nothing hard to forget about the sender, even the recipient subscribed to the newsletter themselves. In that case, if you take too long to put your emails, there is a big chance your subscriber will forget you. Then there is a certain possibility that they will unsubscribe and leave. So, maintaining a decent gap, send emails to them regularly.

Do not forget the mobile users:

Day by day, the number of internet users is rising high, and so is the number of email addresses. To connect most of the population with the internet a device played the key role, mobile phones. They are relatively cheap and easy to carry. So, while you are crafting an email, you must keep in mind the user experience with the mobile devices. When you create an email solely for the desktop, if someone opens the email with mobile devices, they would receive a poor user experience. Images would cover their screens up, texts would get cut, and if you say in short, it does not deliver your message to the user. Besides, when users see that the email is not opening properly, they won’t read it. So, when you are creating your email, use mobile responsive themes. Use image sizes that fit every device.

Do not buy an email database:

Your email marketing success mostly depends on the number of potential subscribers. The genuine way to grow your email list is to place an email newsletter subscription section on your website. You can add any offer or something. In exchange, they will give you their email. But, many marketers often choose a direct but spam way. They buy emails from various platforms and try to market them. But this is an illegal way. If you are thinking that you collected some emails and sent them promotional material, and you will start getting conversions, then that’s not going to happen. These databases are collected from various platforms and for different purposes. It does not necessarily mean that those people would be useful for your business. Besides, these people then find that they are receiving emails from platforms where they didn’t submit their email. They often mark you as spam. When you get too many reports, there is a high chance your IP will be blocked. Most email marketing companies follow strict policies to upload email addresses. If you could be able to buy the email lists, there is less chance you could be able to upload them to your email marketing dashboard.

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