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Top 6  Free Email Marketing Service Providers For Your Business

Just Started Your Business? Looking For Free Emails Marketing To Start? Read The Full Article To Know More.

Are you a blogger or just started your online business? Looking for free email marketing service providers? Then you are in the right place.

Email marketing is an excellent marketing channel with your existing client, your readers, interested people, and who you want to convert them as your client. Now, billions of emails are sent worldwide on a single day. Almost every small, medium, large business, websites use it as an excellent communicating method. Besides that website, blogs use email marketing to send their newsletter subscribers curated content and stay them up to date about the latest posts.  

Although email marketing massively used as a genuine way to transmit information, any big companies, businesses, use it in bulk, but. That’s why throughout the internet, you will find so many email service providers. Typically they got various premium plans. Ad per the requirements, people subscribe to them and use the service. 

But when you have just started a business, started a website or blog, you do not need many emails. Besides that, you do not have a massive number of email addresses where you will put the emails. So, many people search for free email marketing service providers, where they can use email marketing in no costing. In this article, we will introduce you to some best email marketing service providers who actually let people use their service for free. But, before that, we would mention some points which you should know.

Brief introduction of email marketing:

Email marketing is an excellent way of digital marketing where you sell, promote products, and it helps you to keep a strong relationship with your clients. It is not only sending emails to people. Now, almost everyone has their emails, but you cannot use regular emails to promote or sending emails in bulk. To send emails in a vast number, you need an email marketing solution. They not only enable you to post as many emails you want but also offer you some great metrics, information, and additional tools. Together they make your email marketing campaign successful. As we mentioned earlier, it is a premium service, so with the free plan, you may not get those all offers. Also, you may get limited features. However, if you are I starting mode, you may not need those features indeed.

So, let’s get started or list.


Sendinblue Email Marketing Tool

Sendinblue is the first free email marketing solution provider, which is actually not free but offer free packages. It is a very reputed company ad doing lots of business. Sendinblue is an all-in-one marketing solution rather than only being an email provider. Their free plan provides you 300 emails per day, and they allow you to save unlimited contacts. For a new blog or new business, it is not quite bad. Also, they offer you their premade customizable email templates. You can create your own email from there. Sendinblue is not just email marketing software; it is an all in one marketing solution. Even with the free package, you get something more like Workflow editor, Page tracking, Transaction SMS sending, Sales CRM, Chat, and many more. With the free plan, you also get email support from Sendinblue. You can join their free plan without CREDIT CARD.

Try Sendinblue for free


Know About Email Octopus Tool

People who are looking for a free email marketing tool can try EmailOctopus. It is one of the easy to use email marketing and offers email marketing automation, free templates, segmentation of contacts, and many more. As per your requirements, you can integrate EmailOctopus with any applications like WordPress, Amazon AWS, WooCommerce, Shopify, Salesforce, and many more. Their free plan allows you to send up to 10,000 emails and to store up to 2500 contacts. As you are using the free version, on mails, people will see the EmailOctopus branding. You will get basic support with this plan. Also, the statistics report stays only for 30 days. 

Try EmailOctopus For Free

Benchmark Email:

Benchmarkemail Bulk Email Service Provider

Benchmark email offers flexible email marketing solutions for all sizes of businesses. Easy to use drag and drop email editing, sophisticated marketing automation tools, code editor, and many more are included. 

Their email tracking, A/B testing reports help you to analyze your email campaign. Their free plan enables you to import unlimited contact but allows you to send only 250 emails per month. Basic email marketing, and support, Lite marketing automation you get with this free plan.

Try Benchmarkemail For Free


Sendpulse Bulk Email Service Provider

If you search for a lot of marketing functionalities in one place, SendPulse would be an excellent solution for you. Along with email marketing, they offer chatbots, web push notification, SMS marketing, and many more. Well, on the newsletter marketing, you get almost every necessary feature for your email marketing effort. Customer segmentation, A/B testing, contact personalization, drag and drop email editing, premade templates help you in your bulk email marketing. The free plan allows you to keep 500 contacts and send unlimited emails. The plans are here according to the number of contact lists you want to enter.

Try SendPulse For Free


Moosend Marketing Solution

Moosend allows users to automate their bulk email marketing campaign with lots of tools. The drag and drop email builder allows you to create excellent emails at an ease of time. To detect the wrong emails and spam testing, to check which campaign is performing great, A/B testing, advanced segmentation, increase click-through rate and many more features you get in Moosand email marketing software. Lots of free email marketing templates are also available here. Moosend offers a free plan where you can save 1000 contact details and unlimited emails. Also, you get reporting and analysis for your email campaigns.

Try Moosend For Free


Email Marketing Tool Mailchimp Features

Mailchimp is one of the biggest big companies in the bulk email campaign. It is a top-rated email marketing company that provides many attractive and mobile-responsive templates, landing page creation, and many integration options on many popular applications. With the free account in Mailchimp, you get 2000 contacts to save and 10000 emails per month. Features such as marketing CRM, basic templates, 1-click automation can be availed with this plan. Also, you get behavioral targeting, segmentation, site analytics, and any more. 

Try Mailchimp For Free

Wrap up:

On some free email marketing providers, you will find that some are offering unlimited emails, some are bounding in the contact list. As per your needs, you can choose them. After defining your requirement, you can select which free package has the best fit combination for you in the contact list and email sending limit. But before going on with any bulk email service, you should check about their premium plans. Now you are just a starter, and after your business growth, you have to buy premium plans which give you more features. You can read 5 Effective Email Marketing Software Or Tools For Online Marketers for choosing the premium email marketing solution. Some company charges high, and some are affordable. Their features are also should be checked.

Thanks for reading. We hope this was informative. Read more relevant article,

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