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Sendinblue Vs. AWeber: Which Email Marketing Tool Is More Affordable?

Many people might be confused about Sendinblue Vs. AWeber because these two are some of the most popular email marketing tools available on the market.

There are various reasons why email marketing is an excellent marketing channel and pricing is a top one. Marketing through emails is relatively cost-effective compared to other mediums. However, many people think email marketing is costly. You can see pricing differences between email marketing tools. In this article, we will see a Sendinblue vs. AWeber, affordability. Even though both are email marketing tools and offer nearly similar features and pricing, still we will dig deeper. Besides the pricing of both email marketing tools, we will also see the features comparison of both tools.

Let's take an overview of Sendinblue and AWeber.

Sendinblue Vs. AWeber overview:

Sendinblue and AWeber are both popular email marketing tools available on the internet and a large number of users are using them. Compared to the AWeber, Sendinblue is much younger but has made a space for its own in very short timing. As this comparison is focused on affordability, let's first face the pricing comparison. You can read detailed review articles on both bulk email sending tools below.

Sendinblue Vs. AWeber Pricing:

If you go straightaway to the premium plans, you will see Sendinblue is a little bit expensive than AWeber. But you should not overlook what you are getting with the plans. One thing we should mention is that; the pricing aspects of both tools are different. Sendinblue charges you the number of emails you use, where AWeber charges for the number of subscribers you have on your account.

Free plans:

If you see Sendinblue vs AWeber in terms of free plans, In both email marketing tools, a free option is available That is good because many beginners need so few resources that they do not require any premium email plans. But like every free service, limitations come by; otherwise, why would people go for premium packages, right?

If you take Sendinblue, they bound you by the number of emails you can blast. Sendinblue allows you to send a maximum of 300 emails per day and 9000 emails per month with the free plan.

AWeber allows you to send only 3000 emails per month. However, there is no limit to daily sending. Also, you can only add 500 subscribers to your account with the free plan. So, in a free plan, Sendinblue clearly wins the game.

Now let's come to the premium plan:

Sendinblue has multiple premium plans where according to pricing, you get extended features. But AWeber has only two options Free and Pro.

Sendinblue's premium plan starts at $25, where you can send 10,000 emails per month, and it offers nearly all the basic features that marketers would require. If you double the number of emails, it costs $39 for the same features.

AWeber has three billing options. You can pay monthly, quarterly, or annually. No wonder you pay less when you pay annually.

The Pro plans are in AWeber are mentioned below.

  • 0-500  subscriber list at $19.99.
  • 501-2,500 subscribers at $29.99.
  • 2,501 – 5,000 subscribers at $49.99.
  • 5,001 – 10,000 subscribers at $69.99.
  • 10,001 – 25,000 subscribers at $149.99.

The Sendinblue's second paid plan premium starts at $65 per month. This plan is suitable for medium and large businesses. Here buyers get 20,000 monthly emails. If you double your usage, the price rises by $79 per month. With this plan, you get all the features that Sendinblue provides to their customers, and you can send up to one million monthly emails.

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If you look only at the price point, it clearly seems that Sendinblue price is quite high. But both email marketing tools focused on different things. Sendinblue is offering free unlimited contact savings, but AWeber is charging for the contacts. So, to decide the affordability, we have to look into the features as well that are Sendinblue and AWeber providing.

Sendinblue vs. AWeber reporting feature:

Reporting is a must-have feature in email marketing. Without it, you cannot trace the information such as who opened your email, when they did, which device they used, and more sophisticated information. It helps marketers to decide when they should blast email to get the best results. Well, both email tools provide the necessary functionalities to measure your email performance.

With AWeber, you can additionally check email sales tracking, web pages, and more.

But, there are two options additionally available with the Sendinblue not on the AWeber.

Email Heat Map:

Email Heat Map is a feature that provides information by pointing to the engaging areas of your email. In your email, you may have certain amounts of links, images, and more. When you have the Heat Map feature, you get a clear idea of how many clicks you got on your email, where most people have clicked. That is a tremendous thing to decided which portion of your newsletter people liked and which portion was neglected. Sendinblue has this feature on it with the Premium and Enterprise plans. But AWeber does not have this feature.

Send time optimization:

Send time optimization is also an AI-based feature that is absent on AWeber. When you blast thousands of emails at a time, it does not mean anyway that all of the people will open it at the same time. In fact, there is a large variety in opening time. An artificial intelligence system analyzes your premium email campaign.

They track the report and execute an optimal time when you get the maximum email open rate. That's a very time-saving job for marketers. After creating the email and setting their contact list, all they have to do is schedule the campaign. The mechanism will send the campaign at its best time.

Free email templates on Sendinblue and AWeber:

Email templates are very important to convey a promotional message to your subscribers. An attractive email template can increase your open email rate, engagement, and sales if you promote any product.

All other email marketing applications provide free email templates for their users as it is a basic thing for all. Sendinblue offers over 60 email templates that are, of course, mobile responsive. In this particular segment, AWeber lefts all other competitors far behind. Not only Sendinblue vs. AWeber, but all other major email marketing tools such as MailChimp, GetResponse, and many others. AWeber offers their users a huge 700+ template library. That's awesome! Isn't it? With the extensive collection of email newsletters, you can likely find newsletter themes for probably any purpose.

Sendinblue vs. AWeber, Transactional email availability:

There are two types of emails available if you are aware of email marketing; Promotional and transactional. The promotional emails are used to send the promotional material, be it sending any product or service-related discount, any offer and discount, or other promoting things. But, in many cases, promotional emails end up on the promotional folder, or sometimes they got bounced. If you are hitting emails and they are not delivering to the inboxes, it is a huge loss. But, if your message is urgent, then it must hit the inbox of the recipient. In those cases, marketers use transactional emails that deliver emails to the recipient's inbox with assurance. Transactional emails are used to send passwords, login IDs, Reminders, bills, and other secure credentials. So, if you are looking at the Sendinblue vs. AWeber, you cannot ignore this aspect because Sendinblue is offering you Transactional emails but AWeber is not.

These are the fundamental feature differences in email marketing tools. But, nowadays, many tools, introduced themselves as email software, now offer beyond that.  Now tools are providing many additional features that often requires for marketers. Let's see some additional features that Sendinblue is offering that AWeber is not.

SMS marketing:

Everyone has their cellphones. To send an OTP or any marketing reminder, marketers often send notifications via messages. In case someone is not under the internet connection, and there is an urgency of sending vital information to them, SMS is a good option. With the Sendinblue mail marketing tool, you get this feature even with their free plan.

Sales CRM:

That's a feature that most businesses would find inhabitable. Sales are very time-saving where you save all of your customer's information, send them notifications, manage them, check the status of the conversion, and pretty much many things. With the help of sales CRM, you can nurture your leads, and take them to a sales pipeline in a systematic way. Sendinblue offers the sales CRM with all their plans including the free ones like the SMSs. But, AWeber is currently not offering that functionality. If CRM is your requirement, you have to spend separately by purchasing another CRM tool.

Facebook Ads:

Email marketing tools such as GetResponse, Sendinblue gives additional features such as Facebook Ads. That allows you to run ad campaigns on Facebook, create them and get helpful insights about. That is not a must-have feature for an email marketing tool but definitely for an all-in-one marketing solution.

So, if we do Sendinblue Vs. AWeber, who is more affordable?

As both tools are loved by so many businesses, there are obviously some points that many people like or not. But if you take a deep look at the pricing you will realize, Sendinblue is way more affordable than AWeber on overall calculation. According to Sendinblue, they offer a 2500 contacts plan at $ 25 where AWeber charges it for $29. For the 50000 contacts, Sendinblue charges still $25, where AWeber costs $49. You can read check the full comparison here. Besides if you require additional features along, Sendinblue would be the best choice for you.

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